Summary: She fell in love with him after the prince saved her, but what girl didn't dote over him? As a commoner in their chaotic world love means little and she couldn't hope for it to save her again.
Note: only the first segment is in first-person, everything else is in third.

{-|.x. Forever Nevermore .x.|-}
{ .x. Untold Tale .x.}


Everything used to be fine, I used to have a family, and we all used to be happy. I lived in this quaint little villa on the outskirts of the town I grew up in, the name doesn't matter, because it no longer exists. Truth be told, it's but a crater, a barren land of rubble and unmarked graves. I was so young; I had yet to even strike the tender age of ten when the war began. This endless cycle of doom and gloom, the thing that took the world's glee away. At least mine and everyone I have met since then. I suppose I can't truly speak for the world, now can I?

It was night when the bombs began to fall from the sky. I was a bratty overly privileged child who's parents spoiled her eternally, so when they wouldn't let me have desert after dinner I threw a tantrum and ran out into the forest behind our house like I so often did before. I always came back when the sun disappeared, that's why they never came looking for me.

I wish I wasn't so predictable, perhaps they would have searched for me, perhaps they all wouldn't have been in the house when the black, metal, sphere dropped upon our home. I was walking back with my head held low out of defeat when the energy from the explosion shot me off the ground and my head into a tree. I'm grateful that I was knocked out in the bushes or I might have heard the screams as the foreign soldiers plundered the once vibrant city… I might have heard the cries of my family as they burned in the flames.

Mother, father, brother, grandpa…

I woke the next day when the sun was high in the sky, though you couldn't tell from the thick smog of dust and smoke that clotted out the rays from shining down on the ruins. Not a building stood, when I finally managed to get to my feet I could see everything totaled, nothing but crumbling walls and… bodies in the street.

Dead, bleeding, smelly bodies—that image has haunted me to this day.

Tears trekked down my dirty, dry crimson flaking cheeks as I walked up to the brunt wood that I once called my home. My knees gave way as I fell to the ground, even at such a naïve age I was aware no one would have lived through whatever had happened.

I knew I was alone.

"Papa," I still muttered all the same as I let my forehead kiss the ground, "papa!" I was father's little girl, he'd do anything I asked, I had him wrapped around my pinky finger, so why did he not come when I called? As he always did before? Always… but for forever nevermore.

"There's a little girl alive over here!" I heard a man cry vaguely, it was in the background at best as my body shock with a sorrow I did not know could existed.

"Hello," I heard a hush repeat a few times so I bothered to push myself off the ground enough to meet a pair of eyes that reflected the sun that no longer brought light to my life.

Was it in that moment that I fell in love?

"Are you alright?" he inquired, my eyes moved up his face to see his ears twitch upon his silver mane. Hanyou, I've heard of them but my home was purely human. Demons were a high society type, my hometown by the sea wasn't good enough for most of them.

"My papa…" was all I could say in return as my eyes wondered away from the boy a few years my senior, I was in far too much turmoil to even wonder what he was doing there.

"Come with me," he requested as he held out his hand for me, I couldn't help but notice the gleam his sharp claws gave off. Why would someone need those? Our country was peaceful… at least, it used to be.

"My papa…" I kept up as I blinked another fresh, warm, set of tears free. "Why won't my papa come?" Once more, I looked him straight in the eyes as they widened. What was it that I said that surprised him so?

"I want my… papa."

His brows flexed together as he clenched his hand and kneeled down beside me, but even then he was still taller, still towering. "Do you know who I am?"

I shook my head, why would I?

"I'm Toashi Inuyasha."

I was young but not ignorant of such an important name, the Toashi family had been leading our country for centuries. "I want my papa," I said nevertheless, as if the words didn't affect me at all. Honestly, back then, they didn't. I didn't care that I was in the presence of royalty. I didn't care that he was cute. I didn't care about his fine clothes and fresh armor.

I wanted my papa, my mama, my brother, my grandpa.

I wanted my life back.

I wanted to reverse time.

Later, only then, would I want to go back far enough so that I, too, could have been in that house it burst into flames.

He pressed his lips together as his eyes wondered all about my face, "I'm sorry… but you can't stay here. We've come to check on the village and remove all survivors… there's nothing left for you here."

How true, but there was nothing left for me anywhere.

"Please," I coaxed out unsteadily, "I want my papa."

"I'm sorry," he muttered, apparently I wasn't permitted anymore time to grieve because the prince picked me up to carry me to a vehicle already filled with the damaged, dirty, and dismayed. "I promise," he began on our way over, "I'll make him pay for this."

I didn't know who 'him' was, not until a few weeks later when I was left at an orphanage would I over hear the caretakers talking about the rival king in the country beside us, Naraku, they say his name is, who wished to expanded and take all of our country, who wished to destroy the Toashi family.

I hear, it's all because of some ancient grievance between the Toashi family and Naraku's. So, tell me, how is it fair that their family is the only one that's left whole throughout this mess? How is that mine is gone and his is whole?

"What's your name?" he asked as he set me in the back of the truck.

I wonder if this all happened or if I made bits and pieces up along the way, I was traumatized, it was all a fog. I doubt he truly asked for my name.

Either way, I remember staring into his endless amber abysses and never giving him an answer, I can still feel how tightly I wrapped my arms around my knees as the truck rolled away. All the while, my eyes were still locked with the young prince's.

I was told that the princes were all sent to see the consequences of war so that it would become real to them.

Consequences they say, as if it was expected, as if it was just another part of life… I suppose it was, but I still feel insulted, hurt, destroyed.

It wasn't just a consequence to me, it was the end.


Once upon a time there was a gracious girl that still found a way to smile after her world fell down around her. This girl went from town to town with the others after each of the proceeding ones were destroyed or marred. One wouldn't be able to tell that their country was thus far 'winning' the war from the way town after town was crumbling to pieces. Or was it simply whichever she chanced upon? Yes, this girl thought she was a jinx. This girl was sure she only brought death.

This girl could shine on for those around her, the fair-weather friends she made and children she tended to care for at whatever local orphanage needed aid, while her soul was shattering.

This girl watched as the war waged on, as all the boys her age left to their impending deaths surge after surge, and as the crime rates of all towns went up.

Rape, plundering, murder, they were all so very common they were considered almost mundane. Side effects of the combat—consequences—but do not fret, it would end just as soon as the fighting did.

That's what everyone told everyone else, that is.

Somehow, she had been lucky enough to only have been beaten once or twice and whatever little money or food she had upon her at the time was taken. Yes, that was lucky for someone in her country.

The gates were broken, hell was let lose.

All luck has its limits, unfortunately, and young Higurashi Kagome was about to discover that as she walked about after curfew, hidden in the shadows of the barely standing buildings about her as she hurried along. Curfew was for their own protection, she knew it, and she always meant to obey the laws but she had a far to pressing matter to regard than ruler's command. A young boy that she had grown quite fond of at the orphanage she aided at times fell ill and his temperature sky rocked. He needed medicine that the overly populated place had ran out of and he needed it now so she dared volunteer to go to the pharmacy that one of the caretaker's uncle's owned. He was phoned before she left that she'd be on her way to get the proper prescription; he lived right above the place so there was no risk involved for him.

She succeeded to get there and the bottle of pure liquid and she was but a few meters away from the gloom infested building so she was sure she'd make it.

Until she felt the grasp of a hand upon her shoulder and her body yanked back and against the very walls that once covered her from any onlookers. None of that mattered like the bottle slipping from her hand and breaking upon the rocky ground. That was all she focused on as the solider started to shout at her for breaking the rules and calling her one horrid name after the next. Her wide, wavering, hazel eyes couldn't see anything but the liquid as it drained out onto the barely paved street until the very calloused hand that had first grasped her took her chin harshly and yanked her to look at the ugly, scarred, man.

"Bitch," he repeated for the umpteenth time, "you're the waitress from that bar, eh?"

She did what she could for money; waitressing was the best way she knew how.

"I remember seeing these fine curves," he grinned to show his rioting teeth as he pressed his excited body against hers. "I remember thinking 'if only there was no one else around' as I watched your ass sway away."

No, that simply wasn't happening to her. No, not after everything else. No, her purity was all she had left.

Simple stated, no, she couldn't allow such a thing to occur.

"Please," she whispered unsteadily as her breath quickened, "no… please…"

That rising crime rate that was mentioned prior didn't include the fact that the very soldiers assigned to protect the cities were the ones behind most of it, now did it? What could people do? They were the ones with the weapons, the ones with warped minds from the war, the ones that everyone needed to protect them in case the other enemy showed… they could do whatever the pleased.

And many of them desired unwilling companions for the night, many.

"What was that?" he chuckled, "please, yes?"

"Please," she shook her head but it was little use with his hand still firmly holding her chin. It was the last moment of fresh air she'd have before his chapped lips collided with her untouched ones. No matter how she struggled he over powered her, he took both of her hands into one of his and rose it above her head to keep them from getting in the way as he tore at her top to reveal more flesh that no man had ever seen. Skin that had never known the warmth of a man, not until then. She had never romanticized about a better future, about any real future, but if she ever relinquished her innocence she had at least hoped it was to a man that she was partially fond of and that he would be gentle.

Instead she felt nips and tugs on her skin and disgusting drool leave a trail behind his assault as more and more of her clothes were given up. She could scream, she could cry, she could beg for someone to save her but she was no longer naïve. It was past curfew, no one would come to save her.

It was punishment, they always said, if a girl was assaulted while out at night. People would hear her cries, maybe even some would look out their windows into the alley and watch, but no one would stop him. Not another soldier, not another soulful citizen.

She shut her eyes tighter than the weak flesh would allow. Her thoughts were raging as she still tried her best to fight back the inevitable—for some reason whenever misery truly ensnared her, her mind would go back to him. Every girl she had ever met was in love with one or both of the debonair princes, so she was no different. Reality was, he probably did not even remember meeting her.

And that reminded her of how cruel reality was as she was shoved to the ground and kicked in side to get her to turn over as he pinned her down onto the dingy, murky street.

Why couldn't he save her one more time?

All of this was a consequence of a war that was, at the heart of it, all his family's fault. Hers was gone because of it, must she lose even more?

'Save me,' echoed about in her mind but never left her smothered lips as hands groped their way down to part her thigh. He was far stronger, far bigger, far crueler than her, he didn't even care to restrain her hands any longer. Perhaps that was what excited him more so his lower extremities to salute fully finally.

"No!" She shrieked once his mouth and tongue finally left hers, her hands trying to push him away all the while until they tapped against a bulge. Her eyes widened.

She didn't even think of it as it was happening, it just happened. It had to… it had to. There was no other way, she couldn't do anything else. He was stronger; he was… so she grasped that bulge with all her might and pulled it out of its holster to pull the trigger.

Never before had she used such a thing… but it worked all the same, the echo of the bang that came from the barrel would stick with her forever. The way his eyes widened and mouth opened in a silent scream would, too, before he toppled to the side to drown in a pool of his own blood.

Muffled attempts to talk came out in splats of blood as he reached his once so powerful hand out to her but she shook her head as she scooted away, the offensive object still in hand until his dropped to the ground. He died in that moment and she was sure she saw the life fade from him… his eyes were still locked to her even after death.

A shaky breath came in before an erratic one left, another in, another out. It wasn't happening, there was simply no way. No matter how many times she'd try air didn't free the burning her lungs were producing. Water dripped freely down from her unblinking stare.

She didn't even notice the hurried footsteps of his comrades coming to check on what the commotion was all about. They wouldn't respond to her screams—if she had ever bothered to make some—but beware of a gunshot! They'd come running.

She didn't even hear them curse behind her as they evaluated the scene. She just felt two of them grab her arms as the third took the gun away and smacked her upside the head with it. Almost enough to make her fall unconscious instantly but not there yet… it was enough to make their threats and other hollers fade as they pinned her to the ground swearing they'd do worse to her than he would have. She barely noticed as the remainder of her rags was torn away.

The last thing she saw before she let stupid slumber take her was a figure right there, right above her head, the lights from the street emulating his head to give him a halo.

An angle…? Did she deserve one to save her any longer?


She awoke to a peaceful hush she did not know still lingered anywhere in the world, no matter what time of day there was always noises to pollute the town or a silence that made one's skin crawl at night. When did the sun learn how to shine again? The curtains that hide most of the flaming ball's rays danced in the spring breeze… curtains? That got her to finally keep her lazy eyes open and look around at the room, luxurious would be an understatement.

If her head did not bang with such pain she might have sat up and evaluated it more, but it did along with the rest of her body so she simply lied still and took in all she could from there. The bed she rested upon was soft, frilly, and even had a canopy to close her off to the world. Her skin wasn't directly touching the luscious fabric of the high-quality sheets so she was clothed in something equally fine, a cotton gown she assumed.

What had happened?

Erratic memories wiggled their way back into her battered brain until she couldn't deny them any longer. She remembered… she killed a man, granted a monstrous one, but another human all the same. Then there were his three friends and that light… the blinding figure.

"Where am I?" She muttered finally as she let her head fall to the other side so she could see the one side of the room she had yet to glance over. Right away, her hazels widened and she found the strength to sit up.

"You're awake," the man that sat there said simply as he marked the page of the book he had been reading before he set it on the bed stand. "You had quite the nasty head injury, but the doctor said you'll be fine."

Where had all the air gone? How did she breath again? What mussels were meant to move?

"You are safe now," he soothed with a gentle wave of one of his hands, "lie down."

She was dreaming… or perhaps she had died and gone to heaven? What else could explain having her prince sitting at her bedside? No, not her prince, everyone's prince, and not her bedside, "where… am I?"

"At an estate that I'm staying at, it's a fair distance from the closet town. You're lucky that I had gone there last night to discuss matters with the general posted there or else I wouldn't have chanced upon you," before she got gang-raped, but he didn't feel like he had to add that. She looked stunned as it was, and why wouldn't she? He was the prince; it was probably ever girls dream to wake up with him or his brother—hell, both of them—beside them. A prince had saved her; she could probably die happy now.

"Oh," she breathlessly gasped as she looked away. Again, he had come to her rescue. Or… had he? Was it truly again or was it a first? It was a first. Yes, it had to be, he didn't rescue her before the bomb went off. He didn't free her family from their fate. She lifted her hand to tenderly touch her bandaged skull, it seemed all she had to do was get a bad bash in the head and he'd appear. If only she had known that earlier…

"Oh," she muttered again as she turned to look at him and lower her hand to grasp the fabric that lay before her heart, "I… I… that man… I shot… you have to…"

"I understand," he assured her with utter indifference, "I'm not ignorant to what happens to pretty girls."

Did that mean he thought she was pretty? Her heart almost leaped up from joy before reality crashed down on it, "no, that's not what I meant," she swallowed, "you have to throw me in jail."

"Why?" he ridiculed with a raised brow.

"I… I killed a man," she murmured, was that not already obvious?

"Wasn't it in self-defiance?" He questioned as he folded his arms upon his chest.


"Then forget about it," he stated swiftly, carelessly, as he stood up and pushed the chair back to the humble table in the corner of the room.

"How can you say that?!" Shocked him before he could exit the room, he glanced back at the flustered girl, "how can you say that?"

"What are you talking about?" he sighed, did the hit on her noggin affect her brain more so than the doctors had predicted?

"How can I forget?" She inquired before she briefly pressed her lips together and blinked away the possibility of tears. "If you know how I can forget something so horrible, please tell me, I'd love to know…" she'd erase everything then.

There was no answer from the apathetic prince as he stared at her blatant distress, he hadn't planned on it, he had just decided to play hero and make sure she was fine then release her back into the wild world but… "rest, you'll be staying here until I am certain you are alright again."

"How can I be alright after something like that?" She whispered to herself, certain that he didn't hear it as he left.

But he did all the same. If she was never alright… then she simply would never leave. He'd see to that.

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