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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, they are Jane Austen's from Pride and Prejudice

Rosings Park Private School for snobsI thought. Jane and I were packing for our first year in a private school and though not everyone may be snobs at this school, they sure do look like they are above everyone. Seriously, these kids have parents who earn like 6 plus figures. Also, get this, it was in London, England. The only reason Jane and I were going was because we had gotten a scholarship. Not that we weren't well off, we just weren't as filthy rich as these people. Anyways, the two good things about Rosings are that it's co-ed and I'm going to get away from my crazy girl filled family. I kinda feel bad about leaving my dad behind to defend himself, but it was his choice to apply for the stupid scholarship.

"LIZZIE! Are you done yet?" My mother, Fanny Bennet, yelled up. She just couldn't wait until we were gone. See, she has this crazy idea that some rich boy will fall in love with me and Jane and we'll all live happily ever after. My mother needs a serious wake up call.

"Coming, I'm just about finished!" I yelled back.

"Hey Lizzie, do you think I should bring some of my dresses? I mean, I know we have a uniform and I'm probably going to be lugging around junk, but seriously, should I?" Jane came in asking from our joint bathroom.

"Yeah, I'm gonna. I can't believe that we haven't even tried on our uniforms. What is with the school and personalized everything?" Our uniforms were going to have our initial stitched into them. On the shirts it'll be on the collar and the skirts will have them on the pocket. Thankfully they are going to be small.

Ding Dong, ding dong

The Lucas' had arrived. Charlotte Lucas, their older daughter and my best friend, was also coming to Rosings with us. My family and her family decided to hold a going away party and since Longbourn was a small town, everyone was coming. Fun right? Not at all. This was going to be an evening of full blown embarrassment as my younger sisters, Lydia and Catherine, aka Kitty, were the biggest flirts in town and my mother is always determined to make herself look as much of a fool as she possibly could.

"Lizzie! Oh, how amazing is this going to be. A year full of adventures and being as far away from our families as we possible could be. I just can't wait for tomorrow!" Charlotte exclaimed as she fell onto my bed.

"Oh yes! A bunch of stuck up rich kids and a year full of them. For sure, it'll be so pleasant that I'll just want to kill myself with joy!"

"Oh Lizzie, don't be so sarcastic, not everyone is as you think you know. No one is ever horrid without having a reason and deep inside, they are just like you and me, so stop being so prejudiced." Jane scolded as she came yet again into my room, but this time, she was rolling her bags behind her.

"Oh Jane. What will the world ever do without you? Do you never think bad of anyone? If only I were like you and able to look past their horridness and live in the happiness of one good quality. Alas, one of us has to be the evil witch and that seems to be me, my good angel." I was seriously starting to wonder if Jane was alright, she was so happy and forgiving and if she were not my sister, I would want to kill her.

The night passed away to the sound of music and laughter. The merriment and dancing lasted the entire night and into the early morning. Finally everyone had gone and there was piece and quiet. Charlotte was sleeping over so that us three girls would be able to go to the airport together. Since the flight was in the early evening, we were able to sleep in.

Finally the time had come to leave and our bags were packed and Jane, Charlotte and I piled into Jane's and my Volkswagen Beatle. Dad was going to drive us, so that he could take the car back home. Oh how I will miss our blue Beatle and the freedom it came with being able to drive about ourselves. We said goodbye and hopped onto the plane to England. Rosings, here we come!

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