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Becker and three soldiers were sat in a car outside Andrew Barnes's flat in Kensington. They'd seen him go inside about half an hour ago and were just biding their time, waiting for the right moment to go in. Becker had briefed his men, arrest Barnes and seize all his computer equipment. He gave the planned signal, and the four of them got out of the car and made their up the stairwell to flat 7b.

Becker had been looking forward to this. He kicked in the door easily and two of the soldiers ran inside. Becker followed, and the third soldier followed him. "Barnes!" Becker yelled. They searched all the rooms and found several computer hard drives stacked up in the corner of the lounge area. Barnes himself was found hiding in the wardrobe. Becker dragged him out, whilst a soldier aimed a gun at his head. "Thought you'd try and hide eh?" Becker spat.

"I haven't done anything!" Barnes whimpered

"That's not what your friend Private Somerville says. We've been watching you. We know you've been hacking into our computers and taking your findings to Claudia Brown"

"He's lying! It's all him!"

Becker couldn't help thinking how pathetic this man was. "Tell someone who actually cares" He handcuffed Barnes and told two of the soldiers to take him to the car, whilst he and the other soldier gathered up the computer equipment to take it back to the ARC for Connor to go through.


Danny, Connor and Abby were making their way through the maze of offices at the Canary Wharf site. Getting past security had been easy, Danny flashed his Home Office security pass and fed them some story about a coded phonecall indicating a possible bomb, and they'd been allowed straight through with no questions asked. Several minutes later, they found themselves at the offices of Claudia Brown.

The receptionist greeted them and asked if they had an appointment "I'm pretty certain Ms Brown will want to see us. Just tell her Danny Quinn and his associates are here". Danny smiled, watching as the receptionist picked up the phone was spoke to Claudia

"Ms Brown says you are to go straight in"

Danny led the way, he opened the door and was taken aback by what he saw. "Jenny Lewis!"

"Actually it's Claudia Brown, but its an easy mistake to make. I'm told the likeness is uncanny" Claudia said. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of meeting, Mr Quinn" she held out her hand for Danny to shake, but he didn't. He just folded his arms and looked at her with a puzzled expression.

"Connor and Abby I do know, from a former life" Claudia smiled. Connor and Abby looked at each other. They had heard the name so many times before, and Cutter had always insisted that Claudia existed, a doppelganger of Jenny Lewis. They'd all thought Cutter had gone a little crazy when he started on his rantings about the past being changed and Claudia being replaced by Jenny … but now…

"I suppose you're all a little confused, so I should explain" Claudia said. "Sit down, this could take a while"

"You can't be the same Claudia Brown that Cutter knew!" Connor said. "If she was .. is … as great as he always said, then she wouldn't be doing what you're doing"

"Connor …. We all change when faced with life and death situations. You aren't the same person you were only three years ago, and I'm not the same person I was three years ago"

"So, explain how come you're doing Helen Cutter's dirty work now?" Abby said

"Helen saved me. The anomalies cause splits in reality as well as time, and when Nick came back through and I had stopped existing, he had actually caused a split, and I was stuck. Helen found me and brought me back here"

"So, to repay her, she turned you against us and got you to spy on us?" Danny said

"In the beginning, yes, she showed me what you had all become, the technology you were developing. She convinced me to help her stop you. But she's not a smart as she thinks she is. She just wanted to stop you from destroying humanity, but I could see a way of utilising the anomalies for our own benefit"

"Like using the creatures to police situations that are out of control?" Connor said

"I'm helping the future of mankind. With a deterrent like that, crime will disappear"

"Helping?!" Connor shouted. "Have you actually seen what your kind of 'help' leads to? I have … innocent people living in fear, a place ruled by a military regime"

"Sounds perfect. It's about time this country was run properly" Claudia said.

Connor shook his head. This was not the Claudia Brown that Cutter had talked so fondly about. She'd either been completely brainwashed by Helen, or this woman was some kind of clone made by Helen to mess with their minds. All Connor knew was, Cutter would be turning in his grave right now.

"I guess you're here to stop me" Claudia said. "Helen told me you'd try"

"There's no trying involved" Danny said. "We have Barnes and Somerville in custody already, and as we speak, the computers are on their way to the ARC so Connor here can collect all the evidence we need to prove you hacked into government property"

Claudia laughed. "Barnes and Somerville are just the pawns in this game"

"And you think you're the queen?" Danny said.

"I think of myself more as a leader than a queen. The queen is just a symbolic ruler with no real powers" her eyes narrowed.

"Well, your game is over, Claudia." Danny said "You can either come with us now, calmly and quickly, or I get rough and take you to the ARC myself"

"Actually, its your game that's over" Claudia said, nodding towards the door. Several very large security men were in the doorway, guns raised. "Take them to the cellar and make sure they can't escape"

Two of the men grabbed Connor by the arms, he struggled and tried to kick out at them. Two of the others grabbed Danny, he managed to shrug one off and a well aimed elbow to the face knocked him backwards against the desk. However, a third man also grabbed at Danny and he was overwhelmed. The final man grabbed Abby and flung her over his shoulder. She managed to kick him hard between the legs, winding him and dropping her to the floor. She tried to grab one of the men holding Connor, but she was shoved backwards and into the arms of the man who had hold of her before. Connor struggled again, and earned a punch in the face. Defeated, the three of them were dragged away and down the stairs towards a cellar, followed by Claudia.

"Guard them" She said. "It looks like you've forced me to go to the ministry with my plans earlier than expected. Lester will be out of his post by the end of the day, and then the ARC will be ready. Proper law and order will reign very soon!" she flounced off.

"Great host, your Claudia Brown" Danny said.

"Cutter always spoke fondly of her … that woman is not the Claudia Brown he knew" Abby said, rubbing her shoulder where she had landed awkwardly.

Connor was trying to stop his nose from bleeding. "We have to warn Becker"

Danny was already trying his phone "No signal down here" he said, tossing the phone to the floor.

The three of them slumped to the ground, Abby fussing over Connor's swollen nose. "We have to hope Becker and Sarah realise something's wrong" she said.


Sarah was looking at her watch anxiously "They should be back by now Becker" she said. He nodded. "Did you try calling them?"

"All three phones go straight to voicemail. Wherever they are, they're either out of signal range or they're not able to answer. Either way, its not good." Becker was preparing to go out again, and his men were waiting.

Just as they were ready to leave, the security alarm went off, and Becker's radio crackled "We have a breach, sir. A woman calling herself Claudia Brown has entered the complex along with about 10 armed men"

Becker's team went into an automatic routine, one they'd been drilled on many times.

"Let them through" Lester said, speaking from the walkway above the main room. "I think I'm going to enjoy this" his mouth was curled into a half smile. Becker and Sarah looked at him puzzled. He made his way down into the main room and stood by the anomaly detector, arms folded. He looked almost relaxed.

Claudia and her men came into the room, and Becker's men raised their guns "Tell your men to back down, James" she said

Lester indicated for them to lower their guns "Claudia Brown I assume?" he said. "I wish I could say it was a pleasure to meet you, but considering you're here to try and take over my project, I won't. I'm sure you understand"

Claudia glanced around the room. "This is all very impressive, James. What a shame you won't be able to enjoy the facilities any longer"

"I can assure you, Ms Brown, that I intend to be here for some time yet"

She laughed. "The Minister is on his way here now to relieve you of your job and hand over control to me. They rather liked my idea of capturing the creatures to use for law and order"

"Oh, I know he's on his way here. He called me about 10 minutes ago. You see, we knew exactly what you were going to do. Connor Temple saw the future. The minister has been on alert ever since. He's got an arrest warrant for you, and you'll be charged along with tweedle dum and tweedle dee back there for a long list of offences that will keep you locked up for a long time" Lester grinned, just as a team of police and soldiers arrived. With the help of Becker's men, Claudia's team were overwhelmed, handcuffed and escorted off the premises. Barnes and Somerville were also taken away.

"Well, that's another crisis dealt with" Lester said, straightening his tie and making his way back up to his office. "Becker, take your men and see if you can find Quinn and the others, and then we can all go home. It's been a long day"

Sarah laughed, and smiled at Becker as he left.


Connor was sat on the sofa, back in the comfort of the flat he shared with Abby. She was holding a bag of frozen peas to his nose. "I think it might be broken Connor" she said "You should get it looked at properly"

"I'll go in the morning" he said. Abby gave him a look "I promise"

There was an awkward silence between them. Claudia had been stopped from taking over the ARC, meaning the future Connor saw would be changed. Abby squeezed Connor's hand. "We should talk"

Connor looked at her "is there any point?"

"Yes. We changed things, hopefully for the better … what does it mean for us?"

"We changed things, this time. But there's always going to be someone with less than honourable intentions, someone who wants to expose the ARC, someone who wants to use the technology and the anomalies for their own evil agendas … the threat is always going to exist, unless …." He stopped

"Unless what Connor?"

"If the technology and the research wasn't there, it couldn't be abused" he turned his eyes towards his feet, unable to look Abby in the eyes.

"But it is there Connor, and now its our job to protect it"

He got to his feet, and grabbed his jacket. "Where are you going?"

"I need to clear my head" he said, and left. Abby stared at the closed door, bewildered. This wasn't like Connor at all, and she was concerned. She debated whether to go after him, but then decided she should give him some space, and talk to him later when he'd had time to process everything that had happened. She made herself a drink and went to bed, taking the rare opportunity for an early night and being able to read for a while.

She fell asleep fairly quickly, but was woken around 3am by her phone. It was Danny "What's up?" she was already half out of bed, getting dressed and expecting to be going off to an anomaly.

"I'm at the ARC …. There's been a bomb"

Abby dropped the phone, and felt her heart pounding in her chest. She picked up her phone again "A bomb? …. Are you sure it was a bomb and not some electrical fault?"

"Forensics are here, they say an explosion of this size could only have been an explosive device, deliberately planted to cause destruction"

"How bad is it?" Abby was shaking.

"The whole building's gone. It looks like we've lost everything. You'd better come over." Danny paused "Is Connor home?"

Abby wasn't sure. She hadn't heard him come back, but then she had been sleeping pretty soundly. She walked up the stairs towards his room, his bed had not been slept in at all. "No, I haven't seen him since earlier this evening"

"Did he seem …. OK?"

"Are you suggesting Connor is responsible for this!?" she said. She knew the answer, she was already thinking the same herself.

"I'm not suggesting anything Abby. But I've been trying to call him for at least half an hour before I called you and he's not answering. Becker's checked the CCTV at the security gate, and Connor came into the ARC about midnight, and left half an hour later"

Abby closed her eyes. Surely Connor hadn't gone ahead with the plan his future self had put into his head? "I'm on my way over there Danny" she said.


As she pulled into the driveway leading up the ARC, she could already see the scale of the destruction the explosion had caused. There was very little left of the main building, and what was still standing was smouldering and looking very unstable. Several fire engines and police cars were parked up, and she could make out Lester pacing up and down looking angry. She got out of her car and went over. Sarah was straight at her side.

"Have you spoken to Connor? Lester is really gunning for blood"

"I tried three times on the way over, he's not answering" Abby shook her head.

"Do you think he did this?"

"Who else would do this? It looks like that suicide device actually worked" Abby could see Lester heading towards her

"Where's Temple?!" he demanded

"I have no idea. He went out earlier this evening and I haven't seen or heard from him since"

"As soon as he makes contact, you tell me. Do you understand?" Lester stomped off again.

Abby moved over to one side, away from the crowd. She dialled Connor's number once more "Connor. I'm guessing your absence means you are responsible for the explosion at the ARC. I understand why you did it, and I know this means you're in hiding now. But I just need to know you're OK. Lester wants me to tell him when you make contact, but I care too much about you for that. I promise you that anything you say is secret between you and I…. just let me know you're OK" she was fighting back tears.

As she stood and watched the remains of the ARC being dowsed down by the fire brigade, she thought about the future, and the conversation between her and Sarah. Did she still believe in fate? She had to ….