I have made a comeback! This will, from this point on, be a crossover between "Bakugan Battle Brawlers", "Warriors", and "Sonic the Hedgehog". I don't own any, by the way. The OCs belong to me only.

Sonic: Where are we?


Shun: Dan, our Bakugan can talk when we all thought they were just toys. How can you be afraid of a talking hedgehog?

Dan: It's a giant, talking hedgehog! Open your eyes, man!

Shadow: Is anyone going to answer the faker?

Mira: Well, we're not in New Vestroia.

Ace: And we're not on Vestal, either.

Runo: And we're not on Earth.

Sandstorm: We're not at the lake.

Amy: Or Mobius.

???: Welcome back, Sonic Cast and Warriors Cast. Nice to meet you, Bakugan Cast.

Lync: Cast?

???: Yes, that is how we refer to the different characters in different universes.

Shadow: Wait, I recognize that voice.

???: Then who am I?

Sonic: You're Dragon, aren't you?! And Phoenixstar!

Dragon: Correct, Sonic.

Knuckles: I thought that your- (cut off)

Dragon: My original ToD was reported, but I will never give up!

Phoenixstar: Neither will I!

Ash: Hey, don't think I'll be left out.

Tree: Or me.

Fang: Hey, what about me?

Snow & Leaf: How about us?

Rio: I'm here too!

The Group: We're not leaving!

Sun & River: We're staying here, too!

Ocean: Don't forget about me!

Elemental Felines and Canines: Or us!

Sunwhisker's Kits: We're back to stay!

Phoenixstar's Kits: Same here!

Dragon: And we have an all new host! Drum roll please! (Hears loud drum roll) Please welcome........ Kaey: The All Attribute Brawler!

Audience: (Cheer as Kaey comes on stage)

Kaey: Hey everyone! The name's Kaey Flames! Also, I'm a werewolf! But I call myself a wolf, much easier. These are my Bakugan partners: Darkus Dragonoid, Sub-Terra Hydronoid, Ventus Hades, Haos Apollonir, Midnight Percival, and Cyborg Helios, Pyrus Abis Omega, and Aquos Tigrerra!

Kaey's Bakugan: Hello!

Dragon: Now here are the rules.

Knuckles: Since when were there rules?

Dragon: Since now. Same rule applys to pimping as the last ToD. But there are new rules. No daring the characters to kill politics because I don't want to get in trouble anymore. No M rated dares. Also (Turns all characters under 16 into 16-year-olds) Now that that's out of the way, there will be a band or singer here every chapter or so. Also, please check out "When We First Met", it's about how me and Shadow met.

Phoenixstar: No harming kits, for one.

Kaey: And NO, at ALL evil closet dares! I will take sympathy on those with those kinds of dares.

Dragon: You can still send those kinds in. Just not for her.

Kaey: Thank you.

Dragon: So, you can dare the Sonic Cast, Warriors Cast, the Bakugan Cast, or all three!

Hosts & Co-Hosts: Please review!

I've made a comeback! No matter what I will, with all authors as witness, always continue to write ToD fics! Take as many as you want away, but we will always make a comeback! Also, Dragon is not me, Kaey is not me, and Phoenixstar is not me. That's why I was taken off the first time! Because I put myself in the story.