Note: The first segment of this chapter will be in first-person.

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I was on a vacation in the south section of my country with my mother and father, everything was happy back then. My mother was always smiling, my father was always chuckling, and I was, too. Everything was great… then we heard the news, not too far from us a city on the border by the sea was totaled.

War was coming, my father hasn't smiled since and my mother's health has started to weaken. I think it's because of all the misery that she fell ill.

My father told me that nothing would ever be the same and of our family's connection with Naraku. He told me, without saying so much, this was our family is at fault and our country would suffer for it. It was because of that that he sent me to the sight of the massacre with the first wave of soldiers. It was a search and rescue mission, to try and save anyone that was left... to kill any enemy we chanced upon.

It was… the worst sight I've ever seen, I'm sure that's not really true. I've seen so many things I wish I could forgot since then but it's just… that was the first time I ever saw such misery. The first dead body, the first bloodshed, the first leveled city...

That was the first time I saw her, too.

"There's a little girl alive over here!" One of the soldiers shouted as he hauled an injured person over his shoulders and headed towards one of the many trucks.

If no one could go to her, I'd snap out of the shock I was in and retrieve her. I could do that much. I hoped and prayed that she wasn't battered. I wanted her to be fine; I couldn't see another armless person… another bloody nearly decapitated.

She was on her knees and head to the ground; I held my breath as I walked over to her, "hello?" She didn't respond, "hello?" I said it a few times in a hush before she pushed herself off the ground to look up and meet my gaze, she had the prettiest hazels.

Something clicked in me at that moment.

"Are you alright?" I inquired; I glanced all over her person to make sure she was alright. Her head was bleeding but otherwise she looked fine. Thank the gods.

"My papa," her eyes wondered away from me to the ruined home. I could only assume that was hers, she couldn't have been inside of it… no one within that place could have lived.

"Come with me," I requested as I held out my hand to her. She just stared at it as if it was a foreign object, her eyes were so empty… so blank. She must have been in such shock.

"My papa…" she whispered once more as she blinked a series of tears free. I felt my heart break for the first time at that. I could go home to my dad, why couldn't she? Why did this have to happen? My country was so peaceful for so long… why now? "Why won't my papa come?" My eyes widened as hers looked straight at mine, he must have been in that house… he's dead. Never had so much guilt taken hold of me, I wanted to embrace her, I wanted to make everything OK.

"I want my… papa." I wanted to give her that, but I couldn't. My brows bent together as I clenched my hands and knelt down beside her.

"Do you know who I am?" I watched as she shook her head, "I'm Toashi Inuyasha."

There was no glimmer I always got when I told people that, she just stared at me with the same lifeless gaze, "I want my papa."

I can't give her that… I can't give her anything. Everything was gone for her… but I still could go home to a loving mother and a powerful father. I pressed my lips together as my gaze wondered all over her. She'd become a beautiful girl, if she could live through whatever was soon to come… "I'm sorry… but you can't stay here. We've come to check on the village and remove all survivors… there's nothing left for you here."

"Please," she coaxed out shakily, "I want my papa."

"I'm sorry," I muttered again, I couldn't leave her there… I wanted to hold her so I swept her up in my arms and carried her towards the vehicle. She was so small. This was the only thing I could give her, "I promise. I'll make him pay for this."

I pressed my lips together as I set her down in the truck half-full of tattered souls. I had to know, "what's your name?" I couldn't follow her, I couldn't make everything OK, but I'd find her again. I'd make sure she was fine.

She didn't ever answer, though; she just stared at me as the truck began to fade away. I can't imagine she'd ever be OK again.

I'd find her again, if it's the last thing I do. I'll keep my promise.


"Wait!" Inuyasha shouted as he leaped out of the door and stopped the chauffer that had been summoned to take Kagome back to her town. He was only in shock for a moment, how did she already get a car to come around? "Wait," he repeated as he yanked open the door to look at her.

"W… What?" She replied meekly.

"What was the name of the town? The one where we met when we were younger?"

"My… my hometown was called Seimone, why?"

His breath was hitched in his throat at that moment as he slid to rest against the open door. "It's… you."

"I am me," she weakly retorted with a raised brow, "are you alright, prince?"

He didn't say anything in return; he just pushed himself off the door, placed his hand on the back of her neck and yanked her forward so their lips could collide. He found her. He didn't mean to, he didn't know, but he had her. Finally.

She cut that joy short when she pushed him away and cover her mouth, the cruelest look he was sure she could muster was written across her scowling face as she glared at him. Behind her hand she mumbled, "don't. I said I don't regret last night but that doesn't mean I will… you love someone else."

"I love you," he assured on a breath as he held his hand in for her, "I remember you. I've been looking for you. I've been thinking about you. I'm so glad that you are alright. I have been… hoping to find you but you never told me your name. I had no idea where to look and even if I ran into you… I wouldn't know what you look like. My nose wasn't working that day or else I would have memorized your scent," there was too much death in the air, decaying flesh, burning bodies, everything was so overwhelming he couldn't have noticed her lovely scent.

"You… you do?" She whispered as her fingers slide down her lips.

"Yes, yes," he leaned forward to kiss her once more, "stay. Stay here with me, you haven't anyone to go home to, I want you to stay. You've won my heart over twice already; I'm more than willing to give it to you exclusively."

"Twice…?' she muttered as she took his hand and let him help her out of the car.

"When we were young," he kissed her forehead, "and again since spring. I'll get down on my knees to beg you to stay, if I must."

"You don't have to," she assured as she rested her head against his chest. He could feel him wrap his arms around her and rest his chin upon her ebony waves. "I'll stay."

"At the end of the summer I will return to the frontlines, Kagome…"

Her heart ached at that but what could she do?

"I swear I will come home if you are here waiting for me."

"I'll always be here; I've been in love with you since I was a child… why would I ever leave?"

"Good," he whispered as he pulled her away just enough to place another soft kiss upon her lips before he dropped to one knee, perhaps it might appear rash but he had been looking for her for two decades, how cold he let her go again? "I'm the second in line, my old brother will never be killed since he's far too stubborn, so marry me? No one will care that I married a commoner. If anything, I think it would be enduring. It would be a way for my family to apologize to all those out there and to give them some hope and to assure everyone that we still care."


"Inuyasha, just call me that," he requested as he took her hands into his, "Kagome, please?"

It was dream; she had fallen into a true fairytale, who would have thought? She smiled all the same, "of course."

When the summer ended he'd return to the destruction that tore their land apart, to the dismay of constant death that lingered around all battlegrounds. When summer ended, he'd go forth to fulfill his promise to his wife, even though he knew she'd rather him stay with her and never be put in the line of fire again, and that she'd be worried out of her mind about him each night that passed by without a call or letter. When summer ended, they may never see each other again…

… but until then, they'd be together to live happily ever after, even if for but a month.

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