Little Kitten

By: Shy-Hime

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry potter or Gundam Wing.

Summary: Harry always wondered if the fates hated him for some strange reason. Honestly, he was a kitten in the same home as two of the Gundam pilots? How did he manage that?


Pairings: Heero/Trowa Duo/Quatre


Why him? Why was it always him? Harry's eye twitched, he was in a pet store. A muggle pet store. What. The. Bloody. Hell. The small black kitten clawed at the bottom of his cage furiously, hissing lowly. Getting fed up with the small confinement he sent a small spurt of magic to the cage's lock. The latch came free and the door opened slowly. He growled in pleasure.


He had been restless again. He was on a forced vacation, and it had just started the other day, and already he had been getting that itching feeling that he should be doing something. He paused when a picture of a cat caught his eye in the window of a store. The picture was of a small black kitten perched regally on a clean bookshelf. What had caught his attention were the startlingly emerald green eyes much like his fellow pilots.

Without much thought, Heero entered the small pet store. The Japanese pilot immediately captured the store employee's attention. In a blank voice he asked, "May I get the black kitten with the green eyes?"

A flash of hesitation, didn't escape Heero's notice. "Uh, follow me please." The young teen lead the brunette into the back, and he motioned to a cage. Before he spoke he noticed that the cage was opened. Heero was surprised at the teen's knowledge of curses. He was startled slightly when the employee slammed the door shut. "I'm sorry sir, but that little rascal has been doing this ever since we received him. He should be in the room somewhere…," the last part was said more to himself then anything.

Heero's trained eyes searched the small back room and they were immediately drawn to the clean bookshelf in the picture he had noticed early. Paying the employee no attention he grabbed a nearby chair and looked over the edge of the bookshelf. The kitten was curled up into a tight ball sleeping. Heero stared at him with blank eyes.

A strange glint that anyone who knew his best friend would recognize came into the normally stoic boy's face. With a careful finger he poked the feline's side. The tail twitched but there was no other acknowledgment. Heero poked the animal again and said animal lifted a paw and batted his finger away. The pilot paid the offending paw no attention and continued to poke the cat. Finally, the cat opened one eye and glared. Heero smirked at it. To his surprise, though it was hidden, the feline tilted his head and opened the other eye to stare at him intensely.

Slowly, the kitten rose and stretched gracefully before padding over to the staring pilot. A rumbling purr broke the silence and the kitten touched its nose with Heero's. Heero reached his hand out and the black cat butted his hand. Heero shrugged slightly and picked the feline up before getting off the chair. He turned to the shocked employee, "I'll buy him, and everything he needs."


This human was magical, that was enough reason to let the man take him. He purred louder and climbed up onto the tall Japanese's shoulders. He draped himself there and rubbed his head against the male's cheek. He would allow this person to take him home, it's not like the Wizarding World needed him anymore.

They were walking to his new home and he was still resting on the man's shoulder. Harry lifted his head when he felt the man's head turn to him. In a low voice his new owner stated, "My name is Heero Yuy. I guess I'll call you Kuroao, for now."

Harry thought about the name, if his translation was correct it meant dark green. He liked it. Another rumbling purr broke through and he licked Heero's cheek.


Kuroao was a weird kitten; that was almost certain in Heero's mind. The moment he had gotten home the little thing had leaped off his shoulders and started to explore. While that was normal enough, Kuroao would just kind of sit at the entrance of a room and stare.

However, he was thankful that the kitten hadn't destroyed anything. The last time Trowa had come home to the apartment in a disaster there had been no sex for two months, and he was forced to sleep on the couch. It had not been fun.

The sound of his door being abused brought Heero out of his muses and his eyes widened slightly. "Shit," he mumbled. "If Kuroao gets there first he'll open the door and scare the crap out of whoever's there." With a sudden burst of motion he raced to the door, but it seemed he was too late. Kuroao already the door open and was seated regally on the step in front of the door and staring at the shocked faces of Duo Maxwell and his boyfriend Quatre Winner.

He squashed the urge to smile sheepishly and scratch the back of his head. He picked the small black kitten up and placed him on his shoulders. "Gomen, he's sometimes too smart for his own good."

Duo blinked, "You have a cat."

Heero nodded slightly at Quatre, "Hello, Quatre." He then turned to Duo, answering his unasked question, "Yes, I got him about three weeks ago."

"You have a cat," the braided pilot repeated. Heero rolled his eyes not paying attention to Kuroao who had leaped off his shoulders. "Why'd you buy a cat?"

Heero stiffened slightly and replied in a clipped tone, "Trowa's anniversary gift." Before either of the two in the entryway could speak a loud, impatient meow was heard. All three blinked and looked down. Kuroao was glaring at Heero angrily, tail twitching dangerously. Heero flinched, before sighing. He motioned to the two in the doorway, "Come on in, I'll get us something to drink."

Heero lead them into the kitchen, a smug looking feline prancing behind them. When Duo and Quatre were seated and glasses of lemonade were in front of them Heero sat down as well and asked politely, "How have you two been?"

Quatre gave a little jump when Kuroao leapt daintily onto his lap and made himself comfortable. He blinked down at the purring animal before shrugging and answering his friend's question, "We're doing well, how about you?"

Before Heero could answer Duo exclaimed, "Who are you and what have you done with Heero?"

Quatre blinked, straightening, "Love, what are you talking about?"

Duo's horrified expression did nothing to ease Quatre as his lover sputtered incoherently. Heero sighed and stated, "He's thinking I'm not me because I'm being polite and not blunt." Quatre didn't get to reply as Kuroao suddenly started radiating fear, grief, anger, and horror. The small blonde's hand grasped his chest tightly and he let out a startled scream.


He was dead. It just wasn't right and he is coming after me. Grief and fear was overtaking all other emotions. The man behind me pounced and we fell to the forest floor. He was screaming and hitting me, giving me no mercy. "IT'S YOUR ENTIRE FAULT! YOUR ENTIRE BLOODY FAULT! YOU IDIOT, IDIOT, IDIOT!!! STUPIDO SCELTO!!(Stupid chosen)"

Horror filled me as flashes of what the person I was supposed to kill did to my loved ones. It was my fault, all my fault. No not all of it is mine. "Not all my fault," I whispered hoarsely. The hits stopped and the Italian sat there staring at me with wide, confused eyes.

"You…spoke…?" he whispered, amazed, like he hadn't just been screaming at me.

Self-resentment coursed through my body. How could I have let this go on for so long? Was I really that daft? I sat up and the dark skinned male fell off. I stood, my magic rippling through the area that was battlefield, searching for the monster I was fated to destroy. My self-resentment soon turned to just pure rage.

"Kuroao! Kuroao!"

"Kuroao!" Harry's eyes snapped open and he jumped back hissing, back arched and fur fluffed up. Quatre was breathing heavily, eyes wide and he was waving his arms around in wide circles franticly. Duo was doing the exact same, but was shouting, "What do we do? What do we do? What do we do?"

Heero started to run his hands calmingly through Harry's fur and snapped, "Shut it! He has these fits on occasion and the best way to deal with it is to pet him, so stop your damn panicking!"

The sudden sound of Heero's laptop beeping caught his attention and with a sigh he carefully set Harry in Duo's arms and got up to grab his computer. He sat back down and opened the sleek machine. He typed in a few keys and immediately a message from Une popped up, stating he had a new mission. He sighed again. He turned to the two in front of him and blinked.

Duo was staring at the cat in fascination, as he ran his hands through Kuroao's soft fur and said cat was purring up a storm. Quatre was only staring at his lover in amusement. Heero shook his head, "Duo, can I ask you a favor?"

Duo lifted his head up distractedly, "Hmm? What do you need?"

"I don't trust Kuroao to behave while I leave for this mission, could you watch him for me?"

Duo looked down at the mass of purring goo in his lap. He glanced at his best friend and shrugged, "Sure, I don't mind, that and I really don't have anything better to do, considering Q-ball is always working." Here Quatre gave a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his head.

Heero grabbed an already packed bag and left with a, "Thanks."

Quatre turned to his lover and gave a mournful sigh, "Sorry, love, but I have to get back to work."

Duo gave the blonde a smile, "Don't worry, Kat, I can take care of things here!" To prove his point he gave Quatre a reassuring peck on the lips. The blonde sighed again before leaving. Duo looked down at the kitten in his lap, "Well, kitty, it's you and me for awhile, considering Tro-man isn't home yet."


If there was one thing Trowa expected to see when he came home, it was not a snoring Duo on his couch with a black kitten staring at the braid that belonged to the self proclaimed Shinigami. The kitten as batting at the braid lightly, as if unsure if he should actually be playing with it. Duo's head was thrown over the top of the couch, letting his braid dangle down the back of the couch, and one arm was tossed carelessly over the arm rest.

Silently, Trowa slipped his shoes off and padded over to the two unexpected guests. He kneeled down next to the kitten and asked softly, "What are you doing here, little one?"

The feline spun around, back arched and fur fluffed up. Intelligent emerald colored eyes mirrored his own. The black kitten backed up until it was around and in front of the couch, Trowa stood and watched as the kitten woke up Duo. The kitten jumped daintily onto the space next to Duo before lifting a paw and smacking the brunette in the face. Trowa blinked. What the hell? Did a kitten just smack Duo?

Duo woke with a start and turned to glare at the kitten, "Kuroao! What the hell have I told you about waking me up like that!?" The red-headed pilot watched in wonderment as Kuroao, the kitten apparently, seemed to shrug and give the braided pilot a flat stare. Kuroao's tail flicked in Trowa's direction and Duo quickly turned to face the silent pilot.

A grin threatened to split Duo' face and he exclaimed quite happily, "Tro-man you finally home!!"

Trowa raised his seen eyebrow, "Um…What?"