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Breaking or Mending?

Someone behind him started laughing hysterically, while Sam Winchester stood frozen in chock. The woman raised her hand and showed off her ring for him to see, she then lifted a chain around her neck, where a second ring hanged.

"I've got yours too, you told me to keep it safe."

"What... the.. hell?"

The woman pushed past Sam, stepping over the line of salt and entered. She wasn't impressed by the room's design, or the lack of design.

"Jesus Christ, Sam, this is how you live?"

"Hey, Sam, she's not a demon, where'd you met her?"

The woman ignored Dean and Sam ignored the woman.

"Dean, I swear, I have no idea who she is."


"Ouch, I think she might wanna divorce you now, which, you know, would be good.."

"Excuse me??"

"..I mean, married? Sam, come on! With our lifestyle?!"

"I don't know her!"

"Samuel Winchester, watch your mouth!"

"Yikes, Sammy, you pissed her off.."

"Dean, shut up."

"Yes, Dean, please do!."

The woman turned pleading eyes towards Sam, it was obvious to the men in the room that she was close to tears, but Dean felt himself get impressed when she refused to let any tears fall. He turned and looked at his baby-brother, not surprised to see him wear the puppy-eyed look he always wore when speaking to a victims family-member they were trying to save.

"Look, ma'am, I honestly don't know you, I have never seen you in my life and I'm pretty sure I would remember getting married.. You're probably confused, you look tired and cold, why don't you borrow our shower and get out of those clothes? You don't wanna get sick, do you?"

"Sam.. I'm not a damsel in distress, okay? I know about the salt, about the sulfur, demons, the visions."

"Whoa, lady! I don't know how you know these things about my brother, but if you don't wanna get your assed kicked right now, I suggest you take that god damned shower so that I can get some god damned sleep! I'm tired, Sam's confused and you look like shit!"

"And people claim you're the charmer? I find that hard to believe."

During Dean's speech, Sam stood frozen. He really tried his best to remember this woman, she wasn't too bad to look at, even covered in dirt he could tell she was beautiful, and someone with her looks usually fell for Dean, not him. But it was clear that whenever she looked at his brother, a look of annoyance fell across her face.

She had passed the test of crossing over the salt, she had even said 'Jesus Christ' and the ring on her finger, hell even the necklace with the second ring on it were most definitely made of silver. She wasn't a demon, but who was she?


"Sammy, quit staring at her, tell your 'wife' to take a shower, I need to sleep."

"Uh, sorry and yeah, I really think you need a shower, you can take my bed, I'll just crash on the couch."

"What? No!"

"Lady, will you just shut up and go? Man, this is like freaking 'Days of Our Lives'!"

"Never pegged you for a soap-watcher, Dean."

"Hey! I'm just saying, doesn't mean I watch it, okay?"

"If you say so.."

The woman turned around with a smirk firmly in place, Sam couldn't help but smile a bit, it wasn't often a woman, stranger or not, got under Dean's skin so easily and he could almost understand how he'd fall for a woman like her.

"Hey, wait.. What's your name?"

He might as well had asked her to go to hell, as she held the doorknob to the bathroom in her hand and simply looked over her shoulder, heartbroken. He felt sick to the stomach.

"My name is.. Melanie Rhys.. Actually it's Melanie Rhys-Winchester, but you don't remember me, nor believe me, do you, Sammy?"

Not bothering to wait for an answer, the woman, Melanie, opened the door to the bathroom and went inside to do as she had been told, as it didn't take long for the men to hear the shower start.


Melanie stripped off her damaged clothes, not caring if the mud splattered over the tile floor, not caring if her shoes had left ugly imprints on the rug outside were her husband waited.

She wasn't actually surprised that he didn't remember her, from the moment he'd opened the door, she had seen the difference and their marriage wasn't exactly a traditional one. They had met in a bar and he had saved her from an annoying old man, who thought impressing ladies meant using nasty words and violence.

After that it had been fun and games, Sam had been carefree but also a bit on the wild side, this wasn't her Sam, not that she ever had had Sam in the first place. Getting hitched had surprisingly been his idea, he'd said it was probably one thing he'd never get to do and she'd blindly agreed.

Waiting for the water to turn scorchingly hot, Melanie stepped in under the stream and hissed in pain, her skin were covered in scratches and the hot water made it especially painful.

Five days had she spent with Sam, he'd for some reason felt compelled to tell her everything about his life, the demons, the hunting, his brother and father, about his mothers death and girlfriends death too, but she hadn't actually believed him. On their last time together, he'd seemed more troubled than before and then given her his ring and said goodbye.

She hadn't actually thought much of it, just thought of it as something fun and crazy, she knew their marriage had been a legal one, but hadn't bothered trying to annul it, it couldn't be done with just her signature, she had needed Sam's for that.

That was three years ago, time had moved on and so had she, but that didn't mean that all those years had been peaceful, just the two first years had been and that time had been spent forgetting Sam and what they had done.

Then sometime last year, everything had changed.

All kinds of different people had contacted her, wishing to speak to her husband and at first she hadn't really thought of Sam, hadn't understood who they meant, as she was dating somebody else. Of course Jeremy hadn't been happy when he'd answered the phone once, so that had been the end of that.

But when an old lady, with unusually strong hands had claimed that Sam had set her free, Melanie started thinking and digging. As it turns out, all those weird things he'd told her were true, even werewolves and vampires existed. If only Hollywood knew how wrong they were!

It had taken a lot of time to find anyone who knew Sam Winchester, some claimed he was dead, others wanted him dead, then there were some who claimed he'd come back from the dead. The theme was a bit unnerving and she was about to forget finding him in the first place.

She would've done so, if it hadn't been for all the threats that started to come in various forms. Now she just wanted to make everyone see that Sam and her never had been anything but fun and games, that the very legal marriage wasn't serious and that she wanted to get back together with Jeremy, he was a good guy and thankfully didn't have an annoying brother!