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Part six

Worry and fear cascaded into his mind. He began to wonder if the night before had been nothing but a vivid, fantastic dream. But that changed when he glanced and had nothing but the sheet coving his lower body. Slipping out of bed he found his jeans and slipped them back on before going in search for his allusive baby girl.

Tracing his steps towards the front of the house from the master bedroom, Derek to notice that everything seemed quiet not even Clooney could be found. He thought or more hoped that Penelope had decided to start breakfast or maybe lunch as it was half past twelve. Of course he knew there was very little in the way of making food. Coming here last night had been a spur of the moment kind of thing. He'd been frustrated by the case and by Penelope herself. But now, after her confession, after making love to her his mind was so much more clear than it had been in months. However, now that she seemed to have disappeared on him the old insecurities were building back up, trying to envelope him once more in there dark world.

He turned to head up stairs when he caught a glimpse of fabric blowing in the light breeze coming from the back porch. Rushing forwards he slowly slide the glass down aside and there standing with her back to him stood his Penelope. He took his time, admiring her from behind even with the sheet coving her body he remembered from memory the curves of her body that he loved.

Wrapping her up in his arms from behind, Derek pressed his lips to her neck and breathed in deep the natural scent that was all Penelope, a hint of rose, mixed with vanilla and something he couldn't put his finger on, but was all her.

"Morning sleepy head," Penelope said turning in his embrace, to wrap her arms tightly around his neck sheet and all.

"Don't you mean afternoon," he returned nipping at her neck, "and I think you deserve a spanking for running out on me."

She looked into his dark eyes and saw the worry and fear that marred his handsome features. She could have sworn she caught a glimpse of his heart in that one look. Smoothing a hand over his worried brow Penelope, before leaning in to whisper into his ear, "You should never fear my Noir hero you will always be able to find me no matter where I go, just as I will always be able to find you. I will never leave no matter what may happen between us that you can always count on. I love you to much Derek Franklin Morgan to pull that kind of stunt."

Her words crumpled the last wall he had holding his heart and soul from belong totally to her. How just so few words from those pale pink lips could destroy all he worked to erect over his life to keep out love and trust.

"You," he paused a moment trying to think of the words to equal what she had said. Cupping her face in his callused hands, sweeping a finger over those same plump lips, before lowering his head and capturing them with his in a tender kiss that soon turned to passion as her own hands tighten around his waist pulling him in close. He traced her bottom lip with his tongue begging for entrance into her mouth wanting to consume, but needing to convey what his own feelings were. He knew there would be no words to tell her, he was never good at that kind of thing, never could say what he felt in his heart. But this, kissing her like life depended on it, like she was his life and she was, he could do, he could and would always tell her with his actions that she was his most cherished love.

Pulling back only because the need for air became too great they rested their foreheads together enjoying the feel of being so close.

Finally Derek found his voice, "I never been good at this kind of thing baby girl," he began again still holding her face between his hands hoping that his eyes would convey his true meaning. "But you are my world and have been for so long. It was foolish of me to think that I could just drop you out of my life."

He saw that she was fixing to protest, but he silenced her with a quick heated kiss before continuing, his voice gruff with emotion, "I should've known that you wouldn't go without kicking and screaming, which I am thankful for Goddess. Without you in my life it would mean nothing. I hope you can forgive a man's foolish attempts and let me love you the right way, the way you deserved to be loved forever."

"Oh Derek," Penelope cried for once in her life at a loss for words. Her hands let the sheet go as she grasped him tighter almost afraid to let go that he would disappear from her life.

He felt the warm tear drops hit his chest and pulled her back in his embrace, his left hand thump wiping away the moisture that trickled out of her eyes. "Baby girl?"

She shook her head, a bright smile gracing her features, "Happy tears my love only happy tears."

His smile could've lit an entire city block at her words as he picked her up in his arms and spun her around joy coursing through his veins. She squealed at the sudden movement and clutched Derek tighter, all the while never fearing that he'd let her go. When he put her back on her feet, he pulled back enough to take in what she was wearing, her light pink tank top that off set her porcelain white skin, and a pair of pink heart covered, high cut panties that he would rather see on his bedroom floor.

Heat flared in his eyes, as he pulled her back towards him wrapping his arms around her waist and then his lips around hers. He had all ready been hard for her the moment his eyes came to rest on her back side, but now he was painfully so and wanted nothing more than to take her back to bed and ravish her.

"Do you have any idea what you do to me woman," Derek growled after pulling his lips away to breath and tracing a path down her neck.

"I think," she began palming his hardness through his jeans, "I have some idea hot stuff," she whispered into his ear her voice seductive and low.

"Your about to get an even better idea on how much I love you," Derek said, his own voice dropping a few octaves to a deep timber, sexy and dark.

A squeal erupted from Penelope as he picked her up fireman style and rushed back inside intending to show her just what he meant.

Two and a half years later

"Shhh little one it's ok," Penelope cooed gently rocking her son in her arms trying to calm him.

"Pen, baby girl I'm home," came Derek's voice from the front of the house.

"Baby's room love," she answered as her son quieted down.

She could hear his heavy foot falls coming up the steps and a smile formed on her lips. Even though they'd been married for over two years she still got shivers of delight at seeing her husband. When his muscular form appeared in the doorway heat flared in her eyes as she took in every delicious inch of his body.

"How was your day, baby girl?" Derek asked coming to crouch in front of his wife.

"As peaceful as can be with a five month old," Penelope returned handing their little bundle of joy off to his father.

"I still can't believe he's ours," Derek commented aw in his voice.

When Penelope had told him she was pregnant he could've been happier, he'd finally be giving his Mama those grandbabies she'd always wanted from him, and he'd gotten the family he always thought would never be, yet here they were and he wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

"You better believe it handsome or I'll have to spank you next time," Penelope voice over her shoulder leaving him with a wink and a smile.

"You're Mama's crazy, but I love her and you both," Derek said, kissing the top of his son's light skinned forehead.

Penelope always said he looked more like Derek the deep chocolate eyes, no hair and the light brown skin. But Derek felt he had or rather would have Penelope's adventure for life, her spunkiness and opened hearted love for everyone. After laying his little one down for a nap Derek followed Penelope's path and found her in the kitchen getting dinner ready for the night. Coming up behind her he wrapped his arms around her waist making her lean back again him.

The thanked God everyday for the gifts he'd been given, the happy and health family, for his Mom and sister's and for the extended family at the BAU , but most of all for the woman who currently rested in his arms and the little miracle they had been together. Life could throw anything at him and he wouldn't flinch his heart was open now the walls had long since came down between him and Penelope nothing separated them.

"Derek is everything all right?" Penelope asked turning towards him worry seeping into her voice.

He looked down at his beautiful wife and smiled, "Nothing could be better my love I have everything I want right here with me, always."

The End