Now here's chapter 3!! I own nothing but Kaey's Bakugan, Kaey, Dragon, Rio, Snow, Leaf, Ash, Fang, Tree, the staff, and the cats of PhoenixClan. The song "Reach for the Light" belongs to Steve Winwood.

In Dragon's Room

Dragon: (Listening to "Reach for the Light" from "Balto") And the spririt knooows what it haas, to doo. Somewhere in yoou, is a power with no naaame.

Kaey: Hey, wake up and smell the sweet blood.

Dragon: I'm not a werewolf. I don't drink blood nor do I want to smell it.

Snow: Well, we have dares to do.

Dragon: Why didn't you say!

On Stage

Sonic, Dan, Hydron, Shun & Shadow P.: Please don't let them be here, please don't let them be here.

Shadow: Hey, that's my fiance, and my son's mother!

Kaey: Welcome back to Three Way Crossover ToD! I'm your "Bakugan" hostess, Kaey Flames! With me are my other hostesses, co-hosts, and co-hostesses: Please welcome your "Sonic the Hedgehog" hostess, Dragonclaw "Dragon" Winter Lake!

Dragon: What's up?

Kaey: And your "Warriors" hostess, Phoenixstar!

Phoenixstar: Welcome!

Kaey: And now for your "Bakugan" co-hosts, please welcome Sub-Terra Alfa Hydronoid, Ventus Hades, Haos Apollonir, Haos Midnight Percival, Haos Cyborg Helios, and Pyrus Abis Omega. Your co-hostesses Darkus Neo Dragonoid and Aquos Tigrerra.

Named Bakugan: Hi!

Dragon: Welcome the "Sonic the Hedgehog" co-hosts Ashfur "Ash" the Cat, Fangulas "Fang" the First (I), Rio the Hedgehog, Mattew "Matt" the Hedge-Cat, Leonidas "Leo" the Cat and River Noon Lake. Your co-hostesses are Snow Summer Lake, Leaf Christine Lake, Sun Amber Lake, Aniu "Nyu" the Cat, Zoie the Cat, Cocoa the Dog, Mary the Echidna-Bat, Ocean Lake, and Skyscisk "Sky" the Hedgehog! Oh, and the Elemental Felines and Canines! They count as co-hosts/ hostesses.

Ace: Hey!

Dragon: And the XWolves.

XWavern: Thank you.

"Sonic the Hedgehog" Co-hosts & Co-hostesses: Hey!

Phoenixstar: And you co-hosts and co-hostesses are Sunwhisker, Thornjaw, Silvertree, Treetail, Firefeather, Flamepaw, Blackfang, Darktree, Treeheart, Ashfur of PhoenxClan, Waterkit, Adderkit, Owlkit, Hawkkit, Killerkit/ Redkit, Gunkit/ Snakekit, Bloodkit/ Lionkit, Darkkit, Bombkit/ Talonkit, and Bazookakit/ Leopardkit.

"Warriors" Co-hosts & Co-hostesses: Greetings!

Dragons: And now, time for some pain and torture! These dares are from teddypro!

HAHAHA! Feel the power of magic!
Dragon: (I'm about to make an interesting entrance again) Here's teddypro! *Suddenly crashes through ceiling falling onto sonic sword first, get up and shot a lightning bolt up through the hole and a large demons fall down and crushes Shadow, Amy, and Tails.* Dragon: You just love doing that don't you?
Sonic: Suffer from Medieval torture for 500 years!
Shadow: Get sucked into a time vortx where you rapidly increase in age until...
Amy: She falls for this every time. *Throws Amy a Sonic plushie without telling her it's a bomb to the touch*
Eggman: Get teleported to the target area of an artillery barrage.
Everyone else: Go jump in a lake (with Jaws)


Dragon: Now please welcome, whom I personally consider a matser of torture, Teddypro! (Doesn't see Teddy) Now where is he?

Teddy: (Crashes through ceiling and lands on Sonic with his sword going though the hedgehog's head)

Dragon: You just love doing that, don't you?

Teddy: Very much. (Throws lightning into sky through hole and three demons come and crush Shadow, Amy, and Tails)

Fang: (Revives Sonic) Great, more demons.

Dan: What's wrong with the wittle kitty-kitty, huh? What wrong?

Fang: Cut the baby talk or find yourself in The Room of Flames.

Dan: Aww, wooks wike the wittle kitty needs a nappy. HAHAHAHAHA!

Ash: Um, my cousin has a very, increadibly short fuse. Right now, Pyrus Brawler, you pretty much dog food.

Cocoa: YAY! I love Pyrus Brawlers! They're so crisp and chewy!


Dan: AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! (Runs as far as the planet will let him) What the?! The planet's alive!?!?

Dragon: (Cuddling demons) Well, yeah. I don't want anyone trying to make space ships and leave, so I madde sure the planet was alive and could listen to me or the other hosts.

Sonic: What's my dare again?

Dragon: TIME WARP!! (Takes Sonic and herself into 5,000 year old castle)

In 5,000 year-old-castle

Dragon: So Sonic, this is you'll be for 500 years! You'll be automaticly revived when you die. Have fun! (Leaves)

Sonic: (Sees flames outside window and sees that the executioner is Cloverfield{A/N: I don't Cloverfield, either. But it does look cool}) Mommy. (Wets self)

In Studio

Dragon: Next!

Fang: Wait a sec, you hired the Cloverfield monster to be Sonic's executioner?

Dragon: Yeah, why?

Fang: Never mind, next.

Shadow: Why?

Ash: Who cares!

Dragon: I'm sorry Shadzy, really. Votex Rip! (Opens Vortex and Shadow gets sucked in)

Shadow: My only regret is that I won't get married! (Dies from very old age)

Rio: (Revives Shadow) Yay! Daddy's okay again!

Ocean: Next!

Dragon: I'm gonna do this! Amy! Here girl! Sonic Plushie! And this one talks!

Sonic Plushie Bomb: I love you Amy. I love you Amy.


Dragon: Go fetch! (Throws Sonic Plushie Bomb)

Amy: SONIC! (Catches the plushie bomb, and blows up)

Dragon & Rio: She go boom boom!

Leaf: Oh yay! He likes to see boom booms, too!

Tree: Um, next.

Eggman: Mommy. (Teleported to the planet's target area for the military there)

Military Base

General: Three, two, one, fire at the fat blob on legs!

Soldiers: Yes sir! (Fire at and kill Eggman)

The Stage

Dragon: Eggy go boom by military!

Runo: You even have a military!?

Dragon: No duh. We need one. For more reasons than one. Next!!

Mailman: Package for, Miss Dragon?

Dragon: Just take it out back. Thanks.

Mailman: (Takes rather large package to back of studio) That'll be 29.99.

Dragon: Damn, when the price go up?

Mailman: He's the only one, remember?

Dragon: Yeah but what about the sequals? Those ones must have had offspring if this one did!

Mailman: Good point. This must be his grandson.

Dragon: Must be. Well here. (Pays Mailman) Bye!

Mailman: (Leaves)

Teddy: What's in there?

Dragon: Ah ah ah! It's a suprise! Come on out back everyone.

All Casts & Teddy: (Follow Dragon out to the backyard)

Dan: HOLY!

(The backyard has a long flower bed off to the left, and to the right is a very large playground. In the center is what looks like a waterfall and pool put together, and a tank with a giant great whte swimming in it)

Dragon: Welcome to the stage's backyard! Oh, and no walking in the flower bed. I just got some roses and I don't want them dead. If I find even ONE petal gone from any of them, I'm killing all of you, minus my friends and co-hosts. Oh, and the shark is Jaws' grandson, Jaws the Third.

Jaws the Third: (Looking hungrily at the casts)

Dragon: Um, (Revives Sonic and brings him back, as well as Amy and Eggman)

Sonic: Holy crap! This place is beautiful!

Dragon: Thanks. Took me two weeks.

Amy: What's with the shark?

Fang: It's Jaws' grandson, Jaws the Third.

Dragon: Kits, the members of PhoenixClan, and little kids are free for this dare. And the XWolves and hostesses and co-hosts ans co-hostesses.

XWovles, The Group, All of PhoenixClan, & all the co-hosts & hostesses: Thank you, Dragon!

Fang: Get in there! Come on! (Pushes Cast members in front of Jaws the Third's tank)

Jaws the Third: (Continues to stare at the casts with hunger)

Sonic: Mommy.

Dragon: How many people will say "mommy" before death? Oh well. (Teleports the casts into the tank) Hey, what was the name of the "Jaws" movies?

Ash: Um, there was "Jaws", "Jaws 2", "Jaws 3-D", and "Jaws: The Revenge".

Dragon: So then this one was in "Jaws 3-D"?

Fang: Yep.

Jaws the Third: (Brutally kills and eats the "Sonic" Cast, "Warriors" Cast, and "Bakugan" Cast)

Tree: You're not keeping him, are you Dragon?

Dragon: Hey, I payed for him! I bought him, so I should keep him!

Kaey: (Quickly revives the Casts) Thank God I did that. I don't want to lose my Lync.

Snow: Kaey likes Lync Volan!

Leaf: "Kaey Volan". Sounds reasonable, not half bad.

Jaws the Third: (Rubbing up against Lync like a cat)

Lync: Um, this thing is acting like Ocean.

Dragon: He's happy! He's a good boy. (Jumps into tank with the other casts)

Dan: So, is going to be like another pool?

Dragon: If I can convince Jaws the Third to not eat us unless it's a drae, then yeah.

Sonic: Wait, how are we even on this place? Besides, is it even a planet?

Dragon: Well, of course it's a planet. I just don't have a name for it yet. And I'm not explaining how we are here or how the planet is alive.

Teddy: Well, I have to go.

Fang: See ya around, Teddy. This is a nice dare. It doubles as a prize for us. Thanks.

Teddy: Not a problem. (Leaves)

Dragon: Now here are some dares from my good friend Draken!

Death: Take dragon's place in hell!
Sonic: DIe you gay hero man! By, hm, by listening to 60 consecutive hours of Satan scream wildly!
Amy: You didn't become a shadow fangirl, eh? DIE DIE DIE DIE! (aka, get killed by the all famous leaf with her bazooka!)
Eggman: Get killed by Horruk, master of Horrors!
Chris: Work at hooters! Then get cooked at hooters.
Shadow: Kill metal sonic, fast! 15 minutes flat! (gives time-streamer staff) This will actually freeze time!
Okay, now, i actually liked the song, alot! Now, lets see here.

Howz 'bout, we make Dragon 'queen' of the world, shadow her King, and you guys take over the world! I'll gladly help. (non one knows that whoever disagrees has a safe dropped on them!)

Dragon: AAAHHH! I DON'T WANT TO GO BACK! (Hides inside of Jaws the Third)

Death: What?! (Dragged into Hell by countless demons)

Sonic: Okay, for one, I'M NOT GAY!! Two, why Satan screaming?

Dragon: (Pops head out of the sharks mouth) I don't give a flyin' crap about why! Just do it! (Pops head back inside Jaws' grandson)

Dan: Um, why is she hiding in a shark?

Nyu: Don't ever ask. The last time anyone of us asked why she does the things she does, she said that she really needed to go back to a crazy house. So I'm very worried for everyone here.

Dragon: I found that CD Satan gave me the last time I went to Hell. (Puts headphones on Sonic's ears and turns the noise up to full blast)


Shadz: Hey guys, I'm back!

Dragon: Shadz! (Pops out of Jaws' mouth and hugs Shadz)

Shadz: Eeewww, Dragon! Now I have shark spit on me!

Dragon: Sorry.

Nyu: We're now torturing the casts of "Sonic the Hedgehog", "Warriors", and "Bakugan Battle Brawlers".

Shadz: AWSOME!! Where's Dan?

Dan: Uh, why?

Shadz: DANNY!! (Glomps Dan)

Runo: HEY, GET OFF MY BOYFRIEND! (Attacks Shadz)

Dragon: Greeeeaaaaat.

Leaf: YAY!! I GET USE MY BAZOOKA! (Blows Amy into little bitty bits) I feel much better now. Thanks Draken!

Ocean: Next!

Dragon: Um, I'll, uh, be in my room hiding. Bye! (Runs into room)

Shadow: Wait up, Dragon! (Chases after her)

Dan: Why did she run away and why isn't this cat off me!

Fang: Off! Off Shadz! I'll feed you to the shark if you don't get off the Pyrus Brawler!

Shadz: Keep that shark away from me!

Fang: Good girl.

Horruk: So, where's this Eggman?

Eggman: Crawl away slowly and maybe he won't see you.

Horruk: There you are!

Eggman: Don't kill me!

Snow: Um, here what Dragon said you have to do to him. Ya gotta make his fears come true.

Leaf: Hey, Dragon?

Dragon: What?!

Leaf: Eggy about to get tortured by his worst fears.

Dragon: Uh, record it! I'm busy! Great God Shadow! That's cold! Why do you keep doing that?!

Shadow: Because you like it!

Ash: Hey, hey, hey! You perv camera! Back to the torture! (Moves camera back on Eggman)

Eggman: No! (Sliced in half by a robot version of Rio)

Rio: He's that scared of me? Cool!

Horruk: Well, my job here is done. (Disappears)

Dragon: Well, I just can't believe you made me do that.

Shadow: You liked it.

Dragon: Still.

Ash: I'm not asking why you had a change of clothes.

Ocean: (Turns into demon cat) Chris, get out here now!

Chris: Spit out by Jaws the Third)

Jaw tT: He made me sick. He tastes funny.

Dragon: Hooters? Alright. (Teleports Chris to Hooters)

Sky: Turn on the TV!

Matt: Someone get popcorn!

Silver: You have a sick mind, boy.

Matt: No, I just want some popcorn.

Blaze: He takes after you, Silver.

Silver: I know.

Dragon: Aw, don't look so down, bro.

Ash: I hope some one dares us to look on the other side of the planet.

Fang: What about Universal Studios Florida?

Ash: That too. More the other side of the planet then any thing. I want to see what's over there.

TV: Chris: (Doing..... things to a male customer)

Lync: That's disgusting.

Dragon: Dude, you have three yaoi loving hostesses, and at least two of them have read M Rated yaoi fics. I know disgusting. But it's a good disgusting.

Lync: Yeah, to you. But I'm talking about the bad kind.

Dragon: Can't disagree there. This is just wrong. He's a little kid, for Christ's Sake!

TV: Chris: (Stabbed, chopped up, cooked, and then given to the custormer he was doing things to)

Lync: Where's the bathroom?

Kaey: Come on, I have to puke, too. (Takes Lync to the bathroom)

Shadow: He's already dead. (Points to a very damaged Metal Sonic with Snow sobbing at his side)

Snow: WHY!?!?!

Leaf: You might want to move. (Pulls down mask, and begins to melt Metal Sonic and dismember him)

Snow: NOOOOOO!! (Shot with tranq dart)

Fang: I need to get payed more often for this. Please welcome Draken, everyone.

(A half human half hedgehog with brownish-red that's spiky in back and flat in front. He also ocean blue eyes, and a red, with blazing orange stripe down the middle)

Draken: Hi!

Dragon: Yeah, um, we can only take over the part off the planet that we're on. I don't know what's on the other side, so we can only take over this half. Sorry.

Draken: That's okay.

Sonic: No way in Hell! (Has a safe dropped on him)

Draken: Any others?

All remaining Cast Memebers: No!

Dragon: Good then, and for my first act as queen, I hereby allow everyone to eat anything with sugar!

Casts: Hooray!

Draken: You're goning to be nice to them?

Dragon: Yes, and Shadow better be, too. I don't want a revolution. You know, we've been studying the American Revolution and already finished that, and now we're at the end of the War of 1812.

Draken: Boring.

Dragon: Very.

Shadow: Well, this makes Rio a prince.

Rio: Can Sky be a princess?

Dragon: Then that means we have to make Sonic and Amy a king and a queen. How about we make them nobles?

Rio & Sky: Deal!

Dragon: Sir Sonic, Lady Amy, and Lady Sky.

Draken: Have fun! (Disappears)

Shadow: I'm going to have fun.

Fang: Good Lord. The next set of dares come from MoonShard X.

Awesome chappie! I got sum darez! And they're so fricken EVIL!

Author-sama: Revive all of the fallen characters
Hydranoid: Make out with Wavern while Drago's trapped in a tank of sticky peanut butter and can't do anything
Eggman: Run through a Ninja Warrior obstacle course you **!
Sonic: Eat Lync's sweaty socks
Silver and Shadow: Duel on giant candy canes
The Warrior cats: GET RABIES!
The rest of the Bakugan cast (Tigrerra, Gorem, Preyas, Kaey's Bakugan): Ride a high intensity rollercoster til the last man standing throws up.

Shadow: Wait, Dragon. I forgot something.

Dragon: If it's for Valintine's Day, you can keep it!

Nyu: Dragon, look, we all miss him.

Dragon: It was his birthday!

Fluffy: I miss him!

Fang: Then why did you get together with Dad?

Fluffy: He helped me out.

Ash: Um, Dragon hates Valintines Day because a very good friend of hers, and who also happens to be my uncle, was born on that day and was killed before then.

Shadow: I got you chocolate.

Dragon: I don't want any.

Shadow: Do you want a hug?

Dragon: (Snuggles into Shadow chest fur)

Fang: Which one?

Kaey: They already were.

Dragon: (Sobbing) N-Next!

Shadow: There, there. (Hugs Dragon)

Hydranoid: What?

Dragon: I'm better now. Now, (turns into Dark Dragon) Drago you get into that pool of peanut butter or else!

Drago: Make me.

Dragon: (Wraps her tail around Drago's waist and throws him into the peanut butter pool and returns to normal)

Wayvern: I'm gonna be sick in the morning. (Makes out with Hydronoid and then thows up)

Dragon: I'm not cleaning that.

Ash: Eeww.

Shadz: That's worse that shark spit. Next.

Dragon: Ah, the best way to get over the past: Torture Eggy!(Teleports Eggman to Ninja Base)

At Ninja Base

Sensei: Okay, Eggman, you're up.

Eggman: [Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep]! (Starts course, then dies)


Dragon: I feel better now!

Shadow: Dragon, I got you a gift.

Dragon: Shadow, I told you, I don't want it.

Shadow: Are you sire you don't want a blood rose?

Dragon: You, you found one here?

Shadow: Yes, and just for you.

Fang: Well, I can't wait for the wedding.

Dragon: [Beep]! I forgot invites!

Ash: Do them now!

Dragon: We have a show to do! I'll do them at the end. Next! Oh gross!

Kaey: I not staying. (Leaves to her bedroom)

Dragon: (Follows)

Phoenixstar: (Goes back to her room)

All co-hosts: (Leave to their rooms)

All co-hostesses: (Head to Kaey's room)

Sonic: (Eat's Lync's socks, then throws up)

Dragon: Uh, gross. Fluffy, clean up on isle Sonic!

Fluffy: HOLY! DUDE! I execpt a raise, Dragon.

Dragon: Hey, I'm not getting a raise, so no one else is geeting one, either!

Fluffy: Well, fine. (Cleans Sonic barf off stage, and throws him in his fanpit)

Phoenixstar: Who would like to visit their fanpit in the "Bakugan" Cast, hm?

Bakugan Cast: NO!

Phoenixstar: Okay then. Next!

Silver: Why duel? And on giant candy canes?

Dragon: Oooo! That sounds like fun! I fight winner!

Shadow: You want to fight someone on giant candy canes?

Dragon: Yes, and I want to ride Jaws the Third like a horse in the tank with someone swimming and running for their lives. (Teleports everyone to a stadium that has a giant candy cane forest)

Fang: You brought us to this one because there is a giant candy cane forest, didn't you?

Dragon: For once, no.



Ash: Still.

Kaey: Me and Tree will be the announers.

Shadow: I'm fighting with a candy cane?

Dragon: I want that! (Starts to drool)

Silver: When don't you drool, sis?

Dragon: Good point. I drool in my sleep, when I see something yummy, when I think of something yummy. Those are the only times. I think.

Kaey: Hello and welcome to what may become a returning sport.

Tree: Right you are, Kaey. Our combatants today are Shadow the Hedgehog and Silver the Hedgehog.

Kaey: Shadow's stats for this sport are fairly high considering that this is a new sport. Silver may have a advantage, though. With his powers, Silver can fly over head of the black hedgehog.

Tree: And the winner will have the honur of fight Dragonclaw "Dragon" Winter Lake.

Fang: (Stands on center cane) Let's do this! (Heads back to his seat)

Shadow: (Defeats Silver in less than two seconds) I win.

Dragon: Now, Shadow. You'll have to fight me! (Grabs a candy cane and licks it) Mmm, pepernment!

Shadow: Bring it!

Dragon: (Defeats Shadow in only .2 seconds)

Kaey: Let's go before Dragon eats everything here. (Teleports everyone back the studio)

Dragon: Aw, I wanted to eat some candy canes. Next!

Warriors not of PhoenixClan: (Get rabies and die)

Fang: That sucks. (Revives the Warriors Cast)

Ocean: Nextamundo!

Dan: Is that a word?

Ocean: Why do you care?

Skyress: (Steals Dragon's fried chicken she was eating)

Dragon: Hey! You owe me $3.50, bird!

Skyress: (Eats the fired chicken in one gulp)

Kaey: CANNIBAL! RUN!! (Runs into her room)

Ash: Smarter not to ask, smarter not to ask.

Fang: Work with Dragon long enough and you'll stop asking questions.

Dragon: (Grins wickedly) Bye bye! (Teleports Tigrerra, Gorem, and Kaey's Bakugan to a rollorcoster)

Phoenixstar: (Pushes a button next to her and a plasma and some theater chairs pop out of the floor) Let's watch!

(On the TV everyone but Kaey's Dragonoid throw up)

Fang: (Teleports them back)

Darkkit: Next! These dares are from LovelyLittleShadow16.

i'm back
Hi shun .
shadow : shadow i need you to know.. we're related i'm project little brother heres a tazer/sniperrifle.
Shun:( drages away) Shadow gun by alice.( tranqulizers Darts)(keeps walking away with shun)

Dragon: Uh, you do know that if Shadow has a gun, let alone a tazer/ sniperrifle, he'll kill until the end. Wait, is that the new one? Holy [beep]! Why'd you get girl? I must know!

Ash: Yeah, where?

Shadow: NO!

Dragon: Screw it then! I'll order them off line! (Runs into computer room with Ash)

Fang: Uh, please welcome LovelyLittleShadow16 everyone.

Audience: (Cheers)

LovelyLittleShadow16: Come on Shun. (Starts to drag Shun away)

Shadow: (Goes trigger happy on everyone but LovelyLittleShadow16, the hostesses, the co-hosts & co-hostesses & Shun)

Dragon: Three weeks! Can you believe that?

Ash: I know, right? I mean, it's a high quilty gun being sold off the Internet. Okay yeah, I can sorta see the point there.

Dragon: Yeah, WOAH! What happened?

Fang: Shadow + tazer/sniperrifle = one crazy trigger happy hedgehog!

Snow: I hate math.

Dragon: Je detest le mathique.

Casts: What?

Dragon: I hate math. J'adore Shadow le Hedgehog!

Leaf: Aww, how cute.

Kaey: LovelyLittleShadow16, you can take Shun.

LovelyLittleShadow: Thanks! (Disappears in a poof of smoke with Shun)

Ocean: Uh, next? These dars are from Dragonfire.

Dragon: Must not cry. Must not cry.

Clarissa walks in

Clarissa: um...somethings happened in Dragongire's ToD and she told me and My daughter to think up some dares while she recovers

Maria, a black dragon with red streaked spines, ears and wings enters.

Maria: Hi! in our universe Shadow and Clarissa are my parents

Rio: so that would make us siblings?

Maria: I guess, I have dares!

Eggman: oh no...

Metal Sonic: scary black dragon, scary black dragon, scary black dragon...

Maria: gere are my dares
Metal- once again i will dismantle you!

Eggman- 'shoots chaos spears at him' NO ONE STEALS FROM ME!

Shadow and Rio- wanna kill the faker with me?

Drago and wayvern- this one's from Dragonfire, Closet dare and you can't be in ball form

Clarissa: Dragonfire will send you the info on Drago and wayvern's kid via pm

Maria: next dare is for Sonic to have his spines shaved off, and his tail lengthened so he does look like a rat!

Clarissa: uncle Broc told you that didn't he?

Maria: yep! and my final dare is for the bakugan cast only, but only for the bakugan, the brawlers can leave, my dare is for every bakugan to fight the sonic cast and they can have full use of their power!

Clarissa: alright here are my dares

Maria: you have dares mom?

Clarissa: well it is a bit boring with Broc getting all the attention. so my dares ae-

Amy- you will live your dream and Sonic will all in love with you

Dragon- your as much a pyromainiac as Dragonfire so I dare you to burn the master emerald

Knuckles- I wouldn't interfere if i were you

Rio- here have a toy, any toy you want, as long as yout parents are ok with it

Clarissa: well that's it for now

Maria: can i stay?
Clarissa: alright
Maria: 'spends majority of chapter hunting down Sonic,metal sonic, eggman, chris thorndike and masquerade

Maria: 'goes nuts and shoots chaos spears at the people she's hunting'

Clarissa: if anyone asks, just say she got it from her uncle, because that is where she got it from 'leaves'

Dragon: Must not cry. Must not...... (crys)

Shadow: What's wrong?

Dragon: Nothing. METAL!

Metal Sonic: Scary black dragon! Keep her away from me!

Kaey: Uh, Leaf and Maria will dismantle Metal as a team. Good God they are scary.

Maria & Leaf: (Slowly dismantle Metal in front of Snow, whom proceeds to pass out)

Ocean: Next.

Eggman: Oh [beep]! (Attemps to run away)

Maria: Come back here! (Thows many Chaos Spears at him, which kill him)

Dragon: HA! Next!

Shadow & Rio: Gladly!

Sky: Rio, that "faker" is my dad!

Rio: Well, yeah I know. I just don't know why, but something in my head tells me to hurt him.

Dan: I have a question.

Ash: Ask away.

Dan: Didn't your kids used to be a lot shorter?

Dragon: I made them age ten years of their ages. Meaning Rio, Sky, and Matt are 15, Leo is 14 and Mary is 17.

Lync: I think I have a headache.

Maria, Shadow & Rio: (Kill Sonic, have Rio revive him, them kill him again)

Dragon: I remember something like that in another ToD fic. Hehehehehehehehehe. Next. Oh dear, I'm gonna have to order a new closet. Until then, use our deluxe size closet!

Fang: Why do you have to buy a new one when they could just use that?

Dragon: That's my personal closet where I practice my powers. Also, touch ANYTHING in there and you'll be dead.

Drago & Wayvern: (Enter the closet, where sounds best not describe on anything rated T are heard)

Hostesses, Co-hosts, & Co-hostesses: Next! Next! Next! Next!

Leaf: (Starts to laugh like a madwoman)

Fang: Everyone! Get down! (Makes everyone that isn't Sonic or Leaf go down on the floor) Get up and you'll get caught in the madness!

Sonic: Now Leaf, can't we just talk instead.

Leaf: (Picks up a cordless razor and begins to advance on Sonic) Oh no Sonic. The talk for talk is far gone. I feel that this (holds up now buzzing razor) can help us all!

Sonic: (Is pounced on by Leaf, who shaves of his fur and spines and pulls his tail until it looks like a rat's)

Dragon: Okay! (Returns Sonic to normal) Now, I'm gonna include myself in this, since I am a Sonic OC. In fact, every OC for Sonic has to fight!

Entire Sonic Cast including the OCs: (Cheer)

Kaey: Come on, I don't got all day.

Human Bakugan Cast: (Run out the door with Kaey following and the Warriors Cast following her)

Bakugan Cast & Sonic Cast: FIGHT!

///Three bloody hours later///

Dark Dragon: Well, the Sonic Cast won. (Returns to normal, poofs the Human Bakugan Cast and the Warriors Cast back and revives everyone killed in battle)

Amy: Sonic, do you love me?

Sonic: Of course Amy! Why wouldn't I? I mean, look at our daughter. I never though you could give something or someone as beautiful as her.

Dragon: Yuck. Call me when this crap romance is over. (Goes into her room)

Fang, Ash, Tree, Nyu, Fluffy, Zoie, & Leo: The next dare is for you Dragon.

Dragon: It is? (Rereads her dare) Oh freaking sweet! (Sets fire to the M.E. and jumps on top of it)

Gus: Did she just jump into fire?

Fang: Why, yes, she did. See, as a normal dragon from myth, Dragon is able to control fire and thus is unable to feel certain temputatures of fire. It's pretty low, by the way.

Knuckles: (Tries to put out fie, but is stopped by Dragon shoving a knife down his throat)

Dragon: Me and Shadow are fine with any toy Rio gets. So long as it's not nukes.

Rio: (Grabs a Glock 17) I've had my eye on this for a long time. (Shoots Eggman in the rear)

Eggman: (Dies)

Dragon: I'm gonna end this right now. (Sees Maria chasing and attempting to kill Sonic, Metal Sonic, Eggman, Chris Thorndike and Masquerade) Okay?

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