Man, I have got to be crazy doing this...

This is the smuttiest fic I am ever going to write. Up until now that is. And okay, I lied, I said there would be a storyline with this, but really, it's just going to be a bunch of chapters with the smuttiest lemons ever.

You see, I first came up with this idea because I thought I needed to improve my writing when it came to lemons. I'm so unsatisfied every time I write them. So I came up with the idea of this fic so that I could experience writing about them in different situations, different places and different positions.

So all of you who do not like lemons, GET THE HELL OUT. :D

And for all those of you who do... enjoy. ;)

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We Did It...

...On The Rooftop.

by DeepPoeticGirl


It wasn't exactly how she saw this night end.

Well, of course, she had predicted that they would have ended up kissing by the end of the party, but never would have guessed that things would have progressed so much more intensely, quickly.

After all, they'd been flirting for most of the night, Sakura giving him the eyes of interest and mischievous intentions, while Sasuke, being the cold stoned faced man he was, had been much more subtle. His eyes, they looked just about impassive to anybody else, but being so close to him and having grown up around the man, she'd been able to catch those glimmers of lust and interest. She'd also known she'd caught him when he didn't walk away at her attempt of casually conversing, while sipping on alcoholic beverages.

Sasuke was never much of a talker, and always preferred being quiet. Accepting her offer to talk was a big deal, and when the man started conversing back, it became a bigger deal. She knew that he wouldn't part ways with her tonight without making her know one way or another that he wanted to hook up.

The more he drank, the more his interest in her became evident. His eyes started to drop in an almost seductive manner, his skin brushed hers intentionally on several occasions, and she'd even caught him stealing discreet glances at her cleavage and long, exposed legs.

They were flirting madly.

But all of the serious stuff had started outside on the rooftop, with a simple kiss on the lips that Sasuke had unexpectedly given her as they were both getting air.

It was gentle, slow, and tantalizing, even. But the feeling of his moist, warm lips over her own was just enough to send a spark of heat through her. Just as the realization settled in, Sasuke broke away from her, his eyes wide with shock. His eyes traveled to her mouth again, and the way his fists tightened reveled to her that he had just felt the same thing.

When their eyes met, they both understood the other's feelings, wants and needs.

And suddenly, they'd launched at each other, lips and teeth crashing fervently against one another, while hands fed lustfully on the feeling of their bodies. She could barely think with the feel of his mouth on her own, and his tongue tangling with hers–the kiss was mind blowing. Her fingers left the muscles of his chest, only to explore his scalp and memorize the softness of his locks. A low groan left Sasuke's mouth as she applied gentle pressure there.

His hands cupped her face as he leaned his mouth more against hers, lips now almost pressing hard enough to bruise hers. She didn't seem to mind the brute movement, but in fact looked like she thoroughly enjoyed it. Sasuke was barely aware of the fleeting thought that crossed his mind at that.

Since when has Sakura begun enjoying rough touches?

With a sudden move, Sasuke backed her up on the edge of the roof, a smirk forming on his lips as her back hit the fence harshly. She let out a pained gasp at that, but the ache on her muscles was quickly forgotten as his hands groped her breasts through her shirt. Sakura arched her back at the feeling of his hands squeezing lightly, as if testing the waters, and at the sight of that reaction, he seemed to instinctively dive in to take their session to the next level. One hand went to the hem of her shirt, gripping it tightly, and the other hooked itself on her bottom so he could lift her up against the fence.

Sakura moaned keenly when he felt her up under her shirt, his surprisingly smooth fingers dancing across her skin and applying just enough pressure to please her. His mouth had left her own just a few moments ago to dive to her neck and apply butterfly kisses down to the smooth slope of her shoulders. Light kisses became more raw and possessive as he added teeth to them, nipping at the tender flesh.

"Sasuke..." she breathed, clenching her teeth as she ground her hips into his.

The sudden movement tore a groan out of his mouth, followed by a rough thrust against her.

"Ah...!" Sakura gasped, pulling on his hair tightly.

A feral growl escaped his lips at that, but it was cut off as she slashed her lips over his again. Fiercely, they kissed each other with raw emotions, letting the heat of the moment consume them, but it was not long before Sasuke finally continued his ministrations on her body. Quickly, he lifted her shirt up to reveal her bra, and grinned devilishly as she squeaked in surprise from the unexpected move.

His hands then groped her breasts again, applying more pressure than before, and Sakura hissed in pleasure at that. "God damnit, Sasuke, let's get this over with," she growled against his mouth, lifting her hips and dropping them down against his. Sasuke grunted at the move, the one hand that was at her back tightening its grip on her shirt while the other kneaded her breast.

The pink haired girl lifted her hips against to repeat the move, but Sasuke tore his mouth away from hers and quickly steadied her with his hands. "Easy..." he whispered hotly, his lustful onyx pools staring directly in impatient emerald.

"No, not easy," Sakura snarled back, grasping his locks and pulling on them sensually, like before. The movement elicited a groan from his lips, but she muffled it with a harsh kiss. "I don't want to take my time with stupid foreplay, Sasuke. I want you to fuck me," she whispered harshly into their heated kiss.

He could not help it, though, as he tore his mouth away and laughed, earning him a hot, sexually frustrated glare.

"Since when have you been the kind of woman to want to get it over with, Sakura?" he whispered hotly against her mouth, his hand cupping her cheek. The gesture was surprising, and sweet even, but it didn't snap Sakura out of her sex hungered state. Instead, she ground her hips against his hard, and groaned in delight.

"Fucking hell, Sasuke, I'd rather get this over with when it comes to you, because obviously this is a one time thing," she muttered irritably, while arching her back at the feeling of his hard member through their clothes. "Oh god..."

Although she had expected him to lose control just now, to hear him make that low sounds that would tear out of his throat as he would grind back against her. But instead he froze at her words. She opened her eyes, almost wanting to snap at him, but the look in his eyes stole whatever words that were going to come out.

He seemed angry. Truly angry.

...hurt, even.

Lowly, the man murmured, " time thing?"

Sakura blinked, the mood suddenly wearing off. She had almost no time to open her mouth before he pinned her wrists hard against the fence and growled like a raging animal. "You really think I'm the type of guy to sleep with a girl and then pretend that nothing ever happened?!" he shouted, inching his face closer to hers. "You really think that this means nothing to me?! That I'm just willing to have sex with you because I'm horny?!" His tone kept on raising and raising with every word that he said, and she kept on cringing the more she listened to his furious rant. "You really think that of me?!"

He then released her from his tight hold and kicked a random piece of rock on the rooftop ground."For fuck's sake, Sakura! I'm not that cold hearted!"

"Sasuke..." she whispered, her tears suddenly filling her eyes to the brim.

He ignored her, however, and simply stomped off to a wall so he could punch it with all the mighty strength that the anger brought him. The girl gasped in shock and stepped forward to inspect his hand, but he gave her the deadliest glare she's ever seen him give to anyone, which was something that seemed to hit her straight in the heart.

But she refused to let him have his way.

Mustering all the courage that she had, Sakura ran to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly and pressed her mouth to his in a soft kiss, taking him completely off guard. His face was sweaty and hot, no doubt from being so worked up, but she didn't care about that. She sensed his hands gripping her shoulders, as if ready to shove her off, but she then cradled his face and whispered, "I never knew you felt that way about this... about me. God, I'm so sorry Sasuke..."

The body that she held slowly relaxed at her words, and she saw his angered coal softening to a calmed feeling. Slowly, she felt herself being backed up to the fence again, and she almost smiled as his hand came up to grab one of her breasts, while the other caressed the back of her neck. "This isn't a one time thing, Sakura. And I can't even tell you how long I have waited for this..." his mouth bit down on her neck, and she yelped in shock and slight pain. And then something wet, hot and soft caressed the spot that he'd bitten, and she abruptly came to the realization that it was his tongue.

"Sasuke... your hand..." she gasped, finally catching sight of the blood on his fist and the opened wounds. Her medic instinct kicked in, and she immediately took the injured hand on her breast up to her face so she could inspect the wounds. Slowly, carefully, she pressed her mouth against his knuckles and laid gentle kisses on the wounds, the fingers from her free hand glowing green and brushing the flesh. Sakura felt his nose brush against her neck, before he slowly buried his face in the spot between her shoulder and collarbone.

"Sakura..." he murmured against her skin, licking the flesh hungrily.

The girl moaned in response before finally dropping his newly healed hand and wrapping her arms around his neck. "Sasuke..." she whispered back, putting one hand at his muscled back while the other grabbed a fistful of his raven locks. She felt his hand grab her breast again, kneading it slowly, but ravenously. Sakura moaned in approval of his actions and tugged at his hair hard enough so he would tip his head up to look at her.

She took in the sight of his dark eyes clouded with lust, and the thought that her own were probably the same fleetingly crossed her mind. The hand on her breast squeezed, and she moaned keenly, before smiling and bringing her head down to kiss his mouth. Lips and teeth tackled each other in a fiery passion, and it was not long before the tongues joined in the action. They entered a battle of dominance, mouth fighting against the other, with her hands gripping his firm shoulders and his still gripping her breast and bottom.

His mouth then formed a smirk against her own, and he slowly lifted her up again, the hand on her breast now gone to explore the skin under her skirt. "The things I want to do to you..." he murmured huskily as he rubbed the inside of her thighs.

Sakura bit her lip but moaned keenly, her mind hazing with lust once again. She grinned against his neck as his fingers slipped past her underwear and stiffened. "Holy fuck, Sakura... you're so wet..." he groaned against her skin, brushing his moistened fingers against her folds. His lover moaned in response to the touch and bucked her hips towards his digits. "Easy..." he hissed against her skin, licking her shoulder. She clung hard to his neck and panted heavily as he let a finger brush past her folds, making his jaw tighten at the feeling of how warm and wet she was for him already.

"Oh please... oh god, please Sasuke... I need you..." she breathlessly whispered, while mustering all her strength to drop her hands at the hem of his pants.

Sasuke pressed his well built body against hers powerfully, blocking her access to his pants, and the move made her growl in impatience. "I said easy..." he growled in her ear, the hand gripping her bottom now sliding to her smooth thigh, where he urged her to wrap her arms around his waist. She did so immediately, bucking her hips impatiently against his intruding finger.

Slowly, he stroked her, enjoying the feel of her slick walls around his finger, and the way she moaned softly against his ear. Her tongue parted to catch the earlobe, and his mouth tightened at the wet sensation. While adding another finger into her and stroking harder, deeper, his tight jaw went even stiffer as she cried out and rounded his ear with her mouth.

Briefly, as her hands gripped his hard biceps and as her mouth sucked on his ear, he wondered how it would be to feel both of those body parts on his hardening member.

"Hmm... ahh... Sasu–!" she gasped and gripped him harder, her mouth dropping open to cry out silently. "!"

The man almost groaned as she started moving her hips to meet the movements of his fingers. But instead, he captured her lips with his and sucked on her bottom lip, an arrogant smirk crossing mouth as she hardly responded to his kiss as she was far too caught up in the pleasure of his ministrations.

"I want... to touch... you..." he heard her breathe, her hands releasing his muscled arms and dropping to his stomach. "I want... to please you..." she moaned against his mouth, her eyes opening vaguely to gaze at him. Slowly, as he saw the honesty and the pleading emotion in her eyes, he stopped his movements, dark coal gazing directly at her.

He then pushed away a little, giving some space between them, and as he put his hands at the zipper of his pants, he smirked. The way she blushed under his watching gaze almost made him laugh, but the amusement he felt had quickly disappeared when she boldly leaned and dove her hands into his pants. The feeling of her hand petting him over his boxers drove him wild, and with one harsh growl, he unzipped his pants, and pushed his boxers down. Sakura smiled mischievously at the sight of his pants still hanging on his hips, while his boxers were pushed down just low enough to spring his hard length free.

She licked her lips hungrily and brought him close as she pushed at the small of his back, while the other dove to grab his cock. Sasuke drove his hips forward, sliding his length in her hand, and the movement made him grunt harshly. She watched as his face twisted deliciously when she gave him a hard squeeze, and was only mildly surprised when he dropped his head on her shoulder, one hand gripping the back of her neck tightly while the other gripped the fence.

Sakura gave him a few sure and hard pumps, loving the way he moaned against her flesh, his hand gripping tighter, and she loved it so much that she did it again, harder, faster. The hand that gripped her neck moved to her hair, and he went to kiss her lips, but a deliciously tight squeeze made him throw his head back with a low groan. "Sakura..." he murmured in a strained voice, driving his hips forward into her tight fist.

Sakura smiled wickedly but wordlessly continued to please him while watching him through needy emerald. She knew that he was close when a vulnerable cry tore out of throat, and his hips started to drive senselessly into her fist. She tightened her grip again and pumped wildly, making him drop his head in her neck, his hand tightening in her hair. " That's good.... Keep it that way..." he groaned against her neck. Soon, Sakura felt sticky wetness slipping onto her hand, signaling he was about to come, and it was at that moment she decided to put her plan into action.

Just as he threw his head back and moaned in desperation, Sakura slowed her strokes and loosened her grip. A feral growl left the lips of the Uchiha, and she gasped as she felt him lift his hips and thrusting once hard against her. "Fuck, Sakura, don't be a tease," he rasped, tugging on her hair.

"You didn't finish what you started earlier, so why should I give you completion?" she replied tauntingly, keeping up with her slow stroke but getting back to her iron-like grip on him. He went to groan, but it was muffled as he crashed his lips against hers fervently. His hips dipped again, and he panted heavily on her lips as he felt her continue achingly slowly.

"I'll fuck you however you want... just do it, Sakura..." he growled against her lips, his voice so strained and pleading that she could not help but to comply.

Immediately, her hands quickened the pace to a wild one, and Sasuke was found once again throwing his head back, eyes blinded with the ecstasy he was feeling. The pleasure mounted again, faster, higher, until he was finally drunk off of it. "Sakura," he gasped, dipping his hips for the final time before the sticky wetness spilled in her hands, accompanied by a low, pleasure filled groan. He cursed and whispered her name under his breath as he rode his orgasm on her hand.

And when he was done, she found herself staring at a Sasuke with half lidded eyes, an uneven breathing and a flushed face. She cupped his sweaty face, but was surprised as she found herself being pressed hard against the fence again, his mouth pressed passionately against her own.

"I need you..." he whispered on her lips, one hand lifting her higher while the other slipped her underwear at her knees. His fingers dipped to touch her wet core, and by just the feeling of how warm and wet she still was, he grew erect again. Coal pools met emerald, and when his cock tapped at her entrance, she gave him the sexiest and most desiring look he'd ever seen in his life.

He couldn't help but to lower her on his erection just for that.

"Ahn...!" the girl moaned, tightening her legs around his waist. But she didn't have time to say anything as he lifted her and then dropped her back on his cock, making the both of them moan lowly. Putting her hands on his shoulders, she lifted herself up and dropped quicker, harder. As one of his hands gripped the fence, the other hooked itself on her bottom, and he started to frantically meet her thrusts, pulling her ass towards him every time he thrust forward.

"!" she cried out, lifting and lowering herself continuously on his length. "Oh God," she moaned, wrapping her arms around his back and burying her face in his neck. Her constant moans only served to arouse him more, and his need to bring her to the edge grew intensely. The way she clenched around him so tightly already gave away the fact she was close to release.

"Are you going to come?" he teased as he leaned over and nipped at her ear, pushing her bottom harder against him as he started thrusting more violently into her. He fucked her passionately, wildly, set on getting her to the release before he had his own.

"Mmm... Y...esssss..." she moaned against his neck, licking the tender flesh. "Ahn...!"

He licked his lips and grinned devilishly, before he pulled out of her quickly. The girl started to complain, but she soon cut herself off as he turned her back to him and entered her from behind. The pain and uncomfortable feeling of being pressed against a fence barely registered in her hazed mind as he pushed into her brazenly from behind like an animal in heat, his teeth gnawing at her ear while one of his hands slipped under her shirt to fondle with her breast.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god..." she moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Harder, Sasuke!" she cried pleadingly.

He complied wordlessly and groaned as her walls tightened scrumptiously around his cock, making him bite his lip. "Fuck, you're so tight..." he moaned in her ear. Even from his position behind her, he saw her grin lightly, and almost got himself confused before he felt her walls tighten once again around him. "For the love of..." he trailed off, shutting his eyes and pushing into her more violently while he moaned continuously.

"Are you gonna come?" she taunted him, as he had earlier, while squeezing him tighter.

"" he moaned. "...are you trying to kill me...?"

"I want you to come before me, Sasuke..." she whispered, her words followed by a loud cry when Sasuke slipped a hand between her legs and stroked that bundle of nerves while hammering faster into her.

"...Not gonna happen..." he gasped, bracing himself against her.

They moved in wild passion, kissing fervently with teeth and tongue, while their hands pleased each other.

But funnily enough, neither had come before the other, and they had in fact reached the peak of their release mutually.

Sasuke murmured her name like a mantra as he rode out his mind blowing orgasm, spilling his seeds into her, and Sakura pushed her bottom against him continuously as she cried out his name in ecstasy, her fluids covering his length and the inside of her thighs.

As they were done, Sasuke slumped against her, his arms wounding tight around her waist. "...I'd be crazy letting you go after this..." he mumbled against her neck, tipping the chin of the shaking girl so he could lay a soft kiss on her lips.

She returned it slowly, one hand resting at the back of his neck while the other gripped the fence for support, and the knowledge of being the one to make her this exhausted made him smile in their lip-lock.

"...could you... back away... I really.. need... to get off... this fence..." she whispered between intakes of breath as they parted from the kiss. He chuckled and nodded, giving her one last peck before he slipped his limp length out of her and helped her sit down. While she tried to catch her breath, Sasuke fixed his pants and boxers back on before sitting beside her as well.

Sakura smiled softly, leaning her head on his shoulder, and laughed as he moved to lean in front of her. His hands grasped her underwear, and he slipped them back on for her while pressing his mouth hotly against her neck.

"That was great," she commented, lazily slipping her arms around his neck.

Sasuke smirked against her neck, before he pulled away to look at her. Cupping her cheek, he traced her bottom lip before moving to sit beside her, his arm slipping around her waist. Sakura hummed contently and leaned her head into his chest while wrapping her arms around his neck.

"I'm tired, Sasuke..." she mumbled.

He pecked the top of her head. "Then sleep. I'll watch over you."

"Okay. I love you, Sasuke...kun," she murmured softly while nuzzling his chest.

The ghost of a smile passed his lips at the return of the suffix, the one he'd missed so much. "Hn. I said sleep, Sakura."

Sakura just smiled, catching the meaning behind his words.

"I love you too."


Chapter End.


Wow, that is like, the smuttiest lemon I've ever written so far, I think.

And okay guys, I'm not going this because I'm a pervert (Yum, SasuSaku lemons should be edible...) but it's actually because I need to improve my skills in that department. And I don't mean sex, even though it is kinda cool to have more pro ish skills to write that... I actually mean the department of intense, raw emotions that happen only during the time of sex.

I think this came out pretty good though...

yeah, there's plenty more of that where it came from, LOL.

Although this fic will not be updated as often as the others, because I can't write smut if I'm not in the mood. Okay? Okay.