A/N: so, I'm trying something new. A story written in chapters of 500 words or less. Im trying to polish my writing skills so I decided to sharpen my claws on whole drabble thing, which I fail miserably at, but this little plot bunny wouldn't leave me alone so I decided to try it. Besides, everyone else seems to be doing it so I wanna try, haha. Warnings for later adult content of the yaoi persuasion. Unbeta'd

What Lies Beneath

It wasn't his typical case, of that he was aware right away.

Usually, they kept him to the simple cases, such as magical damage control or cleaning up after escaped Blast-ended Skewerts (that one had been disastrous to say the least). Never anything that would require his own powerful array of skills, no matter what he did to prove himself. He knew why they did it. Despite everything, the shining testimony at his trial by noted members of the Order, including Granger and a reluctant Weasel and his excellent record in Auror training, it was still difficult for people to accept or trust an ex-Death Eater. No matter what his reasons were for taking the Mark or what he did to sabotage it during the war.

He had hoped, once he proved he could be something more that a cowardly follower of some twisted Dark Lord, they would see his worth and give him more important cases. Alas, such was not to be so but even then, he refused to give up.

Malfoy had been a proud name once. He wanted to make it so again.

Yet when the call came in, he wondered. It was a hostage case, at least that much he had been told but it had emptied out almost the entire Auror department and left the atmosphere feeling heavy and hopeless as he strode to the Apparation room. Who could possibly be so important that everything was being dropped and discarded for this? Feeling, once again, completely removed from the rest of the world, he appeared with a crack at the given coordinates and looked around.

They were in a field surrounded by thick trees that reminded him of a setting in Ireland and that was swarmed with people in red robes. The magic was so thick in the air that he could almost taste it and he noticed there were other people present as well, including press. Trying to be discreet, he sidled up to a few lower ranking Aurors and cast a subtle spell that would allow him to hear their conversation.

In seconds he realized why everyone was making such a big fuss and the spell fizzled out in his shock.

The hostage was none other than Harry Potter.


yeah, i know, you all saw that one coming. But I promise it gets more original as it goes. Please, I would love to know what you all think!!!