Hannah sighed as she plopped down onto the couch. Today had been a stressful day what with the many catering trips for the holidays, the almost constant calling from her mother about the Christmas party at Granny's Attic, and her fight with her sometimes boyfriend, Mike.. He was having dinner at the mall with the owner of the new cooking supply store, known as "Bon App├ętit", tonight. She still felt like she was going to explode just thinking about their conversation.

"Isn't Sasha the sweetest person ever? She's new to this town but she still tries her best to be outgoing. She could really use a friend right now, don't you think so Hannah?" Mike turned to Hannah, who was staring into her mug of coffee.

"Oh yeah. I'd bet she would just love it if you came and took her to dinner. I mean, it's not like she hasn't been asked by, oh, every single man!" Hannah didn't care if her words sounded harsh. She was tired from all of her catering trips and wasn't in the mood to be feeling bad for a woman that was trying to steal her boyfriend.

"That's a great idea, Hannah!" Mike exclaimed happily, "If I take her to dinner maybe she'll feel a little less lonely. I'll go ask her if she is free tonight. I'll make sure to say hi to Sasha for you." Mike started to get up from his stool at the counter but stopped when he noticed the shocked look on Hannah's face. "Is something wrong Hannah?" he sounded concerned.

Hannah shot up from her seat, "Yes, something's wrong! I thought you and I were going to go to the steakhouse tonight." Hannah felt angry tears swell up in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. There was no way she'd let Mike know that she was jealous.

"Oh yeah. I'm sure you understand though Hannah. Sasha's been really lonely and I think she could use some companionship. Tell you what, how about you and I go out this Saturday okay? I got to go but I love you Hannah." Mike walked around the island to where she was standing and hugged her close. The next thing she knew Mike was kissing her softly.

She leaned in to kiss him back but he pulled away and smiled. "See, all better," Mike winked. Mike ran to the door while saying over his shoulder, "I'll pick you up around 6:30 on Saturday." Then, he was gone.

Hannah wondered if Mike was having a good time with Sasha. After all, Sasha had beautiful brown hair with red highlights, gorgeous green eyes, and she always looked incredible in her clothes. Hannah could just picture the two of them drinking wine and dining on the steak that she and Mike were supposed to share.

Sighing again, Hannah went to her room and climbed into bed next to Moishe. That night Hannah had a dreamless sleep.