Little Kitten

By: Shy-Hime

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry potter or Gundam Wing.

Summary: Harry always wondered if the fates hated him for some strange reason. Honestly, he was a kitten in the same home as two of the Gundam pilots? How did he manage that?


Pairings: Heero/Trowa Duo/Quatre Ron/Hermione Bill/Wufei Zechs/Sally/Noin


Note: Before I created this, I had read RaiMei and it inspired me to write this, so I am sorry that it has some similarities, it was not my intention.


Kuroao hissed and raked his claws down Draco's face. The blonde was lucky no one had heard his little exclamation of Harry would have castrated the guy; said blonde jerked back with a pained cry, holding his cheek gingerly. Kuroao hissed and tensed, ready to run off, but was scooped up into the arms of Wufei Chang. Kuroao struggled to get out of the Chinese's hold, but a well placed grip of his scruff made the kitten go limp.

Heero's blue eyes filled the cat's vision and the animal did not miss the flash of concern in his human's eyes. He stayed still as he was transferred from Wufei's arms to Heero's. Luckily, Hermione and Ron couldn't see him clearly in his human's arms, or he would have been in some deep shit. As Heero carried him away, Harry sent a glare promising pain and misery should Draco even utter a word about him being a cat to anyone.

Draco blinked back at him in shock, still cradling his cheek. That had been five weeks ago, and from then on he had been banned from the Preventers.


Blearily Trowa opened his eyes, blinking slowly. He stared at the ceiling, not fully awake. Feeling something soft against his side he looked down. Kuroao was curled up in a ball and was right up against the curve of his waist. A small smile flickered across his face before he tucked his knees up against his chest. 'I'm lonely…and hungry…' Despite being hungry, he really didn't want to get out of bed and face an empty apartment.

A quiet mewling brought his attention to the kitten that had surprised him when he first came home. As if sensing Trowa was lonely the cat rubbed his face against the fellow green-eyes male. The red-head winced in disgust when Kuroao left a trail of slobber on his cheek. "Kuroao-!" Trowa whined, unlike how he normally acted. The feline's eyes glinted with smugness before he licked his owner's lover's nose. In response Trowa wrinkled his nose up.

Shaking his head, Trowa petted the cat once before climbing off his bed. Not bothering on getting dressed he exited the room. He paused outside the door and waited for his pet to come out. Just to be annoying Kuroao stretched lazily and daintily leaped off the bed. Trowa made a low whining noise. Kuroao yawned and faithfully followed.

When the two made it in the kitchen, Trowa started getting ingredients out and Kuroao jumped on the counter to watch and conveniently taking up needed space. Trowa made another whining noise before shoving the cat off. Landing on his feet Kuroao puffed his chest up indignantly, before jumping back up on the counter. Trowa gave him a flat stare and shook his head.

As the Gundam pilot made breakfast he fed the growing cat bits of food. As he was in the middle of cooking something that he couldn't leave along, knocks sounded on the door. Giving Kuroao a look, the cat meowed loudly in protest. Trowa quirked an eyebrow and stated, "If you don't answer the door I'm not giving you breakfast."

The black fluff ball made a few grumbling mews but leaped off the counter anyways. Strutting with his tail high in the air, he went to answer the door. Behind him Trowa shook his head, "I'm going crazy if I'm bribing a cat like a child."

Stretching his body to its full length he grasped the doorknob with his paws and slowly twisted it, opening it with a click. Duo and Quatre stood at the door, blinking at him. Quatre smiled, "Hello, Kuroao."

Duo flung his braid over his shoulder so it was resting against his chest, "Kuroao, is Tro-man in? We have stuff that we need to discuss."

Kuroao mewed in greeting before swishing his tail in a motion to come in and follow him. Duo closed the door behind him and Kuroao let out a loud yowl to let Trowa know people were coming in. Duo made himself comfortable on a kitchen chair while Quatre sat in a chair primly. Kuroao snorted in amusement and Quatre quirked an eyebrow in reply. "Hey, Tro-man, you know how Hee-chan's looking for that kid Harry Potter?" Duo asked tone smug at knowing something that Trowa didn't.

Trowa hummed a positive reply. "Well, apparently this kid is from the magical side of the world, and it's probably why Heero's having so much difficulty finding the runt." Duo was about to continue but he yowled in pain when Kuroao bit his ankle harshly. Duo's hand shot down and grasped the feline's scruff; however, Kuroao did not let go, only bit harder.

Trowa's eyes widened and then narrowed. "Kuroao, let go." When the cat did not obey Trowa's tone sharpened, "Now." Slowly the kitten seemed to come down from his rage and started to lick the wound he had inflicted. He made pathetic mewling noises and much to the amazement of the three humans, the wounds started to heal.

"Heero bought a magical cat," Duo deadpanned, shocked. Quatre nodded dumbly.

Trowa blinked, "Well that explains a lot."

Suddenly, Duo's face went contemplative. "Hey, Tro-man, how long have you guys had Kuroao?"

"Two months," was the short answer.

"When did Hee-chan get his mission to find Potter?"

"Seven weeks ago."

"Do you have the date Kuroao came to the pet shop?" Duo asked, mind working quickly. Trowa didn't answer, only got up and disappeared into his and Heero's room. He came back out with a paper.

"Three weeks before Heero got him," Trowa answered. He stared at Duo intently, "Why are you asking all of these questions, Duo?"

Duo waved his hand, mind still running its gears, "In the magical world some people can get in tune with their animal side. With special training the wizard or witch can transform into the animal, they can stay in that form and still retain their human mind."

Quatre gasped, "Are you say Kuroao is Harry Potter?" Even as those words slipped out of the blonde's mouth did Kuroao book it. Trowa, having gotten a glass of water, dropped his cup in shock, letting it shatter on the floor. The silence was deafening. After a few minutes Trowa managed to choke out, "Where'd Kuroao go?"

Quatre shook his head, coming out of his shock, "I think he's in the library."

Trowa nodded jerkily and headed in that direction. Before he got too far he called over his shoulder, "Could one of you contact Heero and Wufei and explain the situation?" He got affirmatives and continued on his way. Once in the library Trowa started to search the room. "Kuroao? Come out, please."

There was no reply. Trowa craned his neck to see if the elusive kitten was on top of the book shelves, but not seeing him, he got down on his hands and knees and started looking under the book shelves. Trowa finally found Kuroao under the furthest book shelve in the corner of the library. Sighing at the large and fearful eyes glinting back at him from the shadows, Trowa laid down flat on his stomach. In a soothing tone Trowa tried to coax the hidden human out.

"Come on, Kuroao," Trowa whispered. The only response he got was the kitten scooting further back. Green eyes met green and softly Trowa asked, "Are you afraid we're going to hate you and turn you in?" The flash of insecurity and fear caused the normally untouchable pilot to soften. "Oh, Kuroao, we're not going to do that, you're still our Kuroao, kitten or human. Now come on out, I'm sure Heero and Wufei are here by now and want proof."

The kitten still didn't move. "They aren't going to turn you in, Kuroao. Please, come out," Trowa coaxed. Finally, Kuroao took a step forward, but the sound of the door slamming open sent the feline even further back. Kuroao watched warily as Trowa disappeared from view.

Trowa stormed out of the library, face furious. "What the hell have I told you about slamming doors, in my home!? I was just about to get Kuroao out, and you had to go and slam the door and scare him even further away!" Before anyone could reply Trowa was back in the library.

When Trowa appeared again, Kuroao darted out and straight into the red-head's chest. Trowa let out a small grunt at the force, but welcomed it anyway. Carefully cradling the shaking kitten in his arms, the green-eyes pilot carried the animagus out into the living room, where everyone was waiting anxiously.