Team Tiva

Drabble Tag to "Jet Lag"...who didn't love the "Team Edward" line?

"I still refuse to see the vampire movie with you, Tony, no matter how sexy you tell me the Cullards are."

"Cull-ens," he corrected, "Cull-ens, Ziva."

"You have Abby to be excited with. Call her to talk about your Midsummer Night."

"Midnight Sun, Ziva." He sighed, and set his laptop on the coffee table. "And why are you wearing my shirt, if you hate it so much?"

She gave her most winning smile and shifted on his wide leather sofa. His Ohio State throw tucked around her legs and his black Team Edward shirt, a birthday gift from Abby, peeking over the top.

"You were the one who did not want to stop at my apartment after we returned from NCIS. I only packed a few things for Paris."

She went back to reading the magazine she had picked up at the airport, ignoring his probing stare.

"We should have a name."

"That was a random thought, Tony. You have a name, as do I."

"I'm thinking Tiva."


"Well, Zony sounds so...phony..."

She let out a breathy chuckle.

"So if we are Team Tiva, then who would be opposite us? Like your Team Jacob that you dislike so much."

He scrunched his face into, what she proposed, was the most adorable thinking face ever. Though she would certainly keep that secret close to her heart.

"I would think Team Gabby, except that might get us killed."

"I do not believe we are against Abby and Gibbs, is it not their breaking of Rule 12 that keeps ours...shall we say legal?"

"Team McGoo?"

She gave an all-too-girlish giggle and adjusted her position as he leaned over on top of her. His arms braced against the back and side of the sofa, he gently lowered himself to place a kiss on her lips.

"I think I love you, Zee-vah."

"You said that in Paris, my little hairy butt."

He raised his head where he could look her square in the eyes, and she felt a twinge of anticipation.

After a slight pause, he spoke again.

"I don't think falling in love with you was an Eiffel Tower thing, Ziva. I'm pretty sure it followed me home and is here to stay."

A few hours later, as she lay curled up next to him, her arm draped across his chest and her snoring keeping his own eyes wide open, he thought to himself that maybe, just maybe, she felt the same way too.