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Charles "Chuck" Irving Bartowski: 16 years old. Father just left him and Ellie and he moved into an apartment in Echo Park because Ellie is going to UCLA to study medicine and she didn't want to leave him on his own but he wanted her to go to university so they compromised. Their mother left them ten years ago. Attends Burbank High School. He is a sophomore in high school.

Sarah Lisa Walker: 16 years old. Under witness protection, formerly known as Jennifer Lisa Burton. Lives in Echo Park with her new foster family-The Millers. Parents: Alex and Carol Miller and their daughter Carina Miller. Attends Burbank High School. She is a sophomore in high school.

Carina Miller: 17 years old. Lives in Echo Park with her parents Alex and Carol Miller. She is Sarah's foster sister. Her boyfriend is John Casey. Attends Burbank Highs School. Is a junior in high school.

John Casey: 18 years old. Carina's boyfriend. After high school he wants to enrol in the Us Marine Corps. Attends Burbank High School. Is a senior in high school.

Eleanor Fay Bartowski: 19 years old. Father recently left her and her brother Chuck. Ellie had been accepted to attend UCLA to study medicine but she did not want to leave her brother on his own so as a compromise, he moved to LA with her so that they could be close while she was away in university. Their mother had already left ten years before.

Alex and Carol Miller: Carina's parents and Sarah's foster parents. 40-something-year-olds. Carol is a Lawyer while Alex is an ER Doctor. They care a lot for Carina and Sarah and can be quite strict but they understand that they need go their own way sometimes. They live next door to Chuck. However, they extended their apartment so that they have a second floor.

(A/N: The apartments are not set out like in the series, they are side by side, not connected with a small courtyard and fountain.)

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