Chap. 1 Bad morning

Here is another story that was going through my head!

Penelope woke up with a start. She had the most wonderful dream where she had shared a wild night with Derek Morgan. She stirred and her hand patted the other side of the bed which was still warm.

"It couldn't be." She thought.

Then realization hit her, she was naked and sore under the covers. She looked at her surroundings, she was visibly alone, and no noise was coming from the bathroom.

Her mind was a blur, she couldn't remember the past night. She knew for sure that she had a movie night with Derek but what the hell happened. She got up taking the covers with her and walked in the living room…empty.

Then her foot shot in something on the flour.

She stared at the brown wallet entangled with her panties.

She quickly grabbed the wallet and opened it.

"Derek…" she whispered.

A flash came through her mind and she remembered that she had indeed shared a night her best friend. The sudden happiness of remembering what happened was replaced with sadness.

Despite how wonderful it had been, Derek visibly didn't share her feelings.

She wiped some tears and quickly went into the bathroom.

She just wanted to wash her feelings away and forget about this.

She kneeled on the tube and let her tears fall freely.

How could she face him now?

She had some time before work but decided to go, she wanted to closed herself in her office and not see anyone.

She climbed in Esther and changed her mind she needed to be elsewhere. It was still dark outside but didn't care. She parked her car near the Potomac River and began to walk. She had Derek's wallet in her hand. She took a deep breath and looked at the dark sky. She wasn't aware of the dark form behind her and her eyes opened wide when she felt a huge hand on her mouth and a strong arm circling her neck.

Derek cursed when he realized that he had forgotten his wallet at Penelope's.

He drove back to her place and entered with his own key. He walked carefully not wanting to wake her up. Not seeing his wallet in the living room in went in the bedroom and was surprised to see Penelope's sleeping form.

"Baby girl?" he called loudly.

Seeing that she was nowhere and neither his wallet, he thought that she may have thought he had drove back home.

He locked the door and drove to his home. She wasn't there and he began to feel worried.

He tried her cell phone but it was shut.

"Where did you go?"

It was only 6 am; she couldn't have gone at work already.

He took a quick shower, took Clooney out and decided to go early to work. Surely Penelope was there. Where else could she be?

When he saw that she was nowhere, he tried her cell again.

"Damn, I shouldn't have left… I just wanted…"

His thoughts were interrupted by Hotch.

"Morgan, so early in the office?" he asked amused.

"Well, yes. I'm looking for Penelope."

"Isn't she at home?"


"Hotch, we got a problem. Someone heard a woman cry near the Potomac early in the morning. When he reached the place there was a flower near a wallet…" JJ said storming into the bullpen. She looked at Derek with wide eyes.

"A wallet? What's the point?"

"The wallet belongs to Derek Morgan from the FBI."

Derek felt his heart jump.

"Penelope." He whispered afraid about what JJ would add.