This story takes place during the Dominion War; more exact in between Season 6 and 7.


Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Fear and Faith

Chapter 1

Unknown Territory

A bright light suddenly flooded the room, waking Sisko from his deep slumber. His head hurt and he felt sore. Cursing inwardly, he tried to sit up in bed, but was unable to do so. He looked down and was surprised to find himself strapped to the bed. He pulled on the straps and was unable to break free. "Are you trying to get out again?" An alien that Sisko didn't recognize asked with a smile on her face as she slowly entered the room with a small tray in her hands. "You do know what the happened last time?"

"Where am I?" Sisko asked looking at the alien as she laughed.

"Are we playing that game again?" She asked setting down the tray she was holding on a shelf on the far side of the room. She picked up an item from the tray and began to scan Sisko. "You know why your here and playing those silly games will not work anymore."

Sisko watched her set down the item back on the tray. He watched her pick up another item and then felt her inject him with something, that immediately made him feel drowsy. His vision grew blurry and he saw the female alien lean over him and say in a cold tone, "I don't envy you Starfleet," She pasued and leaned closer, "Starfleet is on the brink of defeat and when that happens, people like me will be able to leave my house without feeling scared of being killed."

"What are you talking about?" Sisko asked as she just laughed.

"Oh you know only too well," She said picking up the tray. She walked to the door and said before walking out, "See you in the morning, sleep tight."

Sisko tried to respond, but everything he said came out garbled. Before he knew it, he grew too tired and fell asleep. Seconds later, he heard a soft voice call out his name. He opened his eyes and found himself staring at his wife Jennifer, who was standing in the far corner of the room. She looked at him and smiled as she gave off a ghostly glow. "Hello Ben," She said in a haunting tone that sent shivers up and down his spine, "It has been a while.

"What are you doing here?" He asked sitting up in bed when he found out he wasn't strapped to the bed anymore. "You died years ago?"

"I know," Jennifer said with a smile as she took a few steps toward his bed. "You are dreaming."

Sisko sighed as she reached out and touched his cheek. Her touch was cold and full of death. "What do you want?" He asked looking at her with mixed feeling. Part of him wanted to enjoy and spend as much time with his wife as he could while he was dreaming, but the other part of him didn't want to think of her. Her death still brought an enormous amount of pain and an empty feeling. "Why are you here?"

Jennifer chuckled and leaned closely. "Kiss me like you used to," She whispered in his ear. She nibbled on his ear and then kissed him on the neck. "It has been far too long."

"Jennifer," Sisko said grabbing her by the wrists. He pushed her away and held on as she looked at him, "Stop it please, this is wrong."

"Why is that?" She asked breaking free from his hold. "Is it because I am dead?" She paused and waited for him to answer. When he didn't, she stepped away her back now toward him. "It's too bad, I would have brought you to heaven."

Sisko frowned and slid out of bed and took a step toward her. She turned around and faced the wall for a few moments, before returning her gaze toward him. Sisko gasped and felt his heart do flip when he saw her entire demeanor had changed. Now she had a cold look and there were burns marks covering her face and arms. She took a step toward Sisko who took a step back toward his bed.

"Is this better?" She asked in a raspy tone as blood dribbled out of her mouth. She reached out and grabbed Sisko by the wrist, her touch remarkably warm now. She took a few steps toward him as she asked, "Is this how you want to remember me as?" She paused and leaned closely, "As your dead wife."

Jennifer's face began to grow bright. She smiled at him as she began to disappear and was replaced by a brilliance of bright light. The light began to fill the room and Sisko found it hard to keep his eyes open. Soon he foudn himself laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. He was thankful, that the dream was over until he realized he was still trapped in an unknown environment. The same female alien walked into the room holding a tray. "Good morning," She said cheerfully as she placed the tray on the shelf. "How are you feeling this morning?"

"What am I doing here?" Sisko asked looking at the alien as she began to scan him just like before.

"You are here because you have done something terrible," The alien said with a sigh. In reality, she hated playing that game with him. Every time she came to administer his daily scans and medications, she would have to hear him complain about why he was here.

"What are you talking about?" He asked pulling on the restraints again as she frowned at him. "I have done nothing wrong."

"Tell me," She said finishing her scan, "What is the last thing you remember?"

Sisko closed his eyes and thought back for a few seconds. He remembered loud explosions, but couldn't remember what exactly happened. The last thing he rememberd was going on a trip with Jake to visit Kate for her birthday. She happened to be in the Velkar Sector which was one light year away, far from Betazoid. "NO! JAKE!" Sisko suddenly said loudly as he was clearly able to hear his sons screams in the midst of loud explosions.

"The incident with you and your son," The alien said setting down the scanner back on the tray lightly and almost silently. She turned and took a step toward him giving him a concerned look. She leaned closely and then continued in a soft and haunting tone, "Happened almost seven days ago."

This is my first DS9 story. Hope you like it so far and will update as soon as can.