This is my first Supernatural fanfic. I hope it turned out well. This fic concentrates on Castiel's wings, and some of the stuff that's said about them is something I made up – I don't know if it's even true. It's just my interpretation of an angel's wings.

This is kind of a slash fic, so if you don't like it then don't read it. Beware that the rating might go up in later chapters. It depends on whether I'm willing to let the plot go that far *cough* Anyway, enjoy.

With a sound of ruffling feathers, Castiel suddenly appears in a motel room in Kentucky. Dean and Sam are sleeping in their beds. Castiel takes in the mess in the room; clothes laying around in a mess on the floor, the bags and the weapons spread across the floor next to the clothes. The boys must have been exhausted when they arrived here, he thinks.

Castiel carefully approaches Dean's bed and sits down on the edge, studying the hunter's face which looks peaceful in his sleep.

Castiel has become very fond of this human. Ever since he pulled him from Hell and tried to prevent the Seals from breaking with him, he has felt their bond growing stronger. So strong that he gave up Heaven for him; too afraid to lose this friendship which is still so new to him.

Castiel brushes a finger gently against Dean's cheek, feeling the softness of the skin. It triggers a feeling in him that he does not recognize. Absently, he lets his wings unfold; spreading them out and over Dean and the floor. The wings are huge and white; shining slightly with the light that the angel is made of, the feathers perfect and soft. No one other than himself has touched Castiel's wings for millennia. They are pure.

He lets his gaze travel down Dean's body, which is only half covered under the sheets. He's only wearing a t-shirt, his boxers, and his socks which he must have been too tired to pull off. Castiel lets his gaze travel back to Dean's face, only to stare right into Dean's green eyes that are staring back at him in both shock and awe; eyes resting on Castiel's pure wings, jaw almost dropping.

Castiel flinches and panics, quickly getting up; staring down at Dean in pure shock. Dean is about to open his mouth to say something when Castiel suddenly disappears with a flapping of wings.

"So, let me get this straight. He was sitting on your bed with his wings fully unfolded?" Sam asked the next morning. He was tidying up the mess they had made when they arrived at the motel the night before, packing the weapons back into the bags.

Dean was sitting on the edge of his bed, brushing his hand through his hair. "Yeah man, it was weird. The dude just looked at me like I had caught him without his pants on, and then he just disappeared on me."

"Well, you pretty much did, Dean," Sam replied with a small grin. Dean looked up at his brother in confusion.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I guess angels aren't very comfortable about showing their wings to anyone. It's like for a human to take off his pants I guess." Sam threw the bags on his bed and sat down on it, across from Dean. "I guess he just felt exposed when he saw you looking at his wings, so he panicked and fled."

"Dude, he's the one who had them on full visibility-mode, not my fault," Dean mumbled.

"I didn't even know he had wings," Sam said, more to himself than to Dean. He turned to look at Dean with a curious look on his face. "What did they look like anyway?"

Dean looked at him in surprise. Then he bowed his head a bit, thinking back to the night before. "I don't know… They were big. Huge. Beautiful…And full of white soft feathers; some were long, some were smaller. I've never seen anything like it before, Sammy. All I could do was stare at them like a total idiot before the angel just disappeared on me." Dean gave a weak smile.

"Yeah I bet," Sam said. "And I bet Cas isn't exactly showing them to whoever he meets on the street," he grinned.

Dean leaned back a bit and frowned. "Why did he have his wings unfolded and full visible in front of me anyway?"

Sam shrugged and smiled. "Maybe he has a thing for you."

Dean stared at him in shock. "Oh, c'mon dude! That's not even funny!" Dean snapped, throwing a pillow at his brother who just dodged it and laughed.

Several days went by and neither of them heard a word from Cas. Dean thought the angel would show up whenever he felt like it or when he needed their help. He still didn't feel quite comfortable that Cas wouldn't show, especially not after what happened. Against his will, Dean was starting to get worried that he might somehow have offended Cas by staring at him like that.

But he still couldn't get the image of Cas' perfect, pure wings out of his head. It wasn't like he had ever been a softie or a big fan of, what, animal beauty? But those wings still left an impression in Dean. Maybe it was because Castiel had been his friend for quite a while, and now he suddenly got to see a new, almost secret part of him that he hadn't really seen before – at least not that clearly.

After a few days and hunts, Sam and Dean decided to drive to Bobby's. They still needed a plan on how to kill Lucifer, and the older hunter was the only help they had. At least now that Castiel wouldn't show up. They had already read so much about the Devil, they had even tried using the Colt on him – which failed miserably – but none of them had a clue about how to kill him. They were getting frustrated.

"Maybe we should concentrate on killing Death first. I mean, we gotta take him out at some point, and he's probably a lot easier to kill than Lucifer," Sam suggested. He was sitting behind Bobby's desk while Bobby was in his wheelchair next to it, and Dean leaning against the doorframe a few feet away.

"Great, but that still doesn't help us on how we kill the main problem," Dean said in frustration.

"Dude, we gotta do something, so why not just do what we can do?" Sam said, annoyance in his tone. Dean snorted.

"We could really use some help here, guys," Bobby cut in. "Where is your angel friend anyway? Some angelic assistance might be nice right now, since our opponent is an angel."

"I wouldn't count on him showing up, Bobby." Dean crossed his arms and leaned against the doorframe.

"Why's that?" Bobby gave a surprised, confused look, looking from one brother to the other. "What'd you do to him?"

"Nothing," Sam said in a hurry. "Dean and Cas just… well, there was some little incident and we haven't seen Cas since."

"Well that's convenient," Bobby commented.

Dean sighed and left the room in silence. He could feel Sam and Bobby staring at his back but he didn't care. He went outside in Bobby's salvage yard. He sat down on the hood of one of the old cars and took a swing from the bottle he had snatched from Bobby's kitchen before he went out. It was night already; they had been looking in books and tried to come up with theories on how to kill Lucifer all day. Dean he was tired, he needed to feel the warmth in his throat that came every time he drank from the bottle. It helped him clear his mind from all the things that were going on.

Suddenly there was a familiar flapping of wings. Someone had appeared next to him, standing beside the car and observing him. Dean didn't even have to look, he already knew who it was. He had always known.

"Hello Dean."

- tbc -

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