Inspired by the song Now Comes The Night, by Rob Thomas

A cold mug sat loosely in her hands, as the young witch stared numbly at its contents. She heaved a shuddered sigh, feeling two dark but loving eyes watching her intently. The witch smiled gently, though could not find the strength to meet his gaze.

There were many words she wanted to say, so many pent up emotions she wished to expel before she crumpled into a heap from emotional exhaustion. But she couldn't do it. Her mouth was dry and her throat ached through trying so hard to fight back tears. The witch had always been seen as strong, almost cold, in the eyes of others. Tonight, she wanted to be so much more. She had a heart, but only he could see it. It belonged to him.

The wizard cleared his throat and spoke up hoarsely.

"I hate to see you like this. You shouldn't have to suffer with me."

The young woman closed her eyes, feeling hot tears spill, unwanted.

"I would rather suffer with you than live my life without you," she whispered softly and heard footsteps nearer her. A calloused but gentle hand stroked her shoulder.

"I love you," the man said simply, and now their eyes met.

"And I love you."

It sounded like a goodbye, and indeed it was.

"I should get going. It's nearly time."

The man took a deep breath, which trembled audibly. The witch rose suddenly and threw herself into the chest of her lover. His arms embraced her firmly and he breathed in her scent; such a subtle hint of jasmine. What he wouldn't give to spend the night with her, where he belongs.

The pair broke apart, and he raised her chin with his thumb. His eyes held such affection for her, and she knew that she was truly loved.

"You are beautiful," he murmured, and her cheeks pinked. He could still do that to her, even after all their time together.

"The moon is beautiful too," he added, fingering her glossy hair. The witch nodded, though a bitter lump formed in her gut. Of course it was, but she hated it all the same.

"Goodnight, sweetheart. Sweet dreams."

The wizard walked away from her and then froze in the doorway. He fiddled with the ring on his finger, prising it from his hand and crossing the room to her. He offered it to her, ignore the slight sob that emitted from her, and placed it gently in her small, pale hand.

"Look after this for me, I'll be back for it in the morning."

He smiled at her and she returned it weakly. He turned abruptly and left the room at a pace without looking back.

The young woman lowered herself back into her seat, feeling tears dampen her pale face once more. This night was difficult for him, her husband, and she had to stay strong for him. But what of her? Who would be there to support her when it became too much? Tonight would determine whether or not her life would be changed forever, and all she could do was sit alone and wait.

Fleur Weasley caressed the golden band gently in her palm. Now came the night.

A/N - I wrote this story a long time ago, after reading HBP for the first time. I wondered what Bill's first full moon would be like, after he'd been attacked by Greyback, waiting to see if the attack had had any effect. It was to be more than a one-post story, about Bill suffering under the moon. I may come back to this one day. I hope it meant something to you :-)