Title: More Than A Nurse
Wild Life
Ryotou and Senou-san. One sided paring hints.
Wild Life is by Fujisaki Masato.
Those who reviewed my last story and expressed their dissapointment that there was just one Wild Life fanfic!
Mika prepares to spend her day off in a rather unusual way.


Mika had no idea what she was doing here. It was her day off, for goodness sake! She didn't have to be here. She could be anywhere but here. She didn't have to be anywhere here or near him. And yet, here she was, near him. Or rather, just outside of where he resided when not on shift at the ever famous R.E.D. Veterinarian Hospital.

She sighed, adjusting the bag at her side in some sort of nervous, last ditch effort to prolong the inevitable.

Really, Mika had no business here. It wasn't expected of her to come and take care of him when he was sick. She may of been a nurse, but that was for animals! This was definitely not part of her job description! Even he would be surprised, in all honesty. Probably make some sort of joke about it and tease her, knowing him. Heck, he'd probably even tease her at work! In front of everyone!

That thought brought a worried scowl to her face.

Was this really worth it? Was helping him, taking care of him, showing any even the smallest amount of affection or friendship - the very kind that her heart kept screaming at her to do and do now - outside of the normal working hours worth the respect she had at her job? Worth possibly losing her job?

The very idea of such an occurrence happening made her blood run cold and her heart beat increase.

No one would understand it. No one would respect her at her job. No one would want to be near her. No one would --

Suddenly, a car horn honked in the distance and shook her out of her frantic musings. What was she thinking?! That was nonsense! She was just coming here as a friend - shut up, heart! - a concerned co-worker. An over worked, concerned co-worker who needed the doctor that Ryouto was was back at work so things would progress normally and all would be well. That was it!

That was all it ever could be.

With a determined "Hmph!", Mika pressed the intercom button to let Dr. Ryouto know she was here. Here to take care of him.

As she did so, an upstairs curtain quickly closed and a small, weak chuckle melted with a high pitched buzzing noise, the two sounds flooding the normally silent apartment of the vet with absolute insight.

It was about time she rang to come in. Ryouto was beginning to get bored.


Another spur of the moment one-shot~ I've really never given any thought as to what sort of paring Senou-san could be in, but this seems as good as any, I suppose.

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