Chapter 24

Brea's POV

I sat watching the rain pelting the windows of my bedroom waiting for Tomas' next feeding. I pushed deeper on how to win the battle. I looked down into the shadows of the oak trees and Marco was standing there watching me. I noticed the shadows moving. They're not shadows they're people. No they are the ones loyal to Damon, The army. I turned on the baby monitor and walked down to the front porch.

"Marco." I called out and he came in from the rain.

"We are ready when you are." Marco said and I nodded. I looked into the house. "Elena, Tomas is due to wake soon for a feeding. I have a bottle in the fridge. There is something I need to do."

"I'll take care of him, But Breanna it's not safe for you to be out there." Elena told me and I smiled.

"I'm going to be safe don't worry." I walked out with Marco who swiftly changed in to a golden hawk I teleported myself to the door of Honoria and Thomas Fell's mausoleum. "Grandmother." I stood alone at the door. A mist covered the ground and I heard warning growls from Marco and Stefan when the images of my grandparents appeared. Our conversation was mental were no one could hear. I nodded and turned I could feel the power come to me as my family that had past before me rose and their power became mine. "I am the protector of Fell's Church. Evil that resides here will no longer be tolerated." I joined the others and went back to the house.

"What just happened?" Stefan asked when we walked into the house.

"I just needed to reclaim what is mine. The power is needed to protect us all. There are also a few things up my grandfathers sleeves that he had done for a time like this." I took the baby from Elena and kissed his little cheeks. "I can't bring your papa back little one, but his death will not be in vain. I will avenge it and make them all suffer." Tomas cooed at me and held tight to my finger.

"What do you need us to do?" Matt growled.

"You need to stay at the house. Protect Bonnie and the kids. Matt don't get upset but you need to stay away. They can pull you to their side, no matter how strong you are. And I have some other things I have to do that you can't be around or it will kill you." I looked at him and Matt nodded.

" I want to kick his ass big time but on the other hand, my priority is Hannah and Bonnie and if I need to be here and make sure they are ok, and take care of little Tommy then I will." Matt nodded. "But if you could you know spare Smallwood so that I can kick his has myself that would be so cool."

"I'll try and refrain myself." I laughed and placed my sleepy son in the cradle.

We all sat and made out our plan. I gave direct orders that when the time came they all hand to be behind me so that they wouldn't get in the middle of the trap.

"Trap?" Stefan smiled.

"I can't tell you because if someone is listening it's not going to work." I returned his amusement.

" Be careful." Aunt Rose told me and I nodded. Stefan, Elena, Senor and Senora Salvatore, Meredith, Alaric, Marco and the others stood waiting for the sun to set. I had made my way to the seller where I gathered things making protection pouches for all of them. I changed into a light linen shift. It was handed down generation to generation.

"Damon, If this doesn't work." I felt the icy tingles.

Be strong cricket, you will make it work. You need to make it work. It's up to you to undo the evil.

"But I won't have you. I don't want to live with out you Damon." I felt the warm tears being brushed away I kept my eyes closed tight. Picturing his face his scent.

You have to live. I'll always live as long as your heart beats. I love you Cricket.

I opened my eyes to see the glowing light surrounding Damon's image. His smile warming me. His touch became warm caresses. "Damon you're alive?"

"No it's still just my spirit. But I love you and well you have a little pull with where I am. I only have a short time my love. A short time to tell you, how much I love you, Tomas is so beautiful. You have given me more than what I deserve." Damon pulled me into his arms holding me tight.

" Don't leave me yet, please." leaning back to see his face I kissed him. I laid down and felt him everywhere. His hand laid over my heart the entire time. "Damon, I love you."

" I'll always be with you." I felt is last kiss to me and a cool breeze filled the air and I was alone in the dark. I took a deep breath and pushed my strength to get me threw. I touched my gold band and gathered the pouches.

"Are you alright? You're cheeks are a little flushed dear and you're sweating?" Mrs. Salvatore came up to me. "And you smell of Damon."

"He came to me, his one last gift to me, his strength to hold mine. His heart to hold as it beats in me. I held in the tears as I handed out the pouches and we went to the cemetery. The walk was in silent. I watched the couples and they held each other once more. I stood in front of them and smiled.

"I don't like that, that's a Damon smile." Julia said to Francisco.

" Earth, Air, Water of the sea I ask of you take them to safety." I stepped back. It was like a tornado that took them all to the next town in a field. "FIONA!" I called out walking threw the old cemetery. "Listen you bloodsucking bitch you want me face me I'm here."

"We know." Tyler had snuck up on me and threw me against a large Angel statue.

"Yeah that hurt." I pulled myself up. I watched the others move in just as I had planned.

That's it girl, you have them lifted them.

I used my powers and out of the ground came balls of silver they went shooting threw the crowd like bullets. The werewolves fell howling I had gotten two slugs in Joseph direct hit in the heart. He fell in front of Fiona. "He's not going to Purgatory this time Fiona. He's got a one way ticket to Hell!" Again the it exploded with the others falling. "I haven't forgotten you Klaus."

I sent a white ash wood stake at him and it shattered as he jumped behind a tree.

"You, You killed my brother!" She screamed at me.

"You killed my husband." I felt the fire burn inside.

"You or the girl." Klaus held Elena's little sister Margaret.

"Let me go! Stupid head." She fought to get free. I couldn't let the child die.

"Those before I call you now." I whispered and the spirits that walked to cemetery came. "Sleep Margaret." The little girl went lymph and Klaus threw her to the ground. The fire grew to the point it engulfed me. I felt the power lifting me. I sent the flames all over the cemetery. The fiery hands pulled taking Terrance first since he was the youngest of them all.

"FIONA! STOP HER!" He cried out and burned. The ashes blew her direction.

"Klaus! Klaus! Help me." Katherine cried out in pain and Tyler carried her away to safety. Fiona was below me and pulled me to the ground as we fought I felt the fire die out but the damage was done. Terence was dead with the rest of her minions. Klaus disappeared, Tyler took Katherine away and I held a wooden stake.

"It's over, I win." Fiona hissed and I laughed.

I threw her off me and Klaus was ready to take me on. "You caused the evil and when you die all the evil that you did will go with you. Evil done Be undone." I drove the white ash wood stake into the chest cavity. "The end of existence the evil will end, good bye darkness see the light with in." Klaus turned to white ash and I heard Fiona screaming as she burned in flames.

"It's over." I said and pulled myself up got Margaret up in my arms and walked slowly back to the boarding house. I felt weak and just wanted to sleep.

"Breanna!" Stefan caught me Elena took her little sister.

"Elena, Breanna saved me." Margaret smiled and fell back to sleep.

"Breanna, Breanna." Stefan woke me again.

"It's over, Everything is over. All the evil he has done all the evil is undone." I past out and woke up with my Auntie Rose holding a cool cloth to my head.

" Breanna." She sighed with relief as I sat up.

"What time is it?" I looked at the bright room. Squinting my eyes at the brightness.

"It's 8:30 in the morning, sweetie you have been asleep for two weeks." She was almost in tears.

"Margaret is she alright?" I jumped up and the room started to spin.

"Yes, she doesn't remember a thing." Auntie Rose said and I sat down on the window seat. "You created a spell that reversed all the evil Klaus caused in Fell's Church. Many people are alive again, the way it should be."

"Where is Tomas?" I looked around the room.

"Right here, he's napping." She placed my son in my arms. I remembered my Damon and how I would watch him sleep back at la casa del mare. Home I thought. That is where I needed to be. Were I could feel him again.

"We will go home, little Tomas. Go home to Daddy." I looked at my Aunt and she smiled.

"There is always a room for you here little one." She smiled. "I saw this too and I packed your bags in the car."

"Thank you, please Auntie, don't tell them I just want to leave with out any drama. I need to do this alone." I sighed and she agreed and I got to my car and put the baby in a car seat and left before the others came back from the hunt.

I would always love Fell's Church. It would always be the source of my power. But I needed to be where I could breath. Where my heart started beating for him. Where our son was conceived. Where I found love. La casa del mare.

"Senora Salvatore." Giovanni met us at the Lameza airport and took us to the Casa. "If you need anything Senora, call me please."

"Thank you Giovanni." I went into the house with Tomas and laid him in the cradle. I opened the French doors and looked out to the ocean.

"We're home My Love. Where we are suppose to be. Where I loved you the first time. Where we talked about bring our little one home to live. Where my Heart started beating for you. I miss you Damon. I'm lost and empty but I will go on. I will fight and live strong and raise our son. He looks so much like you he has your eyes. Your strength. He's growing so fast." I was hoping to feel him to hear his voice. I stood out there until it was dark. Feeling the emptiness and cold setting in. I fed little Tomas and bathed him he went right back to sleep and I laid him in bed next to me and drifted off to a restless sleep……

"It's so cold, where am I? Where is everyone? What happened?" ………….

The End…….

A/N: The second book will be coming up soon so hang in there. Fiona beat the bad guys and returned to her home she was to have with Damon. Damon gave her his strength to get her threw the battle and seems like he has found peace since he hasn't returned. Book two I haven't gotten a good name yet but for all of you I will let you know when it's posted. Hmmm wonder if it's Brea's restless dream or if someone else, Tyler, Katherine, Klaus, Fiona, or he he he another twist.