Buzz looked at Woody with wide eyes. It had been quite some time since the horrible crying had stopped, but Jessie still hadn't returned to Andy's room. Maybe there was a boy doll after all, and they just hadn't noticed before…

Woody glanced at Buzz and nodded once. "I'll come with you if you want," he offered.

"Good idea," Buzz replied, figuring it would be nice to have reinforcements, just in case.

Woody turned to Bo Peep. "Can you keep an eye on everyone for me while we go see what's keeping Jessie?"

"Of course," Bo said, raising her crook.

Woody smiled. "Thanks, Bo," he said with a quick kiss. He and Buzz quickly left the room and headed across the hall.

Once they were in front of the open door to Molly's room, Woody held out a hand to halt Buzz for a moment, and they both peered inside.

Jessie sat on the floor with her back against Molly's dresser. The baby doll was wrapped up in some doll blankets and her sobs had quieted to soft sniffles. Jessie was hunched over the child, cradling her in her arms and singing softly as the baby cooed with delight. The Itsy Bitsy Baby doll fit perfectly in Jessie's arms, as if it could have been her own baby…

Woody straightened up nervously. "She looks too comfortable," he whispered. "Maybe you should get out of here, Buzz. Before she sees you and gets any ideas." He turned to look at Buzz when he didn't respond.

Buzz was frozen in the doorway, watching the peaceful scene with a strange expression on his face.

"Buzz," Woody hissed. He had to kick him lightly in the shin a couple of times before he could get his friend's attention.

When Buzz finally turned to Woody he had a sort of dreamy look in his eyes and Woody could tell that he was already too far gone. "Let's get out of here," Woody whispered in one last desperate attempt to save his pal.

Buzz shook his head. "You go on ahead. I'll see if Jessie needs any help," He whispered back. With that, he walked through the doorway.

Woody rolled his eyes and groaned as he watched his friend cross over to the other side. Then he turned and made his way back to Andy's room before whatever spell Buzz was under could affect him too.

Buzz lightly walked over to where Jessie was sitting with her young companion. He sat down beside her and she smiled warmly when she saw him, raising a finger to her lips.

"She just fell asleep," Jessie whispered.

Buzz nodded. He could feel something stir inside him as he sat with the two girls, but he couldn't exactly place the feeling. After a few moments, Jessie rose and walked over to the tiny baby doll cradle. Buzz could not take his eyes off of her. He watched in awe as she expertly lowered the infant into the cradle and tucked her in gently, thinking how the scene was almost magical. "Goodnight, sweet girl," she whispered lovingly before turning to leave the room with Buzz.

"You're really good with her," Buzz murmured quietly when they got closer to the door.

Jessie looked at him through thick eyelashes and grinned widely.

"Can I walk you back to Andy's room?" He asked, and she nodded eagerly. He offered her his arm, and she slipped hers through his and held on tightly.

Buzz thought for a moment. "So… what do you want to do tonight?"

"Actually, I'm a little tired," Jessie admitted. "Taking care of a baby is a lot more work than I thought."

"Well, no one would ever know that just from watching you," Buzz said quietly. "You looked so… natural."

Jessie's cheeks grew a little warm.

"How about we just snuggle and watch a movie, then?" Buzz asked hopefully.

Jessie rewarded him with a big smile. "I'd really like that," she said, hugging his arm between both of hers and leaning her head against his shoulder.

When they reached Andy's room, Buzz placed a hand on her back and gently guided her in. All the other toys were chattering excitedly about how nice it was to finally have some peace and quiet, and nobody seemed to notice their return except for Woody, who looked at them sourly. Buzz grinned and waved at him as he led Jessie over to the bed. He popped in a dvd and settled back with Jessie in his arms.

She looked up at him with her round eyes, and Buzz could swear he saw a sparkle in them that wasn't there before. All was quiet and still now that the baby doll wasn't screaming. Jessie reached over for the fleece throw blanket that was rumpled at the foot of the bed. She wrapped Buzz up in it and settled into his embrace.

"You're really nurturing," Buzz commented, murmuring softly into her hair. "You're going to make a great mom someday."

"Do you really think so?" She asked.

"I know so," he said, his eyes never leaving hers, and she blushed slightly.

Buzz leaned over and kissed her, long and slow. When he pulled his face away a few moments later, Jessie rested her head against his chest and closed her eyes. Buzz gently stroked her braid, the image of Jessie with a baby still fresh in his mind. Minutes later, Jessie's breathing had evened out and he knew she was asleep. He tightened his embrace on her and she smiled softly in her sleep. "Goodnight, sweet girl," he whispered as he gently kissed her forehead.