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"Al!" My right fist banged on the door to her apartment in sync with my yells.

I'd already been out here for at least five minutes, banging, screaming, and kicking at the door for my pain in the ass sister to open up. The last thing I needed was for her not to be home right now. It was already after five so she should have made it back from work by now.

Let me make one thing straight: I don't ever forget things. Ever.

So imagine how pissed I got when I walked out of the studio without my keys and cell phone. I didn't even leave for a good reason, some people were fighting outside the building and my nosey ass decided to go out and see what was going on. Two women were outside pulling at each others hair, screaming things about cunts and bitches.

I thought it was funny.

Not funny enough to get locked out of my apartment and workplace though.

Without even a fucking cell to call Emmett or Turtle, I was stuck.

"God damnit! Turtle!" I banged on the door again.

"One second!" A voice called out from the recesses of the apartment.

Relief flooded through me in an instant at the response. "About fucking time! I've been out here forever! What were you doing? Painting your toe nails-"

The door swung open to reveal a Bella. Not a Turtle. What made this Bella worthy of not finishing my sentence, besides the fact that I meant to be talking shit to Al and not her, was the fact that she was standing in front of me wet. Wet.

"Hey, I'm sorry," she said softly bringing a bare arm up to push her very damp hair over a shoulder so that the mahogany ends rested on the top of the towel she had wrapped around herself. "I was showering," she explained.

As if the droplets of water all over her bare shoulders and arms weren't a telltale sign. Did I forget to mention she only had a towel wrapped around herself?

"It's fine, I'm sorry for disrupting your..." I pointed at her towel.

Bella blushed furiously which was interesting because her skin was already pink from her shower, and fully opened the door, waving me in. "Yeah, I should go get dressed. I'll be back."

She gave me a goofy smile and turned to head through the living room to her bedroom, the purple towel she had on was dangerously short in the back. I thought back at the last time that I'd seen her and how I snapped at her when I caught her walking home alone. Something in me had just screamed at how reckless she was being and I'd taken it out on her. Running a hand through my hair, I went into the kitchen to see what was in the fridge. Surprisingly empty considering Alice was anal about always having her favorites around when she was hungry, I closed it and started looking through their cabinets.

"Are you hungry?" The same sugary voice from a couple of minutes ago asked from behind.

"Yeah," I responded a little snappier than I meant to. I knew it wasn't her fault I was pissed off about getting locked out, leaving my cell, skipping lunch, and then having your sister and best friend be missing.

"I haven't bought groceries and neither has Alice... but I just ordered Chinese, if you want some?"

Closing the cabinet, I turned to look at my sister's roommate. Her dark hair was tied up in a wet knot on top of her head with a thick purple headband holding it away from her face. Her lavender v-neck shirt looked really nice against the slightly tan skin I'd never really paid attention to.

"If you don't mind. I'm starving."

She smiled and nodded, stepping around the counter to grab a glass and fill it with ice. "You know where everything is at so don't expect me to serve you a beverage or anything," she snickered, her eyes glittering with humor.

"Did you just say beverage?"

"Yeah, what about it?"

I snorted a little, trying to remember the last time I'd heard that word be used besides on restaurant menus. "I don't know, it just sounds funny coming out of your mouth."


It was my turn to snicker. "Just as bad."

She giggled, heading back around to sit on one of their stools by the counter. "I'm going to ask if you want any Grey Poupon next, be prepared."

"Oh God," I couldn't help but laugh. "Do you drink cubed sugar with your coffee?"

Bella rolled her eyes. "Of course, that's the only way to do it."

Knocking from the front door interrupted our laughing as Bella excused herself and hopped off the stool in the direction of the door. Quiet voices murmured for a moment before I heard a "Thank you," followed by the deadbolt on the front door.

Holding a bag with what looked like a few little white containers, she laid them against the laminate of the counter. "Before you judge me, I always buy more than I can eat to have leftovers, alright?"

"I'd hope so," I joked with her, watching as she pulled out the last of the cardboard containers with a small smile on her face.

After grabbing plates for both of us, we sat down on the couch next to each other with our drinks and dinner. Neither one of us said anything for the first few minutes, I could tell she was shoveling food into her mouth as fast as I was which made me laugh.

"What?" Bella asked with one neat eyebrow raised.

"I don't think I've ever seen a girl eat like that."

She froze, her fork loaded with lo mein a couple inches from her face, and snorted. "Wow." She snorted again but louder. "I need to fuel my muscles." She flexed the arm that was busy shoveling food in her mouth, her small biceps bulging under her thin shirt.

"You're pretty fucking diesel, Bella." I told her because she really was. For being such a small girl, she was pretty ripped.

A gigantic smile crossed her face reveling perfect, white teeth under her pink lips. "Thanks!"

"Have you always been into working out?"

She shrugged, picking up another container with what looked like beef and broccoli. "Yeah, I guess so. I swam and played softball from six until high school ended, so I've always just been athletic. You? Play any sports?"

I reached out for the container of lo mein she had put down and peered into it. I really wasn't the kind of person to share plates with people I didn't really know too well, Emmett and Al were my exceptions because they'd been around forever. Twirling my fork in the noodles, I damned the notion and shoved the food in my mouth.

"I've played soccer and some form or another of martial arts my entire life." I said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot Emmett told me he met you in class. Do you spar or whatever anymore?"

"Every once in awhile... more like a couple times a month," I laughed. "I'm just so busy working all the time, I can barely squeeze in a run and weights a couple times a week."

After a few more minutes of asking each other random questions I learned that Bella moved from Phoenix, hated mushrooms, had never seen snow, and could eat more steamed riced than Emmett.

"So how do you know about Meshuggah?" I asked her, remembering our conversation from a week or so before.

She grimaced which made her nose wrinkle. "An ex of mine was...really into that kind of music and it just grew on me. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed real musicianship until then."

"Favorite album?"

"Don't have one. You?"

I had to think about the answer for a moment. "Yeah, I don't have one either. They're all really good."

Bella stood up, brushing crumbs from her worn in jeans. She started collecting the three empty containers we'd eaten through. "Did you know they're coming to Chicago next month? I was planning on buying a ticket to go."

"Yeah, I managed to get a pass from someone I know who works at the venue." I said, wiping off the crumbs from the table to put in the trash. I knew there was no way in hell Alice would agree to go with her and Emmett's schedule was pretty erratic sometimes so I felt a little bad imagining her going to that kind of concert by herself. She'd already seen some of the worse this city, well any city really, held. "We could ride up together maybe?"

"Cool, I'm really excited. I'm sure it'll be awesome," she cooed and rinsed off the forks we'd been using before putting them in the dishwasher.

"I'm producing an album for a band that's kind of a rip-off of them in a couple of months, you could drop by if you want. They're pretty decent."

She opened her mouth like she wanted to ask me something but didn't. "Sweet, just remind me when you start. Are you done mixing already?"

"Yeah, it took me forever but I'm glad to be done with it. I get a couple days off and then I have another recording set to start on Monday for a jazz band."

"So you'll be going with us to Emmett's fight?" she asked, turning around to face me.

I nodded. "I never miss his fights."

I didn't fail to notice the slightly surprised look on her face. How long had she been living with Alice now? A month or so? It had to be long enough to notice my absence in Al and Emmett's day to day life. They understood I was a workaholic and tried to hang out with them when I wasn't busy. We'd had game night last week, when Bella, Rose, and I killed Alice and Emmett at Pictionary before they got drunk off beer and wine.

"That's really nice of you." She said. "I told him he needs to annihilate the guy."

A memory of Emmett threatening to kill the guy who mugged her flashed through my brain and I bit back a laugh. "He will, don't worry."

The thing with being a workaholic is that once you don't have any work, even if for a short period of time, you find yourself at a loss as to how to fill your time.

I was antsy and maybe a little irritating.

Emmett was in "Bear Mode" as he liked to call it. Bear Mode, according to his explanation, happened a week before any of his fights. He would train damn near the entire day, watched every calorie he inhaled, suspended Rosalie from any "loving," and pretty much just got his mindset into ass-kicking mode. It was intense for everyone that was close to him because his personality changed instantly. His transformation from Emmett into "The Grizzly" took place over the course of that week.

Problem with Bear Mode, is that is coincided with my time off from work so I was bored out of my mind without my best friend, my only friend really, to harass me. I know a lot of people but they were mainly just acquaintances, with them it was always a give-and-take relationship. It also didn't help at all that by nature, I'm not a very trusting person.

The next few days between my first day finished with James' project and Em's fight was filled with going to visit my parents a couple of times, forcing Turtle to go watch a couple of movies with me, sitting at home watching television, and going to run and lift weights at Em's school. It was nice but my hands itched the entire time, ready to work.

Alice and I finally bought our tickets to Canada to see Emmett fight because there had been a lot of speculation whether the event was actually going to happen in Vancouver or not. Turtle packed my bag because she said she didn't want me to embarrass her by wearing something that didn't match, which never happens but I wasn't going to argue with her about it. Our flight was for Friday afternoon since Em's match was Saturday night. After I grabbed my suitcase and rolled down the hallway to make sure that Turtle, Satan, and Bella were almost ready to go.

The three of them were sitting in the living room, suitcases neatly lined up by the door ready to go for the first time I could ever remember. I stood there in awe.

"Is this a dream?" I asked.

Rosalie's eyes narrowed in my direction. "Why?"

"Because you and Al are never, ever ready to go on time." I huffed a few times and raised an eyebrow at the blonde. "Did you use your evil powers to make hell freeze over?"

"Fuck you, Edward," she spat out with a laugh.

Alice's inky black head made it's way over to me, as she shoved at my chest. "Let's go."

The ride to the airport was quiet except for Rose and Turtle's constant yap about wedding plans, I looked in the rearview mirror once to see that Bella was just staring out the window looking at the buildings. We parked my car at the lot and took the shuttle to the airport, checked in and then headed towards the terminal to wait. Alice and Rosalie plopped down on two seats together, pulling out a magazine that Rose had bought at one of the stands. The seats next to them were taken but the ones across weren't so Bella and I sat on those.

My phone was in my hand a second later, scrolling through the games on there, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bella pull out a book and start leafing through it. "What are you reading?"

"Marley and Me," she said with a smile, showing me the cover. "It makes me cry every time."

"I saw the movie," I offered remembering Alice forcing me to go watch it with her.

She leaned towards me just an inch, her dark hair falling in loose waves over her shoulder. "The book is better."

"The book doesn't have Jennifer Aniston in it."

She scowled. "I guess. I'm more of a Luke Wilson fan than an Owen WIlson fan." Her dark eyebrows waggled.

"Bella, trade seats with me?" Alice asked from across the walkway, puppy dog eyes on exhibit. When we'd bought the tickets, Alice and I had chosen ours next to each other and Rose and Bella's side by side.

"Yeah, sure," she responded and went back to reading her book.

After the attendant started calling out groups to board, the four of us made our way into line with Alice elbowing me behind her, stating "Ladies first, fucker."

So once we were on the plane and she was having problems putting her suitcase into the overhead, I muttered "Ladies first," in a nasally voice.

Bella was standing right in front of me and turned her head just a little to look at me with a smirk of amusement on her face. "I'll help you," she said turning to look at my sister. She took the bag from her and slid it into the overhead along with her own.

Alice stood there, rolling her eyes before settling down onto her new seat. "What a gentleman, can't even help putting our luggage up."

Bella stooped to settle into the window seat, leaving me the aisle seat thankfully. It was hard enough to sit on a plane without being able to stretch my legs out. She started digging through her purse and got out a pack of gum, holding it up to me. "Want one? My ears always pop on flights."

I took a stick and smiled at her in thanks, noticing that she didn't get a piece for herself despite her words.

The plane was pretty full considering it was a Thursday afternoon but everyone was settled down in no time with the flight attendants asking passengers to fasten their seatbelts to prepare for take off. I caught Bella closing her eyes and whispering something under her breath, the only thing I caught was an "Amen" at the very end.

She turned to give me a sleepy smile, her dark eyes were hooded. "Wake me up if I start to snore okay?" She rested her arm on the armrest next to mine, warm flesh pressed against my cooler one, before she shifted her position to rest her forehead on the paneling next to the window.

It was usually pretty hard for me to fall asleep on planes, so I was a little jealous that we hadn't even taken off and she was already dead to the world.

"Can I buy you a drink?" A low, husky voice asked from behind my left shoulder.

Turning to peer at the origin of the question, heavy hazel eyes were zeroed in on me with a sly grin on pale skin. The redhead was pretty, maybe in her mid or late twenties, with some of that smokey make up that Alice always wore smeared all over her eyes. I did have my own room for the trip, the three girls deciding to squeeze into a room together, but hazel eyes looked pretty drunk already. "I'm not drinking tonight but thanks." I motioned towards my clear cup of water.

She raised a delicate brown eyebrow almost as if she couldn't believe that I had told her no. "Want to dance?"

The club where we had agreed to meet at was only a block down from the hotel. I tried to look at the bar as discreetly as I could, hoping that Alice would hurry the hell up. She had walked down with me while Bella waited for Rose to finish getting ready. I knew my sister's shower-hogging tendencies so I wasn't at all surprised that they were ready at 9 like we had talked about. "No, I'm actually waiting for..."

"Hey baby," a voice I was all too familiar with cooed from my ear. A light arm wrapped around my lower back and a sloppy wet kiss was planted on my bicep. Vomit started coming up, I could taste the acid in the back of my throat.

Hazel eyes shrugged and walked away after staring at my companion up and down. Crazy black hair came into view with a frown plastered all over her features. "I hate doing that."

I nodded. "I threw up a little in my mouth," I told Alice, returning her frown.

"You're welcome, ass turd. I don't want you to catch herpes from some hussy our first trip out to Canada," she laughed.

"I always wrap it up," I deadpanned watching her face pale and her shoulders visibly shudder.

"Fucking disgusting," she hissed, her attention already moved to the entrance to the club. "Thank God, they're here."

A few seconds later, I felt cold fingers scrape the back of my neck before they pinched the skin. "Hey bitch," Rose chortled, coming around to stand next to Turtle.

"I don't think I've ever seen you in anything but pants or shorts," Alice huffed with pride at the person behind me, which could only be Bella.

"Well... when I saw what both of you were wearing, I knew I couldn't wear jeans."

Her slim figure made its way between Alice and Rose and I think my body sucked in a breath on its own reasoning. The black dress wasn't as short as Rosalie's but it hit her mid thigh, exposing the long, slender muscles of her thighs and calves. The top half of it just had one shoulder, with the material bunching up to connect there, fitting her like a glove. Her normally wavy hair was straight and her long bangs were swept to the side by her hand. She gave me a little smile and even though it was dark in the room, I could tell her cheeks reddened but I wasn't sure if she had caught me looking at her or not.

"I want to dance, let's go," Alice exclaimed just as the music in the club got significantly louder and the three of them slid into the crowd just a few feet away.

I felt like a guard dog from where I was standing at the edge of the mass of people, just watching the three of them dance. I could only see the top of Rose's head because she was taller than most of the men in the club but on occasion I caught a glimpse of Al and Bella's shorter heads. After who knows how long, a really cute blonde came up to me and just started talking to me about how hot it was in there and other random things. I knew her game though, every chance she got, she'd brush her hands across my forearm or sway towards me.

The conversation lasted a little too long because by the time I managed to look back over in the direction that Rose was at last, she was at the edge of a really small circle with Alice in the middle of it with none other than the redhead from earlier. "Fuck," I said to myself walking away from the blonde in the middle of her sentence and shouldered my way over to where they were standing.

"...don't get to fucking dance with him when you're boyfriend is over there, slut!" the husky voice shrieked from feet away.

"I can dance with whoever I want." Alice's squeaky voice replied.

I was still about a dozen feet away from them when Rosalie huffed, "C'mon Al, that bitch isn't worth it."

Alice nodded, still facing the hazel eyed woman. "You're right," she agreed.

What happened next was so fast, I closed my eyes in bed later on trying to recreate it. The redhead lunged at my sister then, slapping her clear across the face. Alice stepped back, holding her cheek dumbly, staring at the redhead like she couldn't believe what had just happened. The redhead stepped forward to try to repeat the slap but out of nowhere, well actually from next to Rose, Bella stepped forward and slapped her hard. I could hear the snap of palm across skin like a thunderclap in the club. Bella reached to grab the woman's loose hair and pulled it.

A loud "oooh" fluttered across the crowd of spectators but I tried to ignore it, finally making my way through the mass at the same time the bouncer did. The bouncer went straight for the redhead and I went for Bella, who still had a death grip on the girl's hair, the index finger from her other hand pressed right into her forehead. "Don't you dare ever lay a hand on her, you fucking bitch," she snapped, giving another yank to the red blob of hair.

I wrapped an arm around Bella's waist, pulling her away from the object of her anger, her usually bright brown eyes looked haunted and pretty fucking feral. "Let's go," I whispered into her ear, as the bouncer grabbed the redhead and started dragging her towards the exit. Bella didn't move, her eyes glued to the female who had just gotten her ass handed to her, her body was rigid against mine and I thought of a lioness protecting her cubs. "Bella, we need to go before he comes back," I whispered to her again, tightening my grip against her waist until she slackened and nodded.

"Turtle, Rose, let's go," I yelled at them. They stayed frozen in their spots, Al still palming her cheek and Rose looked like she had won a Golden Globe or something.

I held Bella against my side as I pushed through the crowd of curious onlookers, to the front door. The last thing I wanted was for her or Rose to get into a fight with one of the redhead's friends before we left. She was really, really warm and a little sweaty through her dress. Her fingers clung to the side seam of my shirt as she huddled against me, making room through the crowd. Once we were outside, the air was pretty cool against how hot I was. Bella pulled away from me once we were out, and pushed the hair that had plastered itself against her face away, her eyes locked on mine. She looked so sad for some reason. I'd seen Rose get into fights before and she fucking beamed afterward, but Bella looked embarrassed and maybe a little uncomfortable.

"What the fuck was that!" Rose whooped from behind us breaking our trance.

Alice fucking skipped towards Bella, completely oblivious to the pain I'm sure was pounding away at her cheek. Her wide glacial eyes were sparkling with love and admiration at her newest friend. "Bella," was the one and only thing that came out of her mouth before she threw her bird-like arms around Bella's frame and squeezed the shit out of her.

"She beat her ass!" Satan howled, making laps in her heels around the two girls. She stopped in front of me with a crazed, bloodlust look in her blue eyes. "Who knew she had it in her?" She asked but didn't wait for an answer.

I kept my eye on Bella as we walked back to the hotel, Rose blabbering about wanting to call Emmett and tell him how his Bee almost broke a girl cheekbone. Alice just held her hand, silently. Bella looked really withdrawn on the way back which just confirmed that something in her had probably snapped, like I thought. I wanted to ask her but knew I shouldn't. I wasn't the type to snoop in anyone's business...but Turtle was, so I resolved myself to ask her about it later.

It was already a little after midnight once we got back to our rooms and I was too riled up to go to sleep. I was extremely overprotective of Turtle but I'd never hit a girl unless it was absolutely necessary, so I was really glad that she had two friends who would stand up for her. Alice was much more of a lover than a fighter but I knew she could kick her own amount of ass if needed. Glancing at my watch, I remembered there was a bar downstairs in the lobby and headed down there hoping a drink would help calm me down enough to sleep.

The small piano bar was right off the lobby, it was pretty empty with only a couple people right by the bar and others seated on the small tables close by. Walking to the bartender, familiar mahogany hair caught my attention from the very end of the bar. The form was slumped over, a pretty, black dress covering very little of the small body. Sliding into the seat next to hers, I caught her tracing the outline of the rim of her glass with her finger.

"Hey," I said softly.

She turned to me, tossing her long hair now in a ponytail, over her shoulder. Her wide russet eyes were rimmed in red like she'd been crying. "Hi," she said so low I almost didn't hear her.

"What are you doing down here?"

She shrugged and pointed at the half empty glass on the counter. "I needed a drink."

I knew something was wrong, my gut had told me after she slapped her that something was going on. "You don't drink though."

"I know, it tastes like shit." She replied.

"Then don't drink it," I said. "What's wrong?"

Bella let out a deep sigh, staring straight ahead at the bottles that were lined up on the wall. "Nothing. Girl stuff."

"Don't give me that shit, I saw the look on your face. What's wrong?"

She stayed quiet for a few moments, her lip between her teeth. Whatever she talked herself through came out in my favor because she tilted her head a little to look at me with her watery eyes. Up close, I realized just how pretty she was. Her skin was really clear and her mouth was the perfect shade of pink, full, and pouty. She closed her eyes while facing me, her long dark eyelashes brushed against her cheeks as she let out another sigh and opened them. "Promise me you won't tell anyone."

I looked from one brown iris to the other, trying to understand why she would ask me to do that. "I promise."

The intensity of her gaze was unrelenting and sad. "I dated this guy for a couple of years when I was having a really tough time in my life. My dad had just gotten diagnosed with lung cancer and I felt really down with myself and the situation. I like to think that if I would've been in my right mind, then I would've seen how much of a piece of shit he was but maybe not. Anyway, right after my dad died, I was living by myself and this guy just got crazy jealous. I couldn't do anything without him thinking that I was off fucking someone else. Things just went from bad to worse and one day," she sucked in a breath, her eyes locked on mine and my stomach did a heavy turn like I knew what she was going to say next. "He slapped me. It only happened a few times but I can't forgive myself for letting him do that to me once. I felt so pathetic until I came to terms with the fact that he had no right to do that. Then we broke up, he went psycho, blah blah blah. I moved on with my life."

My fists started opening and closing on their own, my spine was ramrod straight and I forced myself to take a few deep breaths as I absorbed what she told me. Someone hit her. Someone she knew and probably loved, hurt her. My heart started hammering against the cage of my ribs painfully. How could someone do that?

A small hand, touched my forearm. "I promised myself I would never let anyone hurt someone that I love. When that girl hit Alice I just fucking snapped, thinking about Pe- my ex doing that to me." Her voice was soft and sweet against my ear. She stroked her fingers against my arm over and over again like she was trying to calm me. "It was a long time ago, don't be upset."

I wanted to ask her how she could possibly ask me to not be upset about a man taking advantage of a female? A girl that the people I loved the most cared about? She was an annex of them. Bella had defended my sister like a real friend would because a part of her loved her. I tried to focus on her warm fingers dancing across my skin, steadying my breathing. She was so close to me I could smell the sweet scent of fruit that she used as body lotion or perfume. It reminded me of mangos and berries.

"Hey, it's fine. I'm a better person because of it."

My nostrils flared. "I just-" I thought of what I wanted to tell her but couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation. Feeling like an asshole because here we were and she was trying to comfort me about something that someone did to her. "I'm sorry that it happened to you, Bella."

"Me too," she said quietly.

I opened my eyes to find her searching her face. "Did you ever call the police?"

"No, I was too embarrassed. My dad was a cop, so if his friends found out... I just didn't want to deal with it."

We sat in silence a few minutes, I asked the bartender for scotch, and we just sat there longer. "I didn't know your dad died."

"Yeah, a little over a year ago. He was a smoker," she said sadly.

"I'm sorry, Bella." I pulled at her ponytail again. "How did you get down here without the goof troop?"

She snorted a little, taking a sip of her drink and making a face. "I told them I was going to your room," she said ruefully.

Bella waited for me to finish my drink and pay, before we made our way over to the elevator to go up. There was already a group of drunk college-age guys standing by the doors waiting and as we walked up, their loud jeering quieted down. Their eyes were all fixed on her form, it didn't help that they were drunk, but they looked like wolves waiting for their prey. Bella turned to look at me, ignoring the guys, but I caught her trying to pull down the hem of her dress. My eyes raked over her black heels which only helped elongate her slender, powerful legs.

The ding of the elevator brought everyones attention back around. The guys filed in first, pressing tightly against the back wall leaving only a small corner right at the front. Bella motioned for me to go first, so I stepped into the spot before she followed after me, squeezing her way so that she stood directly in front of me, her ass smashed against my sleepy cock. There really wasn't enough space for her there but I couldn't blame her for not wanting to stand in front of the douche bag who had obviously been hoping to have her right there.

She pressed the button for the twelfth floor after the college kids pressed the sixth and fourteenth floor.

Her ass was tight and warm against my crotch, her shoulder blades pressed against my chest from the lack of room in the elevator. Neither one of us said anything as only two of the college kids got off on the sixth floor. I felt Bella shift a little, the seam of her ass sliding right over where my dick was now waking up from the heat pressed against it. I tried to ignore her standing there, I really did.

When the elevator doors finally opened, I practically pushed her out, shuffling my feet after her.

Fortunately Bella didn't say anything as we stopped at her hotel room, which was across the walkway from mine. She just turned to look at me, her eyes still a little red and gave me a wary smile. "Please don't tell anyone, okay?" She pleaded and I only nodded. "Goodnight." Bella hesitated for a second before turning to swipe her card through the reader on the door.

She closed the door behind her and I stood there a second longer wondering how this poor girl ended up with such shitty luck.