Hello and welcome to my second story: A Love Not Too Soon To Be Forgotten!

This is a AU, so let me explain:

1. There is no such things as 'Champions' The best trainers in the region are the elite four and of you manage to beat one you'll get his or hers position, got it?

2. Ash has never met Dawn or May. He has never been in Hoenn, just in Kanto and Johto.

3. Dawn lives, and has always lived, in Hoenn in this story, she and May are best friends. (I will introduce them in the later chapters.)

4. I will put some other small things into this story that didn't happen in the anime, but not too big!

The chapters and story will be much shorter than "The Return Of The Forgotten', most of it because this story aims more on Romance and Drama instead of action and adventure (but it will be some in it too!)

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The 13 year old boy coughed because of the dust that surrounded the battlefield. Both him and his pokemon were really tired, but this was the battle they had trained for for three years! They couldn't give up this easily!

The dust sunk back to the ground, making it possible to watch out the battlefield. The boy's heart sunk in his stomach as he saw his great red dragon lie on the ground.

"Charizard is unable to battle! Dragonite is the winner!" Yelled a man in an orange sweater and black shorts as he lowered his flag. "Red corner! Send out your next pokemon!"

The boy looked at his yellow rodent, his last pokemon.


The rodent looked at the raven haired boy.

"We started this together..."

"Pikaaa..." Pikachu agreed.

"Let's finish this together!"

"Pikachuuu!!" The little pokemon cheered as he jumped out on the battlefield and started to glare at his opponent.

"Begin the battle!" The referee shouted.

"Do you think he can win this?" The redheaded gym leader asked her friend.

"I'm not sure..." The spiky-haired man with eyes as lines responded her. "Both he and his pokemon have trained hard for this moment..."

"But he's facing the best trainer in Kanto right now!" The redhead screeched as she saw the little rodent launch a Thunderbolt towards the dragon. "He can't think that he will manage to take his position! Lance is too strong!!"

"We got to trust our friend Misty..." The breeder told her calmly as he saw a Flamethrower hit the rodent. "We got to trust him..."

"Pikachu! Let's wrap this up with Thunder!!" The raven-haired boy yelled.

"Block it with Thunder Wave!" Lance ordered his last pokemon. Dragonite had taken down Charizard with ease, but the red dragon still got some critical hits placed on his pokemon.

The two attacks collided with each other, making another blast into the air.

"Ash!" Lance yelled. "You doesn't need to continue! You're the youngest trainer that even managed to battle the Kanto Elite Four, nobody expects you to win this!"

Ash looked straight into the dragon master's eyes.

"Me and my pokemon expects us to win this!" He was dead-serious. "Quick Attack!"

"Hyper Beam!" Lance called out irritated. Why couldn't just the boy face the fact that he was beaten!?

The little rodent ran towards the charging Dragonite. Dragonite unleashed a great orange beam, heading straight towards the little rodent.

"Use Agility to dodge it!" Ash ordered.

Pikachu disappeared in a yellow blur as the Hyper Beam passed him and hit the wall at Ash's side with a great explosion.

"Use Volt Tackle while he's recharging!" Ash smirked.

Pikachu started to run faster as a yellow aura surrounded him. He was just a few meters away from the panting dragon.

"PIKAAAA!" Pikachu screamed in both pain and power as he made impact.

Dragonite roared in anger and damage as he backed away, the electricity surrounded him.

"Hit him with Dragon Claw!"

"Counter it with Iron Tail!"

Dragonite's claw began to glow bright white as he slashed it towards the rodent's direction. Pikachu's tail also glowed white as the two attacks collided and tried to push the other back.

"Break the attack and use Thunderbolt!" Ash ordered.

"Don't let it get away Dragonite!" Lance told his pokemon. "Use Dragon Claw again!"

Dragonite charged towards the rodent with the same claw glowing white again. Pikachu saw that and jumped away a little more before he charged up and released an incredible powerful bolt of thunder towards the dragon, the attack hit him head on.

"Dragonite!" Lance yelled with slightly fear in his voice.

"Wrap this up with another Volt Tackle!" Ash gritted his teeth, praying that it would work.

"Giga Impact Dragonite!"

Once again Pikachu started to be surrendered by a yellow aura as he charged towards the giant dragon.

Dragonite spread its wings and headed straight towards the rodent, lowering its head and increased his speed.

The two attacks collided with a big explosion, blowing up dust again all over the place. The two trainers shielded their eyes, the referee shielded his eyes, Misty and Brock shielded their eyes as the dust surrounded the entire room. Inside it you could hear cries of pain and anger, but you couldn't tell which one belonged to who.

"How do you think that it will go?" The fighting master asked his fellow elites.

"I have no idea Bruno." The old woman answered him. "What do you think Brandon?"

The brown-haired, former Pyramid King, looked at the old woman.

"I think that whoever who wins this match has deserved it..." Brandon answered her. "But are you not worried Agatha? If Ash wins does it mean that you can't be in the Kanto Elite Four anymore."

Agatha looked at him with a smile.

"I'm old Brandon... I'm very old." She told him. "I want Ash to win, not only because he deserves it, it's also because that I want to retire."

"But why didn't you told him to take your post right after he beat you?" Bruno asked as Brandon tried to see through the smoke.

"Oh, I tried to do that! I really did!" Agatha responded with a sad smile. "But he wouldn't settle down with that, he wanted to challenge the best!"

The three elites shook their heads as they continued to try to see through the dust.

"Come on Pikachu..." Ash mumbled under his breath. "I know that you can make it!"

"You're strong Dragonite, nobody can defeat you!" Lance also muttered under his breath.

The dust slowly lowered itself and the two trainers immediately straightened up.

They could see something small yellow, then they could see a big mass of orange.

Ash was awestruck. In the middle of the field stood Pikachu.... on top of Dragonite!

"Dragonite is unable to battle!" The referee shouted. "Lance Wataru is out of pokemon! The challenger Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town wins the match!"

Ash got down on his knees as the rodent ran towards him. He couldn't believe it. He.... Ash Ketchum, the 13 year old boy, had defeated all of the Kanto Elite Four and earned a place as one of them! Ash laughed as he hugged the little rodent, Pikachu squealed delighted, they had both trained so hard for this moment.

Ash looked up and saw Lance extending his hand towards him. Ash took it and got up from the ground with the little rodent in his arms.

"Congratulations, Ash Ketchum of Pallet." Lance smiled at him with a sad smile. "I never thought you would do it, but you proved me wrong alright!"

"Thanks Lance..." Ash started before he was tackled to the ground by his two friends.

"You did it Ash!" Misty shouted as she hugged him half to death together with Brock. "I knew you could do it!"

"Do you realize how many babes I will be able to get!?!?" Brock roared in happiness as he squeezed the breath out of the poor trainer. "I can't wait to tell the girls that I knew the head of the Kanto Elite Four!!"

"About that..." Lance said as he, and the rest of the Elite Four, tried to removed the gym leader and breeder from the raven haired trainer.

They finally managed to get Misty and Brock to their seats as Agatha, Bruno and Brandon lined up before Ash with Lance in front of them.

"Ash Ketchum..." Lance began with a loud voice. "You have managed to win the Indigo League and defeat all of the Kanto Elite Four!"

Ash and Pikachu straightened on themselves proudly.

"Do you accept my post as the leader of The Kanto Elite Four?"

Ash and Pikachu looked at each other for a moment, then they looked up and smiled.

"We do!"

"Very well..." Lance said with a little sad smile. "I give you the badge of Kanto!"

Lance unattached a green badge with a red K on it and handed it to Ash. The badge was made by platinum and the K was made of rubies.

"Now it's my turn..." Brandon slowly said as he walked up towards Lance.

"Lance Wataru, do you accept my place as the second in the Kanto Elite Four?"

"I do!" Lance declared with his loud voice.

"And do you, Brandon Jindai, take my place as the third in the Kanto Elite Four?" Bruno asked the former Pyramid King.


Bruno nodded and felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see Agatha.

"Do you, Bruno Siba, take my place as the forth of the Kanto Elite Four?"

"It would be my honor Agatha." Bruno told her with a smile.

Agatha handed Bruno her badge and walked towards the exit, Ash couldn't help but feel sad for the old woman. Strangely enough, Agatha noticed that and turned around.

"Don't worry lad." She said to Ash. "I wanted to quit, it's time for me to retire from battling!"

With those words she continued to walk out through the door.

There was a silence in the room, for a few seconds....

"Alright! I got the Leader of the Kanto Elite Four badge!!" Ash yelled as he did his traditional pose.

"Pi PikaPi!" The rodent did the peace-sign with his pawn on his master's shoulder.

Ash and Pikachu heard the others groan in the room. He turned at them with an annoyed look.

"I can't believe that the Kanto Elite Four is going to be lead by a little kid!" Bruno cried out.

"Hey! I may be a kid, but I'm still mature!" Ash told him with a slightly hurt voice.

"Really?" Lance asked with a smirk.

"Yeah! I mean, I stopped Lawrence III from taking the Guardian Of The Sea and..."

"....Other things like a little kid could do..." Misty finished with a smirk.

"Hey! Who's side are you on?"

"She's right Ash." Lance told him. "You're still a kid."

"So what if I am?"

"We can't let a little child represent the Kanto Elite Four!" Brandon exclaimed with his arms crossed.

"I defeated all of you!" Ash cried out desperately.

"Being the leader of the Elite Four isn't all just about battling!" Lance tried to talk to Ash with a calm voice. "You have responsibilities to live up to."

"Yeah, like use your position to get girls..." Bruno whispered to a snickering Brandon.

Lance threw them a death-glare. "It was years ago! Get over it!"

He then turned to Ash again.

"Don't listen to them, I will help you to train your intellect."

"What's wrong with my intellect?" Ash asked confused.

"You didn't finish school, did you?"

Ash looked down to the ground in shame.

"And Brandon will help to train your seriousness!" Lance made a gesture towards Brandon.

"If this is about the badge pose I swear that I..." Ash tried to explain.

"Not just about that, he will train you to not lose your temper and seriousness and other things." Lance told the young trainer.

"Are we done now?" Ash asked groaning, this wasn't exactly what he had expected after he had defeated the elite four.

"Not yet!" Bruno walked towards him. "We need to do something about your body mass!"

"What's wrong with my body?" Ash asked trembling as he started to back away from the fighting master.

Bruno laughed and made a gesture towards Ash's arms.

"Do you think you'll get any respect with those Torchic wings?!?" He laughed and made a gesture towards Ash's weak arms. "You also needs to learn self-defense and to fight!"

"I defeated you didn't I?" Ash tried to get away.

"I'm not talking about pokemon..." Bruno said seriously. "I'm talking about man-to-man close-combat!"

Ash gulped and looked at Brock and Misty for assistance. But to his fear he saw them smirk at him.

"And I will teach you about ladies!" Brock shouted as he placed himself at Ash's right side. "You seriously needs to practice that man..."

"You can't let him do that! Can you?" Misty asked angrily as she took Brock's ear.

Bruno, Lance and Brandon looked at each other for a moment.

"Actually Misty." Bruno began. "That isn't a half bad idea."

Misty got so taken back that she let go of Brock's ear. Brock quickly made his way towards Bruno and got down on his knees.

"Thank you Master Bruno! Thank you!" Brock shouted as he hugged the fighting master's feet. "I won't disappoint you! I will teach everything I know about women to Ash!"

"Actually," Lance began. "It's Master Ash for you..."

Misty's and Brock's eyes grew huge as they looked at the smirking Ash and Pikachu.

"Finally it begins to look like something" Ash thought with another big smirk.

End of Chapter 1

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