Story so Far: Veronica wakes up in her fifteen year old body with her memories intact. She makes two lists of things to accomplish before she is returned to her own time. One list contains personal things and the other has crimes that she is aware will happen in the near future. She works through the lists understanding that in this time period Logan loves Lilly and if she is successful at preventing Lilly's murder, she will never be able to be with Logan in the future.

The next morning Veronica with her father at work and her mother sleeping in late, made Mac some animal free pancakes. Mac watches Veronica's confidence in almost everything she does and is surprised. The Veronica Mars she watched in school the last few years is very quiet and subservient. This Veronica is confident and very self directed. Mac likes her and can see that for some reason their relationship is very important to Veronica. It was almost like to Veronica they had been friends for years and Veronica really trusted her. Mac puzzled about that as Veronica texted Logan and Casey telling them to get out of bed.

Mac's mother wanted her to come home so after breakfast Veronica drove Mac home parking around the corner and walking her to her house. When they were questioned Veronica stated that her mother had to deliver a letter and would be right back. Mac inwardly smiled at how easily Veronica could lie and how innocent she looked while absolutely bald-faced lying.

After leaving Mac's house, Veronica drove to Vinnie Van Low's office. He was surprised to see her there and was even more surprised when she asked him for a favor. She asked him to look up Mercer for her. She cutely told him if she asked her father, he would ask too many questions. When Vinnie asked her what was in it for him, she pulled a container of her cookies out of her bag and showed them to him. He tried one and then immediately agreed to take the cookies in trade. Veronica putting the container on the shelf behind his desk peeked at his PI password then went around to the front of the desk and sat down waiting patiently for him to tell her the information. He easily told her there was nothing interesting on Mercer. He was a senior in high school; had a judge for a father; very good grades; not even so much as a speeding ticket. Veronica had written down his address and the name of his school and had thanked Vinnie for his time. She left after saying a sweet goodbye to his mother and went out of his office to Casey's car.

She drove over to Casey's mansion to pick him up for surfing. Of course she woke him so while he was showering and getting ready Veronica borrowed his computer and brought up the PI website. She typed in Vinnie's password and spent a few minutes looking up information about Mercer, Moe, Tim and Woody. She looked carefully at the information needing to find something, anything that will help her prevent what happens in the future. Anything important she saved to her flash drive. Sighing she says, "I see a few road trips in my future."

When Casey comes down from his shower, Veronica is looking up references and information for the State Senate Bill she has to do her paper on. She saves most of the articles and information to her flash drive. Casey smiles as he looks over her shoulder and sees her working on her social studies assignment. Her hair is pulled into pig tails and the only make up she is wearing is lip gloss. She looks totally cute biting her lip as she looks at the information on the screen.

He was so grateful to Veronica for helping him relax last night. He had danced, partied and found a few girls to make out with. Veronica had made sure he got home safely and was back to take him to the beach this afternoon. She was becoming a good friend to him and he needed that. He had not realized how alone he was; how isolated from his friends he felt. He had not realized he was unhappy until he had someone caring for him. He thinks about how unusual Veronica Mars is; how she sees so much more than most of the girls he knows.

He thinks he could fall in love with her but he can also see she is not open to the idea. She is Duncan Kane's girlfriend and although they are just friends, she is really close to Logan Echolls. There is something there but Casey doesn't know what it is. There is an acceptance or openness between them. If Casey didn't know Veronica had dated Duncan for two years and Logan was involved in a volatile relationship with Lilly, he would swear Veronica and Logan belonged together.

Casey switches his thoughts to how much he liked Cindy Mackenzie. He talked to her at school and they both were happy with the arrangements for the major project. Casey would get some necessary free time and Mac would get to intern next summer. She reminded him of Veronica the way she negotiated for what she wanted. He had teased her that they needed an A and she had looked at him a little scornfully and then had realized he was teasing her. She smiled at him and Casey was struck by how pretty she was. He had never looked past her weird hair colors and clothes to see her.

Then Veronica brought her to Dick's party last night. Casey could see she felt uncomfortable and he didn't want her to be unhappy so he had danced with her. She had some good moves on the dance floor but even more than watching her move to the music he'd enjoyed their conversation. They'd talked about music, books, computers and colleges. He was impressed by how smart she was and how real she was. He could see why she and Veronica were friends. They were both easy to underestimate and both a little scary.

When Veronica sees Casey she immediately shuts down his computer and puts the flash drive into her bag. She goes over and helps Casey load his things into his truck.

After loading up, Casey drives Veronica over to Logan's house to pick him up for surfing. Logan is ready but looks a little rough. He loads his and the equipment he is loaning Veronica into Casey's truck and then puts his blanket, chair and cooler in the back as well. Veronica happily listens to Casey and Logan talk about the surf conditions that day and who all is going to be there. It turns out Veronica is going to be the only girl as the rest of the 09er girls are going shopping and Lilly is busy but hasn't said what she plans to do.

Logan has a wetsuit that he thinks will fit Veronica. It is a half suit so he doesn't have to worry about it fitting her short legs. He hands it to her and reaches in to pull his own suit out. When he turns back she is pulling the suit on over an orange bikini. Although it is a relatively modest suit, it definitely shows off her tiny waist and hips and her flat abdomen. Logan's mouth goes dry and he mentally forces himself to look away and put on his suit. He is continually surprised by how comfortable Veronica is with her body and how she dresses so much sexier lately. He has never seen her in a two piece suit and he has to say he likes what he sees.

After he puts on his suit, he looks over and sees Veronica bending over putting sunscreen on her legs and then standing up to put it on her arms and face.
She has her shoulder length blond hair pulled back into really cute pigtails that bounce when she talks or moves her head.

Casey teases Veronica about being a surfer chick and she smiles happily at him. She says, 'I'm stoked about learning to surf but I am a little worried that I'll never be able to stand up on the board."

Logan listening smiles as she sounds excited and full of life. He says, "You have no worries. I'm your teacher."

Pouting a little she threatens, "If you can't do it, I will get Brody to teach me."

Looking offended, Logan comments, "That tool! I can surf circles around him."

Laughing at his attitude Veronica picks up her ice chest, chair and blanket. She walks ahead of Logan towards the area the other 09ers have set up. Her voice floats back, "Big words. Let's see if you can back them up."

Casey smiles at her teasing and notices that Logan is watching her walk away. The surf suit is tight on her and her hips are swaying gently as she walks. Logan shakes himself out of his Veronica funk and picks up the two boards, his ice chest and his chair.

He shakes his head at Casey's teasing about him looking at Veronica's tight ass and gently shoulders him as they walk towards where Veronica is setting up her blanket and chair.

They greet the others and then set up their blankets, chairs and ice chests.

Ready Veronica bounces a little in excitement and claps her hands saying, "Teach me Moon doggy."

The guys laugh at Logan's grimace as he picks up her board and says, "Follow me Gigit."

Logan has to laugh as she demonstrates her Beach Blanket Bingo dance for him the whole way down to the water's edge. The guys watch in amazement at her openness.

Watching her wiggle her hips and move her arms, Logan has to admit she looks totally hot dancing for him.

He shakes his head and advises, "Save your energy, you're going to need it."

"Ooooohhhhhh," she immediately drawls, "Promise?"

He looks in surprise at her and then laughs at her attempt to shock him. Putting down the board onto the soft sand, he demonstrates how to get up on the board and watches as she practices for him.

She's athletic and has good balance. Logan's pleased with her beginning mastery of the basic skills and takes her out in the water so she can try the skills in the water.

Although she takes a few falls, she does fairly well for the first time.

Logan sitting on his board watches her ride a wave in and smiles at her excitement when she gets up and rides a wave part way. She looks adorable wet with her blond hair pulled back in pig tails and her tight wetsuit. She has on almost no makeup and yet she is beautiful. She paddles back out and her smile gets ever bigger as Logan claps for her first ride.

Excited she throws her arms around Logan in an exuberant hug. He easily catches her and listens as she bubbles, "I stood up Logan."

She looks up at him and adds, "You really are the best teacher."

He looks down at her and his face gentles. She really is one of a kind. She's so incredibly sweet and then sometimes she can be very sour. He thinks about how she has been upsetting Dick and Madison.

He pushes her bangs from her forehead and gives her forehead a soft kiss. He says, "I am very glad you like to surf. It' s something we can do together."

Veronica smiles and says, "Well we are going to be friends forever so it would be great if we had more in common than the Kanes."

Touched that she is talking about being lifelong friends, he says, "Well since your boyfriend is my best friend, you will see me often."

Her face immediately saddens and she quietly asks, "Will I be your friend even if I'm not dating Duncan?"

Surprised at her question and tone, he reassures her, "Definitely Ronnie. We are friends no matter what."

To his relief, his words make her happy and she gives him another hug. She then says, "I'm going to try this standing up thing again. You've babysat me enough. Go ahead and surf now Logan."

After another round of trying to stand on her board with varying degrees of success, she waves at the guys indicating she is going in to rest. She carries the board up the beach and places it beside her chair. Pulling out her camera she takes some pictures of all the guys surfing and of course some of Logan.

Pulling a bottle of water out of her ice chest she opens it and takes a big drink. It is cool while you are surfing but very hot on the beach. Absently she watches the guys surfing whiles she thinks about her morning. She got a lot of good information from using the PI web site and tonight she will spend some time organizing all the information she found.

Undoing her wet suit and pulling it off her shoulders until it hangs loosely around her waist, she sits in her chair to rest. She had never actually taken the time to learn to surf before allowing it to be Logan's hobby and she just watched him or waited for him to be done. She knows he tried to include her and she always thought he would be an excellent teacher. She was right; he was patient and encouraging when she struggled to keep her balance on the board. He enjoyed her success and his time with her.

Putting her sunglasses on Veronica leans back and relaxes in the warm sun. She's physically tired from her surfing lesson and the fact she didn't sleep well last night. Part of her hopes that her time here will be over once October 3 passes and Lilly doesn't die. She doesn't belong in this time period. It is too hard to watch Logan with other girls and soon he will be back with Lilly and she will have to see them together and then hear about it from her best friend.

She sighs and thinks about how great it felt to have him touch her. During her lesson, he had steadied her on the board; his warm hands holding her waist or hips. Then from time to time he had touched her to change her position showing her the proper way to stand on the board.

He probably didn't understand how hard it was for her to concentrate on the lesson when he was so close to her. A few times she was almost in his arms. She could feel the heat from his body and smell the wonderful, unique essence of Logan; part of it was his cologne and parts just him. She wanted to turn and wrap her arms around him but she knew she couldn't.

Logan surfing with his friends sees Veronica resting on shore. It's weird but he feels happy just being with her and he feels a smile bubble up from deep inside him when he sees her. He is a little surprised at how it felt to touch her petite but toned body. He had not anticipated how his body would react to touching hers. She is so tiny and she fits perfectly in his arms. He understood that she was really pretty but he thought of her like a sister or a friend. He didn't think of her as a hot girl that he wouldn't mind well… touching more.

This new Veronica is so much more relaxed, fun and so sexy. Logan can see that the 09er guys find her attractive and sees that Casey would be interested in her if she wasn't dating Duncan. From what he hears Brody is interested in her as well.

Hell he can't really blame them but he doesn't like that the look at her and talk about her. She's Veronica. She's off limits.

In reality Logan can't understand Duncan's negative feelings about the new Veronica. If his girlfriend decided to dress hotter and have more fun, Logan would be very, very happy about it. He would be jealous of all the guys looking at her but he would really enjoy her new found confidence.

Logan can't believe that Duncan did not come out surfing this morning. He is going to work with his father when he could have been out here teaching Veronica to surf and spending time with her. Since they got into high school, Jake Kane has really started preparing Duncan for college. He doesn't make Lilly do any extra curricular activities but he has sure piled the resume packing items onto Duncan.

Oddly Veronica does not seem upset that she hardly sees Duncan. If Logan didn't know she loved him, he would think she was relieved not to see him. Logan gets a feeling in his gut that their two year, totally sweet and loving relationship is in trouble. He thinks about how she was upset and questioned whether they would be friends if she and Duncan weren't dating. He had attempted to let her know that he would always be her friend and she had relaxed accepting his promise. He knows she wouldn't ask him about it or be concerned about it if she was happy with Duncan. She seemed afraid that Logan would side with Duncan if they broke up.

He wonders what he can do to help them. They are both his friends. He should do something to get them back into their loving mode; but what?

Maybe Lilly can help him come up with a plan to help them get back with each other. Lilly's good at planning.

Logan turns his attention back to the surf. This afternoon he will buy Casey and Veronica supper before he goes out on his date.

Logan is happier during this breakup with Lilly. Although he knows she has someone else they have stopped trying to hurt each other and they are actually getting along better. Also he has become closer to Veronica. She is a lot more fun and she is a good friend to him. All in all, it has been good. Tonight he has a date with a very hot girl he met out shopping with the guys. She had become interested in him when she found out he was Aaron Echolls' son but Logan doesn't care. She was hot and would put out. Best of all he could tell that soon he would be back with Lilly. In the meantime today he would surf.

Coming out of the water to get a drink and rest for a few minutes the 09er guys are a little surprised to see Veronica asleep with her wet suit undone. They haven't seen her in a bikini before and most of them like what they see. She has such a tiny waist and hips and the halter top of the suit maximizes what she does have up top.

Logan is not happy at his buddies' interest in Veronica. He drops ice on her from his ice chest and she wakes up and almost jumps out of her chair. When she sees it was Logan, her eyes narrow and she gets out of her chair and reaches into her ice bucket. Logan seeing her intention laughs at her and ducks behind John who gets hit in the chest with ice water. Logan steps out from behind John laughing and gets hit directly with her next toss. The guys all laugh and Veronica looks pleased that she got Logan back. He immediately stalks over to her and she runs around the other side of the chairs to avoid him. Her years of playing soccer have made her quick and able to change direction quickly. Logan has trouble getting close enough to grab her. Finally he leaps over a couple of chairs and gets a hand on her ankle tripping her up. She gets her balance before she falls but Logan lands hard in the sand. Laughing hard Veronica dumps the rest of her ice water on him and runs down the beach.

She's a fast runner and almost makes it to the beach store when she is lifted off the sand and into Logan's arms. He easily tosses her over his shoulder and carries her to the water wading in and then tossing her into the deeper water.

The guys settle into their chairs laughing at Logan's payback but impressed at her speed and ability to avoid getting caught. She managed to dump a bottle of cold water on Logan when he failed to trip her up.

Logan comes back covered in sand from his fall and breathing a little heavier. He says, "No wonder she scores so many goals in soccer."

The guys all laugh and start to tease Veronica who arrives shortly after Logan. She goes back and sits on her chair laughing easily at their teasing.

Veronica wakes up and stretches. She looks around and sees she is still in her old room at the house in the 06er district. Part of her wishes she would wake up back in her time and the other part is grateful that she still has time now to right a lot of wrongs. It had been hard listening to Logan excited about his date last night during supper. Fortunately Casey was more excited about the new car he ordered and got Logan into a discussion on what car he was going to get for his sixteenth birthday.

In her head she knows he dated a lot before he started dating her but her heart is not ready to hear about other girls. She doesn't understand how Lilly can be so content for Logan to date other girls.

Veronica had spent the evening in her room on her PI website getting information she needed about Woody, Mr. Rooks, the IT guy, Tim Foyle, Mercer and Moe. Veronica after her research decided that she needed to get Mac to make sure that Moe was not accepted into Hearst College. Since Mercer's father is a judge, it would be hard to stop him from being admitted. The fact he didn't go to a more prominent college is quite telling. Veronica thinks that his father wanted to get him away from LA. Still if she can get Moe accepted to another college then he won't be near Mercer and may have an ordinary life.

She looked deeper into Mercer's life and found a couple of girls that accused Mercer of assaulting them but they either recanted or moved. One of them still lives in LA but transferred schools and another moved to San Diego. Veronica needs to go and talk to them. If Mercer did rape them she has to figure out a way to stop him.

The IT guy should be pretty easy to stop. She just needs to take some pictures of him being inappropriate with a female student and then get him fired.

Mr. Rooks had been a disappointment to look up. He was such a sleazebag! He had slept with students all along. He had just gotten away with it until she had stopped him. She needed to watch him and see which student he was sleeping with and get pictures.

Tim Foyle will be harder to stop. There is something really wrong with him that he would believe he is smart enough to commit the perfect crime and have no qualms about actually killing the dean. She could have Mac lower his grades and maybe he wouldn't be selected as Professor Landry's assistant. On the other hand Tim might follow up his lower grades; he is a criminology student. No it had to be a really, really sutle. Something that would get Professor Landry to choose someone else besides Tim. Veronica thinks for a few minutes and then smiles; she has just the thing.

Woody is a whole other problem. She needed someone really good to investigate him. Her father is the best but how would she explain what she knew? She needs to talk to Cliff. He will know of a good investigator and what information needs to be gathered.

Veronica pulls out her cell phone and dials. When it is picked up she says, "Uncle Jack? It's your favorite god daughter Veronica."

She listens and smiles. "I know I am your only god daughter. Do you have time to talk privately to me?" She listens as he tells her he is alone.

Pausing she adds, "I need a huge favor and I need for you to agree for this to be between us for right now." Her godfather is rightly concerned that she is keeping something important from her parents.

"I don't want Dad to know right now. Before I use the information you get, I will definitely tell him," she finishes with, "I promise."

There is a long pause while she listens. She finally says, "Uncle Jack. This situation is very delicate and very very important to me. If Dad knew he would get involved and the person who you will be investigating would ruin Dad if he knew."

Finally she interrupts and firmly tells her god father, "Uncle Jack I know you think of me as a little girl who is sweet and innocent and doesn't know anything about the world. I am not that girl anymore."

Sighing she says, "I trust you. The situation I am going to ask you to look into involves a prominent powerful rich man who I think is a monster."

Veronica after receiving his promise he will be very careful in his investigation and he will keep it a secret until she is ready to use the information, tells her beloved god father about Logan, his mother and Aaron Echolls. She explains how if it comes out now her friend Logan will deny it and it will get worse for him. She talks about how if her father were to go against him Aaron Echolls would turn the public against her father and he would lose his job. She talks about how the information may never be used or it may be used in an emancipation trial or a divorce settlement. Finally she tells him that Logan is one of her best friends and he doesn't even know she knows.

Her Uncle Jack is horrified at the situation this Logan has to endure and proud of his god daughter. He is not surprised that she was able to pick up her friend is being abused physically. Jack Barker has been a police officer in Seattle for many years. He retired last year. He has known Keith Mars for almost his whole life and knows he is a good man and good cop who will do what is right for Logan. Jack also knows that being a sheriff is an elected position and he knows that Veronica is right and an actor as popular as Aaron Echolls could easily cause Keith to lose his job. Jack also knows that there are probably a lot of people who know about Logan's abuse but were coerced into keeping quiet or agreed to keep quiet for money.

He comes back to Veronica's voice telling him she will involve her father if she needs to or Logan needs him but right now she just wants someone she can trust to gather the information for her. Finally she engagingly says, "I will send you my snickerdoodles every two weeks."

Jack laughs and negotiates, "Two dozen a week Veronica. This is going to take a lot of time and I will have to be very very careful who I talk to."

Touched that he is going to help her she says, "I love you Uncle Jack. I am going to email you dates and times that I remember him being sore or in the hospital and I'll send the first package today."

She talks to him a few minutes about trying out for soccer, her boyfriend Duncan, school and learning to surf. She asks him about what he is doing and then tells him that he should visit. She says, "You're retired now and we would love to see you. We have the room."

Jack tells her he will think about it and then tells her he will start working on her project today. She reminds him that it is between them and then says, "I will start baking now."

After she hangs up from her god father Veronica decides to shower and bake. Logan is going to pick her up to do their journalism assignment at eleven and then she will mail her uncle's parcel and get ready for her date with Duncan tonight.

Logan is in a good mood from his date last night. He was going surfing again this afternoon after doing this journalism article with Veornica. He hops in the car and has the driver pick Veronica up a little after eleven. She wanders out with her bag and gets in the back. She hands the driver a small container of cookies and he smiles happily at her.

Logan smiles at her when she gets in and she sits across from him and asks him if he has decided what he is going to write the article on. He sighs at her 'all business' attitude and tells her he will interview the students from Neptune about the run and put some quotes from them in. He adds a duh for good measure.

Rolling her eyes at his attitude, she reaches in her bag and pulls out some papers on the organization sponsoring the race and the charity the run is benefiting. Leaning over she hands them to Logan and then sits back telling Logan that so far two of the Neptune High students have finished and they are waiting near the finish line for the other two to cross.

He looks at her quizzically and she tells him she got their telephone number from the office so she could call them and see how they were doing.

Logan nods at her and starts to read the papers she gave him. Veronica looks over her camera while Logan reads. He can see something is bothering her and he looks at her a few times as they drive towards the beach where the race ends.

When they arrive at the race, Logan tells the driver he will call him when they are done. He follows Veronica out of the car and watches as she purposefully strides over to where exhausted competitors of all ages are completing the run. She brings out her camera and starts getting in position to take some pictures.

Logan sees her standing and talking to some students he assumes must be from Neptune as they are wearing t shirts in Neptune High green and black.

After a few minutes she takes a picture of the last of the team to cross the finish line. She gets them all together and takes their picture and then poses them under the banner of the charity and takes more pictures. They are relaxed and happy that the run is over. Veronica waves Logan over and he walks over to talk to them. Veronica introduces them and Logan asks them why they entered and how they did. They excitedly tell him how much money they raised and what a good cause it is. They are all a little surprised to see that Logan is the reporter and Veronica the photographer. They are happy when Logan tells them this article and pictures may appear in the school paper. Veronica wanders off leaving Logan to finish his interview and a few minutes later as he is finishing she brings over one of the organizers of the charity run and introduces her to Logan. She immediately recognizes Logan's name and is happy to be interviewed by him. Logan dutifully asks her about her involvement in the charity and what the monies raised will be used for.

Veronica takes pictures for a few more minutes and then comes over to rescue Logan. She tells the woman she has to drag Logan away and they both go over to the tent to listen to the entertainment.

Logan sitting beside Veronica enjoys the band and sees her relax. He leans in and says, "Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

She looks over and shakes her head negatively and says, "No, why?"

Meeting her gaze he says, "I can tell something is on your mind."

"There is," she admits but adds, "It's really nothing you can help me with."

He sees she is a little upset and says, "Is it about your mother?"

She shakes her head and continues to look ahead.

"Your father?" he guesses.

Veronica sees his concern and gently sighs. She leans her head on his shoulder and says, "Let it be for today please Logan."

He wraps an arm around her shoulder and returns to watching the band. He wishes she would tell him what is bothering her but decides to just be there for her and trust she'll tell him when she is ready.

Veronica as the time for her date with Duncan gets nearer finds her anxiety is increasing. She knows she has to break it off with him but she really cares about him and doesn't want to hurt him. She really can't be affectionate with him when she doesn't feel that way about him. She can't even pretend to be physically attracted to him.

She remembers how much she loved Duncan at this time in her life and perhaps if Celeste hadn't interfered they would have stayed together. She doesn't know what she is supposed to do. Her fifteen year old self really loved Duncan but her twenty year old self now doesn't think about him that way at all. Whatever she decides to do now will affect the future that's for sure but she doesn't know what she should be doing.

Importantly she doesn't know how their breakup will affect Lilly and Logan. The Fab 4 relationships are very special and mean a lot to all of them. She is putting their group at risk. She really hopes the whole thing doesn't blow up in her face.

She sighs as she thinks about how she has to talk to Duncan in a few hours. Logan hearing the sigh just hugs her closer.

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