"Listen to me Bella; I want you to stay with me. Do you understand? You are not to leave my side."

"What for Edward? What's wrong?"

"Just promise me Bella. Just listen to me and do it. Do not ask questions. You'll find out soon enough," Edward told her.

She looked up at his eyes and once again, they were smoldering, yet, Edward seemed to be pleading with her and she knew in her heart that she could trust him. "Okay Edward, I'll do what you ask."

Edward leaned down and kissed Bella fiercely before breaking away and leading Bella up to her apartment.

Present day:

The whole way up to Bella's apartment, she couldn't keep her hand away from her lips. She was ecstatic, but at the same time, scared out of her mind. She still couldn't figure out Edward or why she seemed to have this electric current go through her every time he touched her. When they finally reached her apartment she realized why he wanted her to stay with him, however, what she couldn't figure out was how he knew this.

"Edward, what is this? What the hell happened to my apartment?" Bella gasped, dumbfounded.

So many emotions were running through her. She looked around her apartment in complete horror. She began to walk toward her bedroom noting that Edward was right behind her. Just as she was about to walk into her room Edward's phone rang.

"Bella, just a sec, I have to take this."

Bella nodded, but still continued forward as she walked into her bedroom and released a silent sob. She stopped just barely in the room. Everything was ransacked. Every drawer pulled out and dumped haphazardly on the floor. Al of her clothes and personal belongings had been ripped or strewn across the room. Her lamp was shattered along with various frames and knickknacks. Her bedding looked like it had been sent through a shredder. Someone completely slashed it up. She looked over to her dresser and saw that her mirror was smashed as well.

Bella hurriedly glanced around for the frame containing the picture of her parents and found it lying on the floor next to the bathroom. She prayed that it was unscathed as she turned it over. However, luck was not on her side as she stared at what used to be their faces. The word "bitch" was scribbled in red repeatedly.

Tears began to pool in Bella's eyes as she remembered the fondness her parents had for one another. She didn't have very many pictures of her parents and this was one of them that she treasured the most. Now it was ruined. She gently brushed away the glass from the frame and held it to her, letting her tears rush down her heart-shaped face. Edward poked his head around the door frame.

"Bella, I've called the police. We should wait for them outside," Edward said, taking a hold of her.

When she tried to pull away, his grasp became steel as he refused to release her.

"Edward, how did you know something was going on in here? I...did...I you know who did this? Did you do this?" Edward silenced her with a quick kiss on the lips. He then moved to her forehead and placed a chaste kiss there as well.

Still hugging her, he breathed in her scent and spoke, "I didn't. I swear, Bella, but the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end. Something didn't feel right. I'm sorry I turned out to be right. I'm just glad your ok." Bella cautiously nodded. She didn't buy that for a minute but for now she would agree.

Bella and Edward made their way out into the hall just in time to see the elevator's open up with two police officers. A redheaded female officer with her long mane neatly kept in a tight bun exited first, followed by a male officer with sun kissed skin. They introduced themselves as Officer Victoria Reid and Officer Paul Smith.

"Ma'am, can you tell us what happened?" asked the redhead.

Bella explained everything including the incident that had happened between herself and James in case it was relevant. The officers allowed Bella and Edward in but motioned for them to go stand on the balcony while they checked the rest of the apartment. Break-ins were not a huge priority so the fact that they came at all was a bonus.

"Bella, you should go pack a bag. I can't in good conscious allow you stay here with some psychopath on the loose," Edward pleaded.

"Edward, I don't have anywhere else to go. I'll just have to make due." Bella didn't like having to explain her circumstances.

"I have a spare room you can stay in. It's really no problem my home is quite vast," Edward explained.

"I wouldn't want to get in your way." Bella bit her lip nervously.

"You won't, besides it can be a bit lonely there. I could use the company." Edward's golden orbs twinkled as he thought about her in his house, in his shower, and in his bed.

Granted it would be in his spare bedroom, but he still owned the bed. One day they would make good use of the prop he had purchased for appearances only.

"What about your other lady friends." Bella was fishing for information on his love life. He chuckled at this.

"Since you are my only lady, I don't see that being a problem." Edward almost sounding like he was purring when he kissed the back of her hand.

Biting her lip again, she decided to let loose and give it a try. She could always leave if it was uncomfortable. Once the police had secured the scene and told them they would be in touch, Bella and Edward went back inside to retrieve a bag for Bella. Edward locked everything up as Bella packed anything that was salvageable, which wasn't much. Most of her belongings would need replacing.

Edward neglected to tell Bella that he knew who had done this to her. He would know that scent anywhere, he actually made sure to store that scent in his memory. Silently he promised himself he would never let this happen to her again. He would never let anything happen to her.

"Are you ready to go?" Edward asked. Bella looked around the apartment and tears pooling in her eyes.

Edward came toward her and softly wrapped his arms around her. He gently nuzzled her hair and placed a couple of sweet kisses in it.

"Why the tears, beautiful?" Edward asked.

Bella glanced up at Edward. "I don't understand, why would someone do this? What have I done?" Bella tried to choke back the tears.

She didn't want Edward to think she was this blubbering little girl. Edward held her to him and with a tight squeeze he released her so he could take the keys from her. He quickly locked the door and escorted Bella out of the building.

When they were in the comfort of his Volvo, he spoke, "Bella, you have done nothing wrong. Whoever did this could have just been looking for money or valuables." He didn't want to scare her with the real reason.

"Edward, how...I...before we went into the apartment, you changed. It was as if you knew something was wrong. How did you know that?" Bella looked at Edward questioningly.

"Isabella, we have already been over that. Can't you just say thank you and be done with it?" Edward snapped.

Bella quickly averted her eyes letting her hair fell in front of her face. "Thank you," she whispered.

Although in her mind she thought it was odd how every time she questioned something to Edward he would snap at her. She again tucked away that information and decided to play it coy until she could bring it up in conversation without having her head snapped off.

She felt the car stop and heard Edward's door open and closed. She decided to hell with the gentleman act and threw open her door. Just as she was about to, Edward was right there holding out his hand for her to take. Instead she shrugged it off and stepped out in awe as she leaned against the car.

The place was huge. It looked to be at least three levels. There was a driveway that went around the back to what she assumed was the garage. To her left was a set of stairs that led to the front door.

"Isabella!" Edward snapped.

"What!" Bella snapped back.

Edward stared back at her in shock. Bella quickly shook her head. "I'm sorry, Edward. I…,"

Edward shook his head and cut her off, "It's fine. I shouldn't have snapped at you. I was just going to ask if you would like to go inside before it starts to rain."

Edward motioned for the front door and Bella began to move. She stopped and was about to grab her bag only to have Edward hold it up for her.

"Oh, I didn't know you had already gotten everything. I could have gotten it, ya know," Bella said.

"Yes, but you also have a hurt wrist so the less you do the better," Edward countered. "It should be unlocked go ahead and go in."

Bella pushed open the door and walked into the foyer. To her right was a bench where she placed her purse. She began taking off her coat when Edward came from behind, "Allow me," he whispered.

Shivers ran up Bella's spine and she nodded. He helped peel of her coat and placed it on the coat rack.

He grabbed her hand and led her into the kitchen. As they walked through the huge archway, she looked around and felt like it was a kitchen made for Chef Ramsey or Emril. There were stainless steel appliances, a gas stove top with six burners sat in the middle by the far wall. To her right was the pantry and what looked like a butler's pantry leading into the dinning room. She looked to her left and was greeted with huge windows in an spherical shape. A small table sat nestled up to it. An island covered with black granite sat in the middle of the room. While a bar was directly to her left and behind.

She moved around it to see the room behind the bar and it looked like a den. It had a beautiful black baby grand piano in it. Bella noticed that Edward watched her as she took in everything. If this floor was this grand she could only imagine what the rest of the house is like.

Edward finally spoke bringing her out of her daydream. "Here's the kitchen, make yourself at home. The pantry and the refrigerator are completely stocked. So please help yourself." Bella nodded.

Very shyly she asked, "Edward, could I see the rest of the house?"

Edward broke out into a lopsided grin and held out his hand. "Certainly my dear. Right this way."

Bella was right as Edward showed her each floor. The second floor was filled with bedrooms, each having their own bathroom in various shades of blues, golds and reds. It also had Edward's study.

Before they went up to the third floor Edward stopped in front of a closed door and turned to Bella. "Isabella, I have a surprise for you."

Bella looked sternly at Edward, "I'm not a fan of surprises Edward. I…," Edward cut her off.

"I promise this one you will like and it's not like I went out and bought you something. If that makes you feel better."

Truth be told Edward purposely had the room converted into a library filled with first editions of everything, including her favorite classics. However, he wasn't about to tell her that. Bella looked skeptically at him before closing her eyes and held out her hands for Edward to guide her. He was able to move faster with her eyes shut and he quickly ran into the room, threw open the curtains and was back to her in an instant, guiding her into the library.

"Okay, you can open them," Edward said.

Bella opened her eyes hesitantly and then widened in shock. It was huge. "I know how much you like to read and well I thought, that since you were here you could read or study. There's a desk over there in the corner." Edward pointed to the right hand corner.

Beside it was two huge picture windows once again overlooking the forest. Bella was in heaven. She looked around the room and saw a set of stairs going up toward a door on the left hand side.

"Edward, what's that door go to?" Another smile adorned his face and Bella couldn't help but smile back.

"Come, I'll show you." Edward took Bella's hand and placed his other on the small of her back as he led her up the staircase. He opened the door to reveal a huge master suite. To the right of the door was another doorway.

"This door will lead you out into the hallway that will either lead down the stairs or to my room. This other door will lead to your en-suite and behind these curtains," Edward trailed off as he quickly worked to pull back the heavy gold curtains adorning the window. Once they were back it revealed two double doors that led to a balcony.

"Come, I want to show you something," Edward cooed.

Bella walked toward the door and Edward once again reached for her hand. He quickly undid the lock for the balcony and opened the door. He brought Bella through and showed her the covered space. There were a couple of comfy looking wicker chairs as well as a papasan chair with a wicker end table by it. The cushions were all a deep red and it accented the dark wicker chairs well.

"Well, what do you think?" Edward asked.

Bella was speechless. She had no words. She tried to open her mouth and no sound came out. It would open and close without a peep. When Bella made no comment, Edward began getting antsy. He was afraid she didn't like any of it. Nervously he ran a hand through his hair and tugged.

"Well, I mean, I want you to be comfortable here and there's no telling how long you can go back to your apartment." Bella quickly walked up to Edward and tugged at his arms.

He lowered them down until she could slide her hands into his cold ones. The instant their skin touched a jolt went through her. I don't think I'll ever tire of that, she thought.

She looked up into his butterscotch eyes and spoke,

"Edward, this is beautiful. You have a - a - gorgeous home. But eventually, I'll have to go back to my apartment. This,"

Bella motioned around her with a nod of her head,

"is only temporary. I can not thank you enough for this. Really." Bella stopped talking when she felt Edward grip her hands.

His eyes were pitched black. She tried to take a step back but Edward's grip still held strong. She blinked a few times and let out a soft whimper. In an instant it was as if someone had sucker punched him. Edward quickly recoiled, snatching his hands away from hers and searched her face with his eyes. It was as if he was trying to get a read on her. Before she could say anything he was gone.

"What the hell just happened?" she muttered.

She began to walk toward the open door that led to the hallway. Debating if she should look for him, she took a few hesitant steps toward the hallway that led to his room. Hearing absolutely nothing, she took a few more hesitant steps, until finally, she reached his closed door. She was about to reach up her hand to knock when she heard him talking on the other side. She quietly pressed her ear to the door to listen.

"Carlisle, I almost killed her."

Wait, what? Bella thought. How, he was just squeezing her hands a little too tight.

"No, I ran from the room. I've already told you I can't get a read on her thoughts. It doesn't matter, her blood…" Bella abruptly pulled away from the door, her mind reeling.

Backing up as quietly as she could she arrived at the middle of the hallway and turned to run. In her haste however she ran straight into Edward. Caught off guard, she let out a shriek and began to fall back. Edward reached his arms around her and hugged her to him.

"Isabella, I know you were listening. How much did you hear?" Edward asked her.

Bella caught a glance up at him and sighed. His stoic face showed nothing. No emotion whatsoever.

Bella sighed again before she spoke,

"I didn't hear anything. It was muffled."

She couldn't even look him in the face. She was a horrible liar. Instead she tried to focus on keeping her breathing even. Edward however noticed the quicken pace of her heartbeat as well as the shallow breathes she was taking. Without being a mind reader he knew Bella was lying. It was something he would NOT tolerate.

Edward chuckled darkly,

"Oh love. You are a horrible liar."

Author's Note: Sorry everyone. I just started school to get my paralegal certification and that's taking up A LOT of time. Plus everything else that life tends to throw at you. So if the next update is later, now you know why. I'll try to work on both stories a little bit each night but it really depends on my studies. I hope you all can understand. Thank you to those that do! Big THANKS to the readers, to my beta Nails 233 you should check her out. She's amazing! :0) Hope all is well with everyone.