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After Lucifer had died, the world returned to normal once again. The demons were still there, but most of them kept a low profile. Humanity never found out what had happened, and scientists were baffled that the weather was suddenly normal again.

But to Dean it was far from normal again. He hadn't seen Cas in almost three weeks. He was concerned about him, seeing as he had rebelled against Heaven. He knew Heaven didn't go easy on rebellious angels or traitors. But mostly, Dean felt abandoned by Castiel. He hadn't made any effort to let Dean know if he was alright.

Sam was starting to notice that something was wrong with Dean. Mostly Dean would just sit around and sulk, and he had hardly been able to concentrate on their latest hunt. He hadn't pointed it out to Dean yet; he didn't want to upset him more than he already was, but now Sam was having enough.

"Dean," Sam said. He was sitting on the edge of his bed in some random motel room, cleaning his weapons. Dean was sitting on the other bed, also cleaning his weapons, but with much less enthusiasm.

"What?" Dean said annoyed, not bothering to look at his brother.

"This can't go on, you've been sulking ever since Cas left and returned to Heaven."

"I have not," Dean protested, finally looking at Sam. The look on Sam's face told him that he did not believe a word. Dean sighed and put down the weapon he was cleaning, leant forward and rested his hands on his thighs. "It's just… He said he'd be back, man."

"I know," Sam simply said. "And he will be. He just needs some time. God knows what he's going through up there."

"Exactly! It'd be easier if he would at least just somehow let me know what is going on," Dean snapped. He sighed and looked to the ground. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"It's okay," Sam said, still looking at Dean. There was a small pause. "You love him, don't you?"

Dean quickly looked up at his brother in shock. "What?! No, man, I—"

"Dean," Sam said firmly. Dean shut up. "You're in love with him, I know you are." Dean looked away.

"And you're not disgusted?" Dean said after a while.

"Not really, no," Sam frowned.

"C'mon, Sam!" Dean said, looking back at Sam. "He's a dude, I am a dude. And I've never been into dudes before." Dean was feeling somewhat ashamed that he had fallen for another man. He had always been a ladies' man.

"Actually, he's an angel, Dean," Sam said. "Angels don't have gender, I thought you knew that."

Dean looked at Sam in shock. "Like… they're completely asexual?"

"Dude, you didn't know that?" Sam chuckled. "It's common knowledge that angels aren't defined by gender. Didn't you wonder why Cas possessed Claire after he was forced out of Jimmy?"

Dean shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah, I wondered. But I didn't put much thought into it." He brushed a hand through his hair. "It still doesn't make it okay, though. He's an angel for Christ's sake!"

"An angel who's madly in love with you," Sam grinned.

"And whom I am madly in lo—" Dean stopped when he noticed what he was about to say. Sam chuckled. "Shut up, Sam," Dean said and threw a pillow in his face. Sam started laughing and threw the pillow back at him.

Dean was sleeping in his bed in the motel room. He shifted in bed, wearing only his boxers, and was constantly changing positions because of the heat in the room. The summer had been incredibly hot.


Dean woke up immediately and grabbed the gun under his pillow, but a hand came forward and stopped him. "Dean, it's me," said a familiar voice. Dean blinked a few times to wake himself up more.

"Cas…?" Dean asked. Light from the street lamps outside in the parking lot shined through the window into the motel room. Dean could now see the angel sitting on the edge of his bed, looking at him with a warm smile and deep blue eyes. Dean's face lit up in joy, but he resisted the urge to hug the angel. "What took you so long?" he asked instead, trying to sound a bit angry.

Castiel turned his gaze to his own lap. "I couldn't contact you from Heaven, I wasn't allowed to. I'm sorry it took so long." He looked back at Dean, whose face looked softer now.

"I was worried," Dean said in a low voice.

"I know," Castiel replied in a soft voice. Dean now noticed that Sam wasn't laying in his bed. He frowned and looked at Cas.

"Where's Sam?"

"I believe he rented another room for himself," Cas replied, with a small smile. Sam knew the two of them needed to talk alone, so he had gotten himself another room.

"Oh," Dean said. He didn't question the angel any further about Sam. "What happened to you? Up in Heaven I mean."

Castiel sighed and looked at his lap once again. "God called all angels back to Heaven for questioning. The angels that had supported the apocalypse were punished, and those who had been against it and got cut off from Heaven were given back their powers. Most of them anyway."

Dean chuckled. "So Zach got his ass kicked by the boss and you got all your juice back? That sounds kinda nice." Castiel chuckled slightly at that.

There was silence for a moment. "Dean…" Cas began, shifting uncomfortably on the edge of the bed. Dean looked up at him, but Cas didn't meet his eyes. "About what happened three weeks ago… what Lucifer said…" Dean's eyes widened in shock as he realised what Cas was gonna ask him. "Was it true?" Cas looked Dean in the eyes. "I mean, do you… want to…"

"Cas," Dean interrupted. "Lucifer was just screwing with us. You know that, right?" He looked at Cas, who nodded slightly. Dean sighed and looked away. "…But I don't deny that he wasn't telling the truth," he whispered.

Castiel looked at Dean in surprise. "Dean—"

Before Castiel could say anything more, Dean's lips were pressed against his own. Cas stiffened in shock, but then he leant into the contact and kissed him back eagerly. Dean moaned in approval and started kissing him more. Castiel's mouth was sweet and his lips were soft, just like Dean imagined, and it made him grow hard in an instant. Castiel opened his mouth and allowed Dean's tongue to enter. Their tongues started playing with each other, and Castiel moaned in pleasure. He hadn't felt pleasure like this before.

Dean grabbed Castiel gently and threw him onto the bed with him, not breaking their kiss. He shifted until he was above Cas, and broke the kiss to catch his breath again. For a moment they looked into each other's eyes, both shining with lust and desire. Dean put his mouth on Cas' neck and started sucking and kissing. Cas' hands grabbed the sheets as he moaned out at the sensation of the new pleasure. Dean started pushing Castiel's trench coat off, and Cas arched his back from the bed to help Dean take off his trench coat and jacket.

Dean stopped sucking on Cas' neck, and started unbuttoning his shirt, and taking off the tie. He took the shirt off of Cas and threw it into the pile of clothes on the floor. He looked down at Cas' bare chest. It was different than a woman's, but it was the most beautiful chest he had ever seen. "Dean," Cas said after a while, looking up at Dean, desire in his eyes. Dean didn't waste more time and started working his hands up and down Cas' chest, playing with Cas' nipples and causing the angel to moan and arch his back in pleasure. Cas' hands found Dean's chest and stomach, and started caressing them, causing Dean to moan as well.

After a while, Dean started unbuckling Castiel's belt and pulled off his pants slowly, not taking his eyes from Castiel's. As soon as the pants were on the floor, Cas flipped them around quickly until he was on top, groins pressed together, and looked down at Dean. Dean was about to protest, but Cas shushed him with a finger pressed to Dean's mouth. He withdrew the finger, and with a look of concentration on his face, Cas closed his eyes and arched his back slightly. Dean sucked in a breath when he saw the two massive wings unfurl behind the angel's back; stretching out to each side. The wings were shining slightly with the light from Castiel's grace; the feathers side by side, more beautiful than any bird's. There was no sign of the injury Lucifer had afflicted on the left wing. It had healed completely.

Dean looked at the wings in awe, and Cas opened his eyes to look back into Dean's. His eyes were so full of desire that it made Dean grow even harder than he already was. "Cas…" Dean whispered. "Can… Can I?" He asked gently, hoping Cas wouldn't deny him to let him touch his wings. But Cas simply nodded, and that was all the permission Dean needed.

Dean slowly reached out his hand and ran it through Castiel's soft feathers. It caused Castiel to shudder and moan loudly in pure pleasure. "Dean," he said with lust in his voice. Dean chuckled and reached out his other hand to caress the other wing, causing Castiel to shudder even harder and to whimper. The feathers were softer than anything Dean had ever felt before, and were placed perfectly next to each other.

Dean remembered that this was Castiel he was touching, not Jimmy. His Cas. No one had ever touched these pure wings before. And now Cas was letting Dean touch them, stroke them and pleasure him for the first time. The thought almost drove him crazy with lust and desire, and he started caressing the wings and feathers even more. The bone beneath the small feathers was strong. The wings could cause a lot of damage in a fight, Dean thought. But right now, he only cared about giving Castiel pleasure, and that he totally succeeded at; the angel was growing harder every time Dean ran his hands through his feathers, and the whimpers became more urgent.

"Dean," Cas moaned, impatiently. Dean simply nodded, and he and Cas carefully switched positions so Cas was on his back on the bed; wings spread out to each side behind him, and Dean was leaning over him. Dean carefully removed Cas' boxers, and then his own, and threw them both on the floor. They looked at each other's bodies with lust. Dean took the lube, which he couldn't remember where he had gotten it from, and started slicking his fingers up. Castiel looked at him with interest, and shifted nervously. "Dean, I haven't… I haven't done this before."

Dean chuckled. "I know, me neither – not with a man anyway. Just relax, okay? I don't wanna hurt you," Dean assured him. Castiel nodded and did as he was told. Dean put one hand on Castiel's abdomen to hold him still, while he pressed a finger into Cas' tight hole. Cas groaned and shifted, and Dean waited until he relaxed more before pressing the finger in further. After a while, he had three fingers inside, stretching Cas, while Cas started to moan and was writhing on the bed.

Dean withdrew his fingers, causing Cas to whimper at the loss. Dean shushed him gently, before slicking his dick up with the lube, and placing it in front of Cas' entrance. Cas looked up at him, hands on Dean's hips while Dean's hands were placed next to each side of Cas' shoulders. Dean moved forward, slowly entering Cas, who made a small grimace. Dean waited until Cas relaxed before he moved in further and was fully sheathed inside of Cas. Dean groaned in pleasure and put himself down to rest on his elbows, face buried in the crook of Castiel's neck. Cas' hands came to rest on Dean's ass, encouraging him to move more. Dean lifted his head and stared into Cas' face as he started to move more, eventually thrusting hard into Cas.

Castiel pushed on Dean's ass, making him move deeper into him, and moaned in pleasure with each thrust Dean gave. Dean's hands moved and he started stroking Cas' wings while he thrusted into him. Cas moaned loudly, and caressed Dean's ass and back with the tip of his wing. Dean shuddered at the touch of the soft feathers against his skin, and moved one hand down to touch and stroke Cas' dick, jerking him off while the other hand kept stroking one wing. Cas started whimpering and he felt his climax approaching. He came hard into Dean's hand, and Dean followed soon afterwards, releasing himself into Cas. They looked into each other's eyes as they came; faces twisted in ecstasy, screaming out each other's names.

Dean collapsed over Cas, face once again buried in the crook of Cas' neck. He didn't bother to remove himself from Cas. They both tried to catch their breaths, and Cas' hands moved up to stroke Dean's back gently. After a while, Dean moved and laid down next to Castiel, pulling him closer to himself until Cas' head was resting against Dean's chest. Cas' wings were spread out behind him, and Dean started stroking them lazily.

"Cas?" Dean asked after a while.

"Yes, Dean?" Cas said and looked up at Dean. Dean looked back at him, concern in his eyes.

"You're gonna stay right? You're not gonna go back to Heaven forever and leave me, are you?" Dean asked, afraid of the answer. Tears started gathering in his eyes just by thinking that Cas might leave him. "Please… stay with me."

Castiel looked up into Dean's eyes. Then he smiled. "Always," he said. Dean hugged him tightly, and Cas hugged him back.

- finished -

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