Our lives are made,

of our many choices,

weather were crowded or alone,

we hear voices.

They say yes,

they say no,

they also say,

go with the flow.

They've bailed me out,

a thousand times,

but this ones different,

this ones mine.

It tells me wrong,

and I believe it,

but in the end,

my heart gets hit.

This pain and misery,

she can make it end,

but she wants me to suffer,

well I deserve it my friend.

The stuff I have done,

she will never know,

what goes on in my life,

is mine to bear alone.

I'm getting dizzy,

I fall to the ground,

I scream please someone catch me,

but no one is to be found.

Whats wrong with me,

I need help,

I can't breathe,

I'm in hell.

My last words,

I choke upon,

are I love you,

and now I am gone.