A/N: This story is inspired by the question: What if Veronica from the end of season 3 were to wake up one morning as her fifteen year old self. It is the beginning of the school year her sophomore year. Therefore Lilly is alive. Veronica is still dating Duncan. Her mother is still living with her father and they were in their house in the 06er district. Veronica has until October 3 to right all the wrongs that happened that fateful year. What would she do?

Logan heads to his father's closet to get a belt. He briefly wonders which belt to pick this time. Logan tries to brace himself for what is going to happen. He comforts himself with the thought that at least his parents are leaving tonight for the set of his father's latest movie. They probably won't be back for at least a month. Just enough time for his back to heal and for him to get some quality fun time in before they return and he gets in trouble again.

As he walks towards his parent's suite he thinks about how defeated his mother looks. She is sinking deeper and deeper into her pills and booze. She's a shell of the woman he remembers from his younger days. Before he even came up the stairs to get the belt, his mother had already mixed herself another drink and had headed into the living room.

The doorbell rings and Logan hears the maid answer the door. Logan hears the lilting voice of the maid and then he hears a deeper voice in response. Logan stops at the door to his parent's suite to listen. He wonders who can be visiting at seven at night. Whoever it is must be on the guest list to get past the front gate. Logan listens carefully not recognizing the voice of the man. He has a quiet, deeper voice. Logan recognizes his father's actor voice so whoever is visiting is not a close friend.

After a short time he hears his father yell up the stairs, "Logan, come here please."

Happy for the temporary reprieve, Logan walks down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs he sees his father standing talking to Sheriff Mars and Veronica in the entrance.

Veronica's eyes rake over Logan's body and she sighs in relief when she notices that he is pale but walking fine. She and her father are in time.

Logan meanwhile is looking at Veronica in her black checked mini skirt and boots with the black t shirt that she wore to school today. Suddenly over a week ago she started dressing differently. No longer was she wearing the longer knee length skirts and button up blouses. She was now wearing short skirts, tight jeans and tight t-shirts. She cut her long, golden hair to shoulder length and had sassy bangs. Instead of looking sweet and innocent, she looks hot. Logan is not the only guy to think so either. A lot of the guys are talking about the changes in Veronica's appearance.

It is not just her looks that changed. Veronica has a more outgoing, kick ass attitude. She calls Lilly on her crap and she is doing what she wants with no apologies. The contrast between her petite, blond cheerleader looks and her smart mouthed, pushy personae is striking. Logan thinks he might like the new Veronica more than old Veronica but he knows better than to say anything to Lilly or Duncan.

Lilly was initially pissed but only because she didn't get to go shopping with Veronica and help her pick out her new look. It was obvious she totally approved of the new clothes and definitely liked Veronica's new attitude. Logan thought it was weird that Lilly was proud of Veronica even when she called her out on something she did or said.

Logan thinks about how Duncan doesn't like the new look or attitude. Logan doesn't get why. She's hotter now and so much more interesting. Duncan spends most of his time trying to reel in Lilly and now Veronica. Logan knows that trying to keep either girl from doing what she wants is a waste of time. It is better to just hold on for the ride.

Logan is brought back to the present by his father's voice, "Logan, Sheriff Mars says that your essay won a prize in the Neptune Creative Writing contest." Logan can tell his father is angry that he had to find out this information from the Sheriff.

Logan looks puzzled as he should because he didn't enter the contest or write an essay.

Just then, Veronica bounces up to Logan and steps in between him and his father. She grabs both his arms and looks up at him. Logan looks down at her in surprise as she says in her mock peppy voice, "Logan please don't be mad at me but I submitted your essay. It's just it was so good and I knew you wouldn't do it yourself." She rushes on before Logan can say anything, "Anyways I thought what would it matter? If you didn't win, I wouldn't have to tell you and if you did win, then well you couldn't really be mad at me, could you?" She finishes slightly breathless with an excited, cheerleader-type bounce in her step.

Logan is looking down at Veronica and he doesn't know what to think. There has been something different about Veronica the last little while. She has been looking at him with almost older eyes. He doesn't know how else to describe it. She squeezes his arms and brings his attention back to her. He slowly answers, "No I guess I can't be mad at you."

She smiles beautifully at him and claps. She gushes, "My poster won a prize too and my dad is taking me out for ice cream to celebrate and we thought you should come with us."

Logan is not the only one who has noticed a change in Veronica. Keith is looking at his daughter wondering what is going on with her. She had practically dragged him from the station over to the Echolls' mansion to get Logan. He knows they are friends but his daughter's need to be here as quick as possible was odd to say the least. He listens as Logan tells Veronica that his parents are leaving soon for LA and he needs to spend a little time with them before they go.

He sees Veronica stiffen and wonders why the fact Logan can't come with them for ice cream upsets her so much. He watches as she turns to Logan's father and says sweetly, "Oh Mr. Echolls, you don't mind if Logan comes out to celebrate with my dad and me do you?"

She pouts at the famous actor and adds, "It won't be a true celebration without Logan there." She tilts her head at him and says, "Please."

Keith watches in shock as his daughter verbally arm twists the famous actor into letting Logan come. When he agrees she smiles at Mr. Echolls and thanks him sweetly.
She grabs Logan's arm and says, "I'll go with you to your room and get your jacket."

She practically drags Logan up the stairs.

Keith looks at Aaron Echolls and says, "Veronica is quite excited about Logan winning."

Aaron looks up the stairs after the petite blond whirlwind and says, "I can tell." Aaron has not seen Veronica lately and she seems to have really changed.

They can hear Veronica telling Logan to hurry and get his coat because she didn't eat much for supper so she could have a big sundae.

They hear Logan tell her she could have eaten a huge supper and she would still have room for a huge sundae. Her laughter floats down the stairs and then she orders Logan to get a three scoop sundae too and she will help him eat his.

They hear Logan laugh at her as they come down the stairs. Veronica cheerily drags Logan to say goodbye to his mother and then back to the front entrance way to say goodbye to his father.

After they say goodbye to Aaron, she grabs his hand and drags him out of the house to her Dad's squad car leaving two puzzled men in her wake and one young man who is wondering what has gotten into his friend.

Logan asks her if she's sure she didn't already have the ice cream and if she didn't, is it really safe for her to have more sugar. They hear her go "Funny Logan. Get in."

Mr. Mars shakes his head and says good night to Mr. Echolls and heads out to the car to drive Veronica and Logan for ice cream.

Veronica visibly relaxes once they drive off and Logan looks at her wondering if she knew he was going to get beat. It sure seems like it but how could she have known? She smiles at him and talks to her dad about what kind of ice cream he is going to order. Logan looks at her and notices her short skirt has risen up showing quite a bit of her legs and he feels his body come to attention. It is not something he is used to feeling with Veronica and he wonders again why she has changed her appearance.

A few weeks ago she would blush at his jokes and now she just smiles at him when he teases her; even if it is totally inappropriate. Logan shakes his head in puzzlement. What is going on with Veronica Mars?

Logan thinks back to the morning when she arrived at school and found him by his locker. He and Lilly were broken up. Veronica usually hung around with Lilly and didn't spend much time with him when he and Lilly weren't dating.

She had practically ran up to him and when he turned to look at her, she gave him a huge hug. He had seen her the previous day at school but had not seen her after school. Logan couldn't think of anything that had happened that could account for the changes in her behavior but something did. He had tried to pull away from her hug but she had held on tight pressing her face into his chest.

Finally Logan had put his arms around her and held her until she seemed ready to let him go. She did not seem to be crying or upset. She seemed very happy to see him. When she didn't seem inclined to let go of him, he had finally pulled away from her hug and made some sarcastic comment about how it's about time she stopped resisting him. She had looked him over slowly from head to toe and then told him he looked good. There was a glint in her eye that left him unsettled. It was like her gaze at him was heated. If it hadn't have been Veronica he would have sworn they would end up meeting in the broom closet. Logan looked at her in shock.

Lilly had walked by then and Veronica had abruptly left Logan standing there and had rushed over to hug her friend. Lilly had been surprised at how excited Veronica was to see her and how she kept hugging her. Logan watched as Veronica practically strangled Lilly and didn't seem like she wanted to let her go. Fortunately for Lilly, Duncan had walked up the hall then and Veronica had hugged Lilly again and then run over to hug Duncan. He had happily hugged her back. She had pulled out of his arms after a huge hug and then had rushed off to her locker saying she forgot something. Logan had been shocked as it really looked like she was going to cry. They had all looked after her with equally puzzled expressions.

The rest of the day she was excited talking to everyone. Logan remembers all the strange looks she got as she made the rounds asking everyone questions about their lives. She had hugged Logan every time she saw him and had totally refused to let Lilly out of her sight. She had been excited to see Duncan but had not seemed to want to kiss or hold hands with him. Strangely she had insisted on everyone calling Beaver, Cassidy and she had made him sit beside her at lunch.

Logan had not seen her or talked to her until the next morning. He had been sitting in the back of Lilly's car next to DK waiting for Veronica to come outside. She had walked out of her house and they had all been shocked at the changes in her appearance. Lilly had jumped out of the car and went over to her.

Logan had been transfixed by the change in her. It wasn't her shorter hair. It wasn't the makeup and brighter nail polish. It wasn't her shorter skirt, tighter top and boots either. It was her attitude. She walked towards the car with confidence; like she knew her power as a woman and wasn't afraid to use it. She looked totally hot!

At school Dick predictably had made a sexual comment at her and she had not blushed. She had turned to him and asked him if that pickup line really worked. Dick had been a little shocked expecting Veronica to blush but had bragged that it did.

Veronica had tilted her head at Dick and then commented that Madison must be really easy causing Lilly who was walking behind Veronica enjoying the school's reaction to Veronica's new look, to laugh.

Even more weird was Duncan's negative reaction to the changes in Veronica. Logan is puzzled. What guy wouldn't be happy if his girlfriend was hot?

Logan is brought out of his thoughts by Veronica laughing with her dad. He looks at her sitting in the back seat of the squad car with him.

He leans in and whispers in her ear, "I don't remember writing an essay Ronnie."

Veronica turns and looks at him. She smirks and whispers back, "Really Logan, you might have to cut back on your drinking. It seems to be affecting your memory."

Surprised, Logan watches as she turns back to talk to her dad. It seems that is all she has to say on the subject.


Next chapter is from Veronica's point of view.