Chapter 4


Zaya closed the book and set it on the table next to her bed. He husband stirred next to her, but didn't wake up. His snoring grew a little louder as she she watched him sleep. She stared at him for a few moments ignoring the soft cries from her firstborn son who was in the next room. Her son began to cry a bit louder, so she stood p and walked out of her bedroom.

She stepped into her sons room and turned on the light as she approached her son's crib. Her son reached out to her as she picked him up. "Shhh," She cooed trying to calm her son. "I know it is feeding time sweety."

She walked to a rocking chair she had in the corner of the room. She unbottened her shirt and said in a sing song voice, "Time to eat."

Her son grew quiet as she slowly rocked back and forth. She began to sing a song that her mom had sang to her while she was a baby. It was a Bajoran psalm about a young man's journey to find the girl he loved, but he never found her and didn't know that she was doing the same as him. In the end they died never finding eachother, except when they were burie, they were buried right next to eachother.

Her husband, Tal, stepped into the room and kissed his wife on the top of her head. "Good morning," He said as he walked to the replicator and ordered a drink. He took a long sip and then asked, "What time did u get back last night?"

"Late," She said with a loud yawn. It was a habit she had that annoyed her husband. Her mother was a loud yawned and so did she. "We had a new shipment come in yesterday and I had to file them before they were sent to the museum."

"You know you work to hard," He said with a smile. He took another sip and then continued, "You deserve a vacation."

Zaya chuckled and then said, "Not everyone works at home." She paused and bottnoned her shirt. She stood up and paced around the room as her son fell back asleep. "But it does allow you to bond with him." She said with a smile as she placed him back in the crib.

"Oh you wouldn't believe it," Zal said with a smile gazing at his son intently.


Admiral Ross walked out of the conference room with a stern look on his face. He paused by the doorway waiting for all the other Admirals to leave and when they did so he cursed. It sometimes felt as if he had no pull in making the big decisions even though he is an Admiral. He suggested that they should try to have the Romulans join the war and even though they had said it was a smart idea, it wouldn't be realistic.

The Romulans were against the war and would rather turn their back on the alpha quadrant than fight for their survival and freedom. Everyone knew that once the Dominion occuppied a certain part of space you then became second class citizens. Weyoun claimed that the Dominion were out there to make the alpha quadrant safer, but everyone also knew that was just another lie.

Admiral Ross walked back to his office and walked up to his desk. He sat down and closed his eyes briefly. "Computer," He said softly, "Dim the lights."

The lights dimmed as Ross felt his body relax. It had been almost three days and he hasn't had a good night sleep. The only kind of sleep he was able to get were twenty minute power naps. They felt good and helped him get through the shifts, but in the long run it was unhealthy.

Usually, though, as soon as he closed his eyes, he fell asleep. Today however, was different. He felt relaxed, but was unable to sleep. He knew was tired, but something was bothering him. Ross stood up and yawned as he walked to the replicator. When he got there he just stood there, unsure what to get. After a few moments he decided not to get anything. With a loud sigh, he turned and walked out of his quarters.


Data followed Quark down the corrider silently, despite Quark was talking about the last tme the Enterprise had visited the station. Data cokced his head to the side confused about a story Quark was telling. "I am fully aware of the concept of females on Ferenginar walking around with no clothes," Data said as they stepped into the cargo bay. "But I am confused about why the women do not get cold."

"Well of course they do," Quark said with a smile. "He walked past a large container containing Jemacide Ore that the Enterprise was getting. "But we don't care." He paused and pointed to the container. "This is your shipment and all is paid for in advance."

Data placed a communicator badge on top of the container and then took out his tricorder. He pressed for it to be transported directly to the Enterprise's cargo bay. "As it is a human costum to end a business transaction with this line," Data said with the best android smile he can give, "I will then say to you, pleasure doing business with you."

"Anytime my friend," Quark said with a smile as they walked out of the cargo bay. "Well I would to sit and chat but I have a business to run."

"And I have duties on board the Enterprise," Data said as he watched Quark walk away. Data turned and walked to the turbolift. He waited by the entrance and watched a green and blue headed alien that had tentacles coming from the back of his hand. There were spikes coming from the tenticles and he assumed they were poisonous. "Odd." He said stepping into the turbolift.


Jake stared at the view screen holding back his anger. He was strapped to a chair that Weyoun brought on to the bridge just for him. The Jem'Hadar ship flew through the debris of the USS Keltar. Jake knew the Captain of the ship personally and it angered him that he would have to write about this event.

The Dominion were winning this battle and sadly he knew they would take over the Batazed Sector, which meant that the Dominion were that much closer to approached Jake and smiled at him. "You are witnessing a momentous occasion here," Weyoun paused and placed a friendly hand on Jake's shoulder.

Jake looked up and glared at Weyoun. The ship shook slightly as it flew toward the USS Cintar. It fired on the Cintar causing minimal damage. "I don't see it as a momentous occasion," Jake said bluntly.

"Oh but it is," Weyoun said with a small smile, "You are watching and will be writing about this event."

"And if I don't?" Jake asked trying to sound tough, but his voice wavered slightly. Inside he was scared and worried about his father. He knew that it doesn't matter how scared you are on the inside, but the most important is that you look confident on the outside. His father had taught him that and that is something he admired about his father.

"You would not want to go there," Weyoun said watching the view screen as the USS Cintar exploded.

"You are going to kill me anyways," Jake said watching a Jem'Hadar ship explode.

"We would not do that," Weyoun said with a surprised look. "We are not murderers."

Jake didn't say anything but shook his head in dismay. He knew the outcome of this would not be good. The Fedration had lost thispart of space and he wasn't sure if his dad were alive or not. He hoped that his dad got back to the station safely and that he was in the Defiant looking for him. But hope came on a silver lining in this war and it often was broken.


He stood there on the bridge staring at the view screen. He had a padd in his hand as he glanced at it and then retuned it to the young lady standing next to him. She smiled nervously and then walked off the bridge. He watched her leave thinking about how he remembers her birth.

"Sir," The helms man said turning to look at his suprerior officer. "Everything is set and ready for testing."

"Okay go ahead," He said as the helmsman began at half impulse. They flew from the planet as they cloaked the ship.

The ship gained speed as it flew toward the astroid belt. The plan was that once inside they would test out the new cloaking devise and fly through the astroid belt. They would destroy as many astroids as possible while engaging and disengaging the cloak.

This was the first test and this was a prototype ship. If it were successful the idea was to make a fleet of ships of the same style and send it deep into enemy space. Once the fleet got there, there would be no stopping them.

The astroid belt grew larger and within a few moments they were in firing range. "Disengage cloak and fire then engage cloak," He ordered, "Pick a small astroid."

"Aye sir," The since officer said as the tactical officer stood by.

The ship uncloaked and immediately fired on the first astroid. It exploded and the fragments bounced off the ships shields. The ship rengaged their cloak and instead of the ship cloaking, main power shut down. "What happened?" He asked stepping up to his science officer.

"I am not quite sure," He said shaking his head typing on his council, "It looks like an overload of some kind, but I am not a hundred percent sure."

"Well find out as soon as possible," He ordered walking off the bridge. He stepped into his ready room and apporached his desk. He took an item off the desk and pressed a bottun. It viberated and then he said, "This is Sloan, attempt number one failed."