Chapter 1

Damon's POV

I'm tired it just seems like I have been running for centuries. Alone in the shadows is where I belong. The damned creature that I am, I am where I belong. I sat in the shadows watching the humans walking along the Wharf looking for my next meal. Ha-Ha-Ha there we are a cute little blonde. I approached her carefully and she followed me with no problem.

"What's your name?" I asked her with a devilish smile.

"Elaine." She giggled. Of all names drive the damn stake a little deeper why don't you. I said screw it and walked away. I wasn't that hungry anyway. I took off into the woods. There had to be a place, a way to forget her. I wasn't going to Italy. A place to remember my heart ache over Catherine. To stay here and find tasty little blondes with the name so close to hers. To Elena.

"Please god please I'm begging you help me." The soft whisper of a plea called out in the darkness. I followed the voice then I caught the scent, the whisper was bleeding.

"What happened?" I knelt next to her broken body.

"They came out of no where." She fainted. I saw the multiple bite marks on her body, then I saw the others. I checked the other four bodies all of them were dead. Two guys and two girls. Their throats were torn out. They were fast, this one they toyed with.

"Wake up." I ordered and she looked at me.

"Where do you live?" I couldn't see her face clearly her hair was matted with blood and dirt.

"5123 River Court." She coughed. Why I didn't just end it. I don't know why. I felt her slipping and I bit my wrist deep into my vein so that my blood flowed into her mouth fast. Carried her threw the shadows to her small house at the end of an alley.

The next morning she woke crying in pain. I didn't really know how to make her feel better. I scared her too. "Please don't hurt me." She pleaded with me.

"I'm not here to hurt you, What is your name?" I asked. I noticed that her eyes were almost a sapphire blue.

"Brea, how am I still alive?" She tried to sit up.

"I gave you, lets say a transfusion." I replied. "My name is Damon Salvatore."

"My friends are they dead?" Brea asked finally making herself stay in a sitting position.

"Yes, what happened?" I gave her a glass of water.

"We were running around the woods, Frank wanted to take a short cut that's when like six, I know this sounds strange but vampires came out." Brea looked at me. "but why would you think it was strange, you're one."

"I am, but I'm not going to hurt you." I was beating myself up. Why the hell was I actually caring what happened to her?

"I hope not or I'm pretty stupid." She moved to get off of the sofa. "I'm going to ah take a shower."

"Of course, can I do anything for you?" I jumped as she stumbled.

"No I'm alright, I just don't get it, I hurt, but what they did, I should have bleed out." She looked at her wrists and felt her neck.

"Vampire blood can heal with out changing a person, that person would only change if they died." I explained.

" You gave me your blood?" Brea shook her head and stumbled to the bathroom.

I took it upon myself to make her some soup and have it waiting. She came out of her bedroom in a tank top and shorts caring a first aide kit. I was livid with actually seeing all the injuries she had. There wasn't a part of her visible body they didn't bite. I pushed back her dark golden brown hair looking at her neck. I took a deep breath. "I'm so sorry."

"I just don't get it, why?" Brea was always being strong since she woke up, even when she was begging for her life she was strong. Brea lowered her head and before I was prepared she was holding on to my t-shirt and crying in my arms.

"There are just some of us out there that are sadistic and get off by torture." I rubbed her back.

I stayed for another day to make sure she was safe. She decided to go stay with her Great Aunt and I helped her pack. "Damon, I don't know if this is totally PC to say to a Vampire. But you have a good sole. You have this Mr. Tough guy act but I really believe that's all that it is."

"No, it's not." I looked at her as I put her suitcases in the trunk of her beat up old mustang. "I'm not a good person, I just have my moments."

"Well, I'm glad I was one of your moments Damon." She smiled. It was nice to see light in her eyes. "I owe you, this is my cell number. If you need anything ever just call. You gave me my life back. I'll never forget that." Brea wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me then pulled away only far enough to lightly kiss me.

I watched her drive away knowing I'd never see her again. I spent the day inside the small apartment that I had rented sitting in silence wondering what the hell I was doing. Not once during the past couple of days did I think of Elena or Catherine. But now sitting in this dark room with nothing but a out of date television and a ratty old sofa I remembered the happiness I had with Catherine, that is until I found out she was using both myself and my brother. I remembered how happy Elena and Stefan really are together. It made me think of how Bonnie and Matt are starting out. Meredith is all about her hunter boyfriend Alaric.

It's all over rated……………