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This little child needed my help. I wouldn't let it die like this.

"Edward I'll be fine!" I said and swung around. The blackness covered my body and all I was thinking about was besides the child in the burning house.

When I appeared again an unbelievable heat and pain hit me. There were flames everywhere but I stood in a big room where they only licked up the walls. To my horror I saw a woman, dead, but the flames were still eating her up. I had to look away, it was horrible. As I ran towards the baby's cry, I opened my shield even though it was hard. I needed to let Edward know I was okay.

'I'm okay Edward!' I thought but then I heard another cry. I ran but the heat was so unbelievable that I thought I might not make it. It was like my skin was melting away. But I knew I was overreacting because when I looked, my skin was intact.

The picture of the woman entered my mind again, and I couldn't help picturing the unknown kid in her place. I cried out loud and finally found the crib where the little child was crying. It was a boy and he was very cute. Little dimples were clear on his cheeks even though he was crying. He had big green eyes and they were filled with tears. Beside his cradle there was a bed where a man laid dead. I closed my eyes. Oh no!

The boy coughed and I realized there was still a possibility that he would die of asphyxiation. Oh no my little boy! In that moment the ceiling cracked and a rafter fell down in front me, making my direct way to him impossible.

"Don't worry my little boy, I'll save you!" I said. By now I felt like I was boiling inside. I felt like I was melting literally and that I could die any moment.

I swung around and begged for the blackness to give me time to cool down. No mercy, I might not be in the fire, but I was only in the blackness for a second. The fire came back with a force worse than before.

I screamed and took the little boy in my arms. He was scared, really scared.

I then swung around and wished to be out of there.

I made it out and fell on my knees gasping for air. Edward took me in his arms and ran until we were at least eighty yards away. Two seconds later the house exploded and Edward covered us both. I lay down on my back and cradled the little boy to me. I was being careful though.

I was exhausted and needed a shower. My body was slowly cooling down, thanks to the venom that healed me. But it had been warmed up and therefore it would have to cool before I could recover entirely. This wasn't as bad as the fire inside me when I was changing. The pain was fading and I felt my temperature go back to normal. But the experience still exhausted me more than anything. I didn't black out as I had done after my first long distance travel through the blackness, but I think it was close.

"Bella what the hell were you thinking?" Edward asked but his tone wasn't mad, it was relieved and worried.

"I'm sorry love, but I needed to save him," I said and touched his cheek.

"Bella I thought I would lose you!" he said and hugged me carefully as I still had the baby in my arms.

"Edward, don't think like that! I would never leave you this way! I love you" I said and he lifted me into his arms.

He ran back with me. I laid my head against his chest and stroke the little boy's hair.

"What should we call him?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we should give him to Rosalie, she always wanted a boy," he said but I wasn't sure. I already loved this boy. I loved him enough to risk my life to save him.

As we entered the meadow the houses were built in the entire family waited for us.

"Bella!" Rosalie and Alice screamed at the same time. Rosalie and I had really developed our friendship.

They came running and I smiled weakly at them.

"Rosalie will you please hold my little boy? I need a shower," I said and handed her the boy.

She took him with very careful hands; he was more fragile than Nessie.

Renesmee came running to me with tears streaming down her face.

"Momma!" she screamed and hugged me tight.

"I'm alright sweetie. Nessie meet your brother!" I said and pointed to the little boy.

"Aww he's so cute!" she said and walked slowly to him.

"Hi there little one! I'm you sister, Renesmee!"

"Honey, he's a human he doesn't learn as fast as you! And he won't grow as fast as you," Esme said.

"Oh, okay," she said.

"Carlisle, will you please check him? He was trapped in a burning house," Rosalie said and Carlisle nodded. He took the baby and ran inside to check him over.

"Thank you Rosalie," I whispered and she sent me a smile.

"Edward, could you please help me to the shower?" I asked and closed my eyes.

"Of course love," he said and carried me towards our house.

He laid me on the bed and turned on the water to fill up the bathtub.

I tried to take off my cloths but I was too exhausted. I just laid still and waited for Edward to come back.

He came in and helped me to the bathroom.

"I can't get my clothes off myself," I said I shook my head lightly. I was so weak, but I would soon be okay. My clothes were torn, scorched and ruined.

"I'll help you," finally, I was able to get down in the water.

"Thanks Edward. I love you," I said and closed my eyes.

When I was washed and clean I tried walking on my own. It seemed like my strength was coming back and I was able to walk to the closet and get dressed by myself but there was the limit and I had to lie down. Edward came and carried me to the main house. Everyone was there and I got lots of hugs and caring words.

"You were so brave Bella. But don't do it again!" Emmett said and I smiled at him.

"I don't plan on it!" I said and he grinned.

"Bella, don't you ever do that to me again!" Alice said and hugged me tight.

"I won't Alice, didn't I just say so?" and I grinned at her. She sent me a tiny smile back and then sat and held my hand.

"How are you dear?" Carlisle asked me and Esme looked concerned at me from behind him.
"I'm fine thank you Carlisle. I'm just tired that's all," I said and sent him a reassuring smile.

"That was very dangerous Bella. But I'm glad you made it. It wouldn't be the same without you," Jasper said and I smiled.

Jacob burst through the door. He looked frightened, mad and worried at the same time.

"What the hell were you thinking Bella? I hear Alice scream: NO BELLA! And then I run over here and she says you were going in a burning freaking house. Have you any idea how worried I got? You're my best friend Bella for God's sake! Don't do that ever again!" he yelled and took heavy breaths. I let him get it all out before I answered him.

"Calm down Jacob! I'm sorry okay? But I needed to save him! I know it was stupid but I'm fine now! Don't worry anymore Jake, I'm fine," I said and he calmed a little. Then he ran to me and gave me a big hug. When he released me, I saw tears in the corner of his eyes.

"Wait a minute. Him? What are you talking about Bella?" he said and I smiled.

"Rosalie will you bring him?" I asked and the second later Rosalie handed me the baby.

"This is "him"!" I said. Jake starred wide eyed at the little human baby in my arms.

He had dark brown hair, green eyes and a little round face with dimples in the cheeks. Even when he didn't smile they were there. His big eyes looked at us with wonder.

"Uhm, I don't know what to say. He is cute," he said and smiled a little. The baby boy flashed a toothless grin and giggled. His dimples appeared deeper and he looked so cute.

"What's his name?" he asked.

"I still don't know what to call him," I sighed

"What about Emmett the 2nd?" Emmett said and I rolled my eyes. Rosalie smacked him on the head.

"Ouch woman!" he said.

"What about the name you would use if Nessie had been a boy?" Rosalie asked.

"EJ?" I asked.

"Yeah" she said.

"I don't know... What do you think?" I looked at Edward and then the rest of the family.

They thought about it and then told what they thought.

"Phillip?" Alice suggested.

"Benjamin?" Carlisle said.

"Christian?" Rosalie asked.

"Jimmy?" Jasper spoke.

"Lucas?" Esme thought out loud.

"Caspian?" Emmett said.

"Emmett you got that one from Narnia!" I said and rolled my eyes.

"Dean?" Edward suggested.

"Derrick?" Quil brought up.

"Tom?" Embry said.

"Casper?" Seth asked.

"Kenneth?" Emmett suggested instead.

"What about Mick?" Alice said.

"Too close to Mike!"

"Oh right!" she said.

"Christopher?" Nessie said.

"I like Lucas" Rosalie said and they all nodded.

"Yeah that's good. Little Lucas; I like it," I said and hugged the small child.

"I think he is hungry," Esme said.

"But he's so little! I don't think he can eat prober food yet!" I said.

"Off to the mall!" Alice said and rushed out the door.

Over our conversation I had gained more strength and I was now able to sit up. I rocked Lucas back and forth and after a while and with a little yawn he fell asleep.

"Aww he's adorable. I'm glad I saved him," I said as I looked at the sleeping baby in my arms.

"Me too. And I know Nessie is glad to have him. To have a baby brother," Edward said. I was really happy that Edward was glad that I saved him. But Edward is so sweet and caring that he would never dream of send this little child away.

I leaned in and kissed him.

"Nessie?" I called out.

"Yes momma?" she said as she was in front of me in the next moment.

"Would you like to hold your new brother?" I asked her and she beamed.

"Really? Yes!" she said and I gave Lucas to her.

"He is so lovely! I love him!," Renesmee said as she looked at her brother. I smiled.

"This is the best birthday gift ever!" she said.

"And it's not even your birthday yet!" I said and grinned.

Alice came rushing through the door with breast milk substitute.

"Here you go. It says to warm up in a bowl of hot water and then give it to the child," she said. I tried to stand and was able to it. I walked and discovered I was almost healed. I took the substitute and walked to the kitchen where Esme already had the hot water in a bowl. I took the new feeding bottle Alice had bought and poured some milk into it. Then I laid the bottle in the water and waited until it was the temperature as a human. Then I took the bottle and gave it to Nessie.

"Here you go. You want to try?" I asked her and she nodded with excitement. It was her first time to bottle feed someone. I smiled proudly at her as she gently woke Lucasand placed the bottle to his mouth. He immediately started drinking the milk. He continued on and on. I was surprised how much he could actually drink. When he shoved the bottle away with his tiny hands, she didn't know what to do.

"Here let me show you honey! I think you will have to do this many times!" I said and smiled.

I took Lucasand placed him softly to my shoulder. He burped and I congratulated him just as you should.

"So now you know what to do when you have fed him!" I said and laughed. Then I gave him to her again and she stroked his hair.

"So Bella, why exactly did you go into that burning house?" it was Jake who asked.

"I don't know Jake. I couldn't let the little boy die in the flames," I smiled sadly.

"Bells. You didn't even realize how dangerous it was?" my best friend was truly concerned for me.

"Yes Jacob, I did. But it was like I would go into some sort of deep grief if I didn't save Lucasfrom the flames. It was wrong to let him die," I said.

"How did you do it?" he asked, and suddenly he was curious and eager to know. To know how I survived in there, to know what it had been like. The rest of the family came over to hear the story as well; I didn't count on any of them, maybe except Jasper, had been so close to being burned. Not even Carlisle with his many years, he seemed too smart to do anything like it. Carlisle eyes were eager; eager to learn, eager to absorb new information.

I chuckled lightly and stared off into space, going back to the flames. Even though it was not long ago, even though I remembered it with crystal clarity, it was easy to become lost in your own thoughts and memories. I took a deep breath and started my tale:

"As you know, we went hunting this afternoon. It was all normal; we ran in the sun and hunted down our prey. It was just like any other hunting trip,"

Except it was better, only Edward and me, I added mentally.

"We ran further and further into the woods. And then on our way back, I caught the scent of smoke, of fire. I was curious; I wanted to know what happened. Edward warned me, of course, but I was stubborn. As usual!" I grinned at them and they smiled in return.

"So I started running towards the flames, as I got closer I could feel the heat around me, smell the wood burning. And then the screams started," I shuddered at the memory; it would stick with me forever. They looked horrified.

"Then I started to really run, you know. Edward was right beside me, and when the path swung to the right and we rounded that little corner the trees made; we came to a clearing. And in the middle of the clearing there was a burning cabin," I closed my eyes and took one more breath.

"The screams flowed with such agony, that I knew I had to do something. But then they died out slowly. And that's when I heard the little baby cry out in despair and pain. I was truly horrified. So I decided to save him" they were caught up in my story. I smiled and continued.

"I swung around and found myself inside the inferno of flames. I was lucky; I landed in the middle of a room where there were no flames. But the pain," I shivered.

"It was like I was melting. Like my skin would roll off of me, if you understand what I mean. It was like my skin was water running down my body. Terrifying feeling, but it was only how it felt to be so close to the flames. I looked to see if my skin really was melting, of course it wasn't but just the feeling…" I trailed off and shuttered again, that feeling was the most unpleasant thing I had ever experienced. Apart from my change.

"First thing I noticed when I looked around the room, were the flames licking the walls of course. A-and his mother," I whispered. Remembering the woman lying on the floor, dead, with the fire eating her up. I hung my head.

"She was already dead. If it was because she suffocated or because the fire took her, I don't know. All I know is that I was lucky I was able to see it was a woman. The fire got her," I explained and shivered.

"There was absolutely nothing I could do to help her. So I continued, opening my shield to say I was okay for Edward not to come in after me! So I ran towards another room, he wasn't in the living room where I had appeared."

"I heard him again. And I saw him. He was standing in his crib and was crying. Right when I was about to run to him, one of the rafters in the ceiling cracked and fell in front of me, stopped me. Lucascoughed and I realized I had to hurry. Then I realized that at the wall a little away, there was a bed with a man on it," I sighed.

"The flames were on their way, but he seemed to have died of suffocation. If he died so fast, why not the baby?" that I was really curious about.

"I really don't know, but grateful that he didn't die. At that point I felt like I was boiling inside. It felt like someone had put an electrical kettle under my skin and started it. Or rather like I was the kettle, and my insides the boiling water. So when I rotated and felt the blackness I hoped there would be time enough for me to cool down. But when I appeared again before the little boy, the heat and pain struck me worse than before. So I let out a scream in agony, took the boy even though he looked frightened and rotated out of there again. Once outside Edward lifted us and we flew about 80 yards or more away from the house. I just made it out in time, 2 seconds later the house exploded. I don't know what caused the explosion just that it did. And then we ran home," I finished my tale and waited. They still hadn't recovered from their gasps as I told them about the explosion. I guess their heads was a mess, so I wrapped my shield around them, and Edward visibly relaxed. I looked at the now sleeping baby in Renesmee's arms and felt a weird aching in my throat. Familiar but weird. Familiar because I knew what it meant, but weird because it shouldn't be there, at least not as powerful.

"Edward? Edward, are my eyes black?" I asked him a little worried. He looked confused at me and nodded.

"But why? We just hunted today!" it came out as a question. Carlisle looked up then.

"Bella, what about your water-gift? Does it work now?" I could tell he was serious but I still didn't understand it.

"Why?" I asked confusion clear in my tone.

"You didn't mention using it," he said, causing more confusion to hit me. I shook my head to try to push away the confusion, but did as he told me; tried the gift. It didn't work. I was really puzzled. Why didn't it work? Had my power run out? What was going on?

"What the…?" I trailed off and stared at where there should have been water now.

"I have a theory," Carlisle said. Of course he would have. I smiled and waited for him to continue.

"Your eyes are black, when they should have been amber. I think the fire must have made all the blood disappear. Maybe you need to hunt again and wait until you're fully recovered before you can use the gift again. Maybe the fire made you unable to use the water power, because it had erased any sign of blood inside you. That would also explain why you are so weak, there is no blood to give you strength!" he said. I nodded slowly, it seemed very possible and it probably was true. It explained a lot actually. That had to be it. But then it struck me: I needed blood inside me to produce water? That was really strange, possible perhaps, but strange.

"I don't want to go hunting right now, but I think it's necessary," I said and tried to stand. I succeeded and made my way toward the woods. I wouldn't be going far.

I only walked a few yards into the woods. I was tired if you can call it that and would go with the first thing I saw. The first thing I saw: a freaking squirrel. I sighed, maybe that had to do it for now, just so I could get some blood inside me. I grabbed it, but felt really bad for the tiny animal. It shook with fear and had really big eyes. I didn't know what to do; drink it or let it go? I needed the energy, but this little one was nowhere near enough, and would probably not taste that good. It ate nuts for God's sake. And it had so little blood I would only have to take one "sip" and it would be done. I shook my head; useless. And besides it was cute!

There was no point in making it fear anymore. I let it go and wandered further into the woods. I came across a wounded deer, and drank that. No point for it to suffer either. This one would die anyway, and with the energy I was able to run. I took down a large buck and some other deer. It seemed like I was as blood-crazy as right after my change. Carlisle's theory made more and more sense.

Happy and full I ran home and they all looked relieved when I came smiling through the door, with amber eyes and full energy. I grabbed Renesmee and held her tight. She smiled, and hugged me and I was so glad she forgave me when I returned. I would find a way to give her what she wanted. A dog. And besides, Emmett would be thrilled to have a dog. I think with vampires in the family, it would be more like the dog would be worn out, and not the owner. From what I knew, humans with dogs never had the energy to really wear them out, unless they rode a bike or something. Well maybe kids had the energy but what do I know, I never had a dog.

I swung her around and she giggled. I laughed along and sat us down. Suddenly I got an idea.

At the same time Alice had a vision, and I was sure she would be thrilled. Long time ago she had had the chance to plan our day. Well except Nessie's birthday.

Alice hopped up and down clapping hands.

"Bella, that's an awesome idea!" she said, and got many weird looks.

She waved them off, and smiled.

"I got hooked, so what!" and then explained my idea. Tomorrow would be sunny as well here, according to Alice, but it would be cloudy nearby, where I happened to know an amusement park was situated.

"So Renesmee do you want to go to an amusement park?" Alice asked.

"Yes, yes, YES!" she yelled and ran around hugging everything and everyone.

"I think we should go tonight so we don't come across the sunlight tomorrow," I said and everyone agreed. The wolves were very excited, but waited to Leah came home to tell her. I laughed silently at how her expression must look like when she comes through the door. Little Lucasand everyone excited to go somewhere.

I looked at Rosalie who stood beside me. She didn't look at me, but at Lucas in my arms. She looked at him with longing in her eyes, and I understood that he was everything she wanted but couldn't have naturally. I instantly felt bad for her; it was always me who got what I wanted. She hadn't asked for this life, I had. She would do anything to have a child like I had Renesmee, but couldn't have it. I had. She wanted so badly to have this child, but I had saved it. I knew I had enough in Renesmee if I decided to give up Lucas to Rosalie. The thought of me giving him to Rosalie was heart-warming, but a little sad. I loved him, but I could see Rosalie slowly falling apart and I wouldn't let that happen.

I looked at Emmett who was looking at his wife with regret in his eyes. He couldn't give her what she wanted the most. He couldn't make her entirely happy in this life. What she needed right now was me. Something I could give her. I loved her even though she had been so hostile to me in the past, but I knew she only was like that for my own good. When I carried Renesmee she was the one helping me, she understood my need to save my child, she cared for her when I was unable to do so and she willingly "gave her up" when I was finally able to take the responsibilities of a mother on my shoulders. I couldn't deny her. She would be heartbroken if I was so selfish to keep him. I was glad I finally could give her something in return for her help.

"Rosalie" I whispered. She looked me unwillingly in the eyes; she almost couldn't keep her eyes of the sleeping baby in my arms.

"Oh Rose!" I said and got up. I hugged her and let her sob on my shoulder. I knew she knew that I could see what she wanted. But Rosalie really wasn't as selfish as most thought. She couldn't bear to ask me for this; she knew that that simply was too selfish of her. Alice wasn't as interested in babies as Rosalie was; she had everything she wanted in Jasper. Esme had her children in this family, even though I knew she wanted her own little baby. But not as bad as Rosalie. Not nearly as bad as Rosalie. She thought that her looser of a former fiancé could give her what she wanted. But instead he betrayed her, and left her bleeding and freezing on the sidewalk of a dark alley. Just before their wedding. That betrayal was what I thought had shaped Rosalie as she was now. She thought he could make her happy, give her what she really wanted. Her own little child.

And this little boy was exactly like she wanted her little baby to be like.

She had been terribly wronged, and the only thing that could save her from a breakdown that would probably result in her leaving this family, was me. I was the only one with the power to saving her.

"Rosalie, I know you want a child really, really bad. I can see you are on the edge of a breakdown," I started but she cut me off.

"Bella, you can't seriously know what I am going through. You are so damn lucky!" she yelled.

"Rosalie, listen to me. I know. That is why I need you to listen to me. I want you to be happy, and I really don't want you to leave. I love you enough for what I am going to do now. I want you to be happy," I said and I could see she was at no clue to where I was going.

"Rose, I want you to have Lucas," I said dead serious but she stared at me in disbelief.

"That is some seriously evil joke!" she screeched.

"Rose I mean it. It is not a joke. I would never joke with something like this," I could see Emmett thanking me with his eyes, and Edward stared at me in amazement. Esme silently thanked me I could tell, for keeping the family together.

"Here Rose, I have Renesmee, now you have Lucas. I don't want you to suffer, and if I don't do this you will leave at some point. I don't want to break up the family; I want you to be happy, as happy as I am. Don't argue with me! I'm stubborn and I will have it my way. Rosalie you deserve to be happy. And Emmett would never forgive me if I was so selfish to keep this baby when it is what you really need and want as badly as you do. I understand Rose, and I don't blame you. I know how much joy Renesmee brought to my life, and I know how much he will bring joy to your life. Besides if you and Emmett leave, it really wouldn't be the same," I smiled and put the sleeping baby in her arms. She looked like she would have tears streaming down her face. She smiled a smile I had never seen on Rosalie. It was joyful and I could see I had just saved her eternity. I wasn't sad; I had Renesmee, and she could still call him her brother. I knew I would still have him around, and even though I had bonded with him already, I knew he would be happy with Rose. And I had only had him like 2 hours. Maybe Rose would make me his Godmother.

"I'll just ask a tiny favor. Rose would it be too much if you keep the name and let Nessie call him her brother?"

She beamed at me and I knew she understood that I wasn't trying to trick her.

"Of course Bella. That will be the very, very least I can do. I don't know how to thank you. I-I love you Bella! You're the best," and it wasn't like I had just given her a great gift and she was happy with it. No she meant it. I bet all her thoughts were making Edward crazy. So I wrapped my shield around her, and let her have the privacy I knew she would want right now. Too bad my shield didn't work for Jasper. Emmett walked over to her and they smiled lovingly at each other. Their little family was complete. Rose was never the same after that.

Right then Leah came home. Her face was priceless. Rosalie stood with a little baby boy, and the rest of us had the excitement sparkling from our eyes. Nessie was literally jumping up and down, Alice was trying not to, and Jasper looked so overly happy that it could only come from Rose.

"Can I hold him?" Emmett asked. Rosalie beamed and handed him over. Right there Emmett seemed to be, I don't know, maybe the word was proud. Even though he couldn't get taller than he was right now, it seemed like he grew. His whole face lit up and his back straightened as he held the little baby.

"I still think we should call him Emmett the 2nd!" he said and we all burst out laughing. Except Leah, she was still in shock. Seth and Jake were already around her.

"What the hell?" she asked.

"Long story!" and then Jake told her the story. Right there Quil seemed like he couldn't hold something back anymore.

"Can I please, please, please, please bring Claire tomorrow?" he asked. (A/N: for the sake of the story, please ignore the fact that my Geography sucks)

"No duh! Of course!" Alice said. And then Quil was out the door and in his car, in 2 seconds. Alice forgot to tell him something.
"Well, he'll just have to learn, then," she said grinning.

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