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"Pack it in people wheels up in three hours," came Hotch's strong voice once they arrived back at the precinct.

Penelope watched as her intrepid band of superheroes returned one by one. However, something or more importantly someone was missing.

"Hey Em where's Morgan?" she asked slowly packing away her computer.

"He decided to go back to the hotel first said something about clearing his head," Emily answered a sympathetic look crossing her features.

Penelope knew cases involving children always weighted heavily on all of them, no one more, so than Derek given his past. A strong urge to find him swept through her, yet she knew she couldn't just leave not with, so much work still to be done. Slowly she turned back to packing up thinking she'd have time to speak with him on the plane ride home.

However, that hadn't been the case since he sat with his headphones wrapped around his ears blocking out the world around him at the very back of the plane.

"Give him time Garcia this case didn't sit well," came Rossi's voice as the older profiler took the seat across from her.

"I figured that much Rossi, child cases rarely do," Penelope returned her eyes tracing Derek's features.

She had taken up residents a few seats away, angling herself just right so she could watch him. She knew deep down that he could feel her eyes watching him and she wondered why now of all times he decided to keep her at arm's length. So many times in their long history he'd come to her after a case like this. Granted they never talked really they just sat on his couch or hers cuddling, watching movies and eating popcorn until they felt sick or until he felt like talking. A sad realization hit her square in the head. They hadn't shared that kind of night in a long time. Since she started her relationship with Lynch, her friendship with Derek had taken a beating and unfortunately she had no one but herself to blame for that.

But maybe things could change. Then again, who was she kidding Derek Morgan would never see her that way. He'd known for the last three months that Lynch left. He'd had ample time to make some kind of move, but no nothing. Instead he kept pushing her away like she didn't matter anymore and maybe that was how they needed to end up. Her thoughts became interrupted by a shadow falling across her. Glancing up she was a bit surprised to have David Rossi standing in front of her. Without asking he took a seat trying to get comfortable in the leather covered chair.

"A piece of advice Penelope," Rossi began watching her closely. He caught the small nod before continuing, "don't let your insecurities stop you from getting what you want. If you think its worth that leap then take it."

She shook her head blonde hair flying around her face, "It's not that simply Rossi."

'Stubborn woman,' he thought before saying, "Yes it is that simple. We only let things get complicated because we don't want to try."

Penelope searched his face a few minutes, seeing something that she almost missed a flicker of understanding before it was closed down. "Life is never straightforward you know that, so tell me how can this be so effortless."

"You stop fooling yourself into believing that he would never see you that way. Go to him let him know that there's more to that friendship."

A sad smile crossed her face, "When did you become so soft, Agent Rossi?"

"Not soft Garcia, I just don't want to see the two of you pass a good thing by," he answered, opening the book in his lap and starting to read, conversation closed.

Penelope's eyes flittered from David's face to Derek's. She knew she loved him that was never a question in her mind. But she didn't know what he felt and that was what scared her the most. She wasn't sure she could give over her heart to a man who would just break it in the end. Kevin had been enough. Throwing it in her face every chance he got that she would never get anyone better than him, that no one would love her. She was too eccentric, worked too much, and cared about a man who would never see her as anything other than a best friend.

Sighing, Penelope leaned her head back hoping sleep would claim her, so she didn't have to think about anything for awhile. The last case had been hard enough. Now she had all these thoughts swimming around in her head, but the one thing that she couldn't figure out was why Rossi had said anything at all. Why not just let sleeping dogs lay. Granted she missed her best friend, felt like a part of herself was ripped out of her, but she could live with that she had to. Would there ever be any other choice.

Raising his eye lids just a fraction Derek glanced back at where Penelope sat her eyes, hidden behind bright yellow frames, were closed and he could tell that something troubled her by the pinched look distorting her features. He knew she worried about him, but he couldn't bring himself to fall into the same pattern as before. He couldn't take that chance. Lynch maybe out of her life, but what about the next time. She didn't seem to understand that he loved her more than he thought he could love anyone beside his family. The one constant he could always count on his Mom and sister's to always be there for him no matter what, but this was different he couldn't tell them about the horrors of his job. He didn't want them to hear about some of the most gruesome acts a human could inflict upon another. This time he'd have to learn to work through the demons alone without the warm comfort of Penelope Garcia beside him. That bare thought maybe his heart twist. Could he really move on?

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