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Through the Forrest, Into the Fire

A pitch black darkness surrounded a forest, the only light that shone through the thick tree tops were the nothingness of the sky, as it was pouring down heavily and hard. It was a freezing October night and no sane person would be outside at the unholy hour.

Branches were heard breaking, the few birds that were still awake flew away, a roar could be heard. Something that wasn't quite human was out and hunting.


A woman stumbled over a fallen tree and fell face first into the mud, she tried to rise but noticed that her foot had somehow gotten tangled in an old rope someone had long forgotten.

"Double shit!"

She frantically tried to get her foot lose, but due to the cold and heavy rain, her fingers weren't obeying her movements, then suddenly another roar was heard, but this time followed by another, as if calling for backup. She froze, a shiver ran through her body, starting from her toes and continued it's way to the roots of her hair. Momentarily paralyzed, the woman waited for her doom.

Vaguely in the distant, a car horn could be heard and it was as if that small sound was enough to get the woman's fingers to work out the rope around her foot. Feeling a new sense of power surging through her body, the woman leaped from the ground and pushed forward, not seeing where she was going, but doing her best to follow the sounds of cars.

Growling, roars and snorts, none of the sounds even close to human were starting to get clearer and closer, she wouldn't risk a chance to look over her shoulder, she didn't want to fall over again.

The disturbing sounds were not only coming from behind her, but from the sides, she figured there were at least three, but she could've been wrong.

Running on only the strength the adrenaline gave her, the woman pushed even harder, as she started to see light up a head, only she failed to notice how close to the road she was, as she slipped and crashed, landing in the middle of the road.

Fortunately for her the traffic wasn't heavy, unfortunately for whatever what was hunting her, a big truck nearly crashed at them as it tried to serve to the side to avoid hitting the woman. Not bothering to check if she was alright, the truck-driver continued driving to its destination, as if running strange things over, was normal.

The woman was grateful, the distraction proved to be enough for the creatures to lose focus and enough time for her to see a motel not far from where she was. Even though the idea of running felt impossible, she tried her best to keep a fast pace.

The ┬┤No Vacancy┬┤ sign lit up the parking lot, which oddly enough only held three cars. One stood out more than the others. A black -67 Chevrolet Impala and the woman sighed in relief.

"Out of all the places, I had to run into your Motel, what are the odds?"

Not really believing her luck, the woman limped to the reception, hoping to find answers, but more importantly, shelter and protection.

"Hello? Anybody here?"

"Ah, just a minute!"


It's not like I'm being hunted by something or someone, please, take your time! She thought to herself. Looking around, she noticed a mirror and shuddered at what she saw, her normally dark blond hair, were covered in twigs, leaves and branches, her flannel-shirt were almost shredded to pieces, it wasn't hard to see her dark-brown tank top that she wore underneath the shirt. Amazingly her jeans were only covered in mud and nothing else. It was impossible to even see her shoes because of the mud.

"Oh my, I'm so sorry I made you wait, if I had known, I would've hurried!"

"It's okay, ma'am, it's not as bad as it looks, trust me."

The woman who stood behind obviously didn't believe her. She had a sense of intelligence and pride radiating from her, not really fitting into the motel-lifestyle. Even though her hair was close to gray, probably more due to stress than age, the old woman still looked beautiful. The young woman couldn't help but compare her to the classical actresses from the late -30's.

"I saw the 'No Vacancy' sign, please tell me there's something free for me?"

"I'm so terrible sorry dear, but the signs flashing for a reason, I wish I could offer my couch, but that's where my kid sleeps."

"Oh, I see.. Uhm.."

The young woman looked outside, imagining the creatures still waiting for her, ready to shred her to pieces. A lightning bolted across the sky and lit up the parking lot, the black beauty stood out and she decided to take her chances.

"Ma'am, the Chevrolet Impa..."

"...No need to say names, I don't know squat about cars!"

"..Oh.. Uhm, the black old car? Over there?"

"Yes, that's a nice ride, what of it?"

"Who's car is it?"

"I can't tell you that."

"It's just, I might know them."

She was greeted by a skeptical look, it was obvious the old woman who worked at the motel knew of every kind of trick homeless people tried and this was probably one of them.

"No, seriously! Uhm, two guys.. One's a bit taller than me, the other one is a giant next to me? The normal-sized one's got short light-brown hair, killer charm-smile, or so I've heard, I haven't actually met him in person, just the giant one and he's got dark, shaggy hair, sort've got the whole 'weight of the world' kind of look. Uhm, what else..?"

She could tell that she had guessed right as the old woman behind the counter had a look of recognition on her face and she couldn't believe her luck, she had finally found him!

"Please, ma'am, could you tell me which room they're staying in? I'm sure they won't mind sharing their room with me if I talked with them."

"Uhm.. And if you don't mind, who are you?"

The woman looked down and prayed to god that she hadn't lost it after being hunted for so long.

"I keep forgetting I have this, I've had it on for so long, I've forgotten, you know?"

The woman behind the counter tilted her head to the side, as if seeing her in a different perspective would make the mysterious answer clearer to her. When the young woman raised her hand and flexed her fingers as an answer, a moment of clarity hit her.

"The giant?"


"Oh.. Congratulations, I guess?"

"Thank you."

"Room 405"

"Thank you, really."

She turned around and left the reception, it was still pouring down heavily and she realized how much she hated the rain, how much she missed the warmth, but most importantly, how extremely nervous she was.

Finding room 405 was easy, knocking on the door however, wasn't as easy. Taking a calming breath didn't help, so she went with option number two. She closed her eyes shut, bit her bottom lip, raised her fist and held her breath. When she felt the need to inhale, she quickly knocked on the door and opened her eyes.

A low mumble could be heard, someone cursed and then a thud. She tried her best to look respectable, prying branches out of her hair, but it was a lost case as the door opened and a confused young man looked down at her warily. She smiled.

"Hey, Sam."

If it was possible, he got an even more confused look on his face.

"Do I.. Do I know you?"

"I'm you're wife, Sam."


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