Title: Apprehension

Type: Yaoi, drabble
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Al/Chimera!Ed.
Warnings: Implied Elricest

A/N: Oh, jeeze... I started this back in March and just found it now. O_o; Yeaaah... Katherine fails at finishing stuff, fffft. ;


Edward found himself sneaking in through the front door of the small house he shared with his brother, hoping to make it to the bedroom unnoticed, to go to sleep without Alphonse catching him and making him stay up again. Freezing, his golden ears, just the barest shade darker than his hair, perked up, picking up a sound in the kitchen. A slight hiss passed over his lips at the sound; Al was awake, and probably expecting him to be home, too.

A long, sleek tail flicked out behind Ed, nervously, as he heard shuffling. Straightening up, his eyes dilated, slits fading outwards into oblong pupils, as Al came into view from around the corner. Ed's ears stood taller as he resisted the urge to flatten them against his skull. He wasn't happy about being found, but Alphonse would only get mad if he knew that. And Edward would rather have a happy brother any day.

Especially when Al found him so... endearing like that.

Ever since that accident at the lab, when Ed had come home a feline Chimera, Al hadn't been able to keep his hands off of Edward. And, upon deeper thought after that first exhausting night, Ed had come to the conclusion that it wasn't really all that surprising that his brother would like him as a Chimera. With Alphonse's obsession with cats, it really did make sense that he would like them in all facets of his life.

Suddenly, a pair of arms were around Edward and he let out another hiss, this one more startled than the last. He felt his nails grow out for a second, forming claws, before retracting them when he realized that it was only his brother hugging him. He'd been so deep in his thoughts and apprehensions that he hadn't even noticed Al walk up to him.

A soft purr rumbled in his throat as Alphonse placed a kiss on his cheek, one of his hands scratching at Ed's ear. Closing his eyes, he leaned into the touch happily. That had to be one of the better things about Edward's transformation: he was much more receptive to touch.

Before, Edward would shy away from any unnecessary physical contact, even with his brother. The occasional kiss or comforting hug was allowed, but outside of sex, Edward would be rather distant, physically. Though he always made up for it with his words and less tangible things, it drove Al to frustration on many occasions. But now that he was part cat, Edward couldn't seem to get enough of any of Al's touches, sexual or otherwise.

"Did you have a good day, Brother?" Al asked, tilting his head slightly, giving him a kind, loving smile. Ed, though, knew very well what lay behind that expression; Al was surely counting down the moments to when he could bestow him with more intimate touches. But with Al's nails now dragging gently along his collarbones, reaching just under his shirt collar, Edward's reservations were quickly melting away, just as the nervous flickers of his tail had shifted to a soft, melodious sway.

"Mm, yes, Alphonse," he said, his voice slightly gravelly as he tried to form words whilst purring at the same time.

Al's smile widened in response and he nodded. He pulled away from Ed, giving one last, teasing scratch up his neck and to his jawline before tugging on his shirt and leading him towards their bedroom. Even through the pleasured haze that clouded his mind from Al's touches, Edward had enough sense about him to breathe out a soft groan, nervous about just what Alphonse had in store for him that night.