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Ch.1: Day Dreams and Nightmares

Raven gave slight moan at every kiss that she received, closing her violet eyes as she grabbed onto his back. She arched herself as his lips trailed up her neck, going from a sensitive kiss to playful nips. Suddenly the pleasurable action stopped. Raven opened her eyes, looking into the deep emerald ones above hers. At the sight of Beast Boy's own cocky grin, Raven gave a small smile to herself.

A slight jolt went down her spine as her eyes popped open. She awoke to find her sheets had been gripped close to her neck, her left leg arched and uncovered into the air. The same smile that had parted her lips, seemed to vanish as she realized it had been nothing more than a dream, a fantasy. She looked at her clock, it blinking 7:30 am. "Why not make it a reality?" She thought to herself with a girlish giggle. Beast Boy was only right down the hall.

Not bothering to change out of her night gown, Raven jumped out of her bed, unconsciously fixing it with her powers. The young empath leaned her head out of her room, peering down the hall way to make sure she didn't get caught.

She tiptoed to the changeling's room as silently as possible. Minutes later she reached his door, tapping in his room's code. Entering his room, she found to her dismay that Beast Boy was nowhere to be found. If not there, where was he? Raven stopped herself to think for a moment, "Wait…. why do I even care? It was a just dream and nothing more! Besides he is such an annoyance!" Even though these were her thoughts, she couldn't help but feel worried about the green pain-in-the-ass. She turned around, giving the messy room as second glance before she headed back to her room to change into a pair of black jeans and a blue tank top.

Normally she would have just taken a shower, but because of the dream she had last night, Raven was afraid of what she would think while bathing. The second she thought the word shower, images of a steam-filled bathroom crossed her mind. Before the daydream could develop any further, she discarded the thoughts and headed to the common room. To her surprise, a steaming cup of tea was waiting for her arrival. "For Raven" was inscribed a posted note attached to drink.

Raven sat before it on the counter, warily taking a sip. It tasted of her favorite tea, Chamomile, though it was a little sweet for her liking. Who could have made this for her? Robin? No, he would have been reading the newspaper and drinking his coffee. It couldn't have been Starfire, because she wasn't good at making anything Earth-made. Cyborg wasn't an option since he was 'recharging' after working on his 'baby', the T-car, all night.

There was only one choice left, the thought causing her to blush. It must have been Beast Boy. Raven remembered how he watched her make it a little over a week ago. She didn't think he would actually take the time to make it for her. "It was really quite sweet of him." Raven thought, suddenly remembering about how he had recently become less of a pain and more of a good friend. She noticed that nothing had exploded….yet. Just in case, she began to recite her mantra. As she sipped her tea, she closed her eyes to focus better. 'Azarath Metrion Zinthos. Azarath Metrion Zin-'

She heard the whoosh of the common room doors, but that alone wasn't enough to stop her thinking. It was the sudden aroma that had entered the room. It was an earthy and musky smell, mixed with the salty scent of sweat. She would have recognized it anywhere. She sighed, practically inhaling the aroma.

She opened her eyes to see BB shut the fridge and down a bottle of water, a towel around his neck. His black muscle shirt clung to his body, sweat gleaming off his green skin. He must have gotten up early to go for a run. She didn't take her eyes off of him, even as he caught her staring. "What? Is there something on my face?" He chuckled, leaning on the counter to look at her face to face. Raven blushed slightly, fighting the urge to kiss him at that moment. "Who said I was looking at you? I was just thinking about something, alright." Raven snapped, a little too harsh. Beast Boy put up is hands defensively, "Okay, okay. You don't have to bite my head off."

Raven closed her eyes and sighed to herself as he turned away from her. What was wrong with her today? It felt as if her emotions were completely out of her control. She had felt Lust this morning, Bravery to actually act out such a lewd dream, and now Guilt for being so cross with him for no reason. "Beast Boy," She started, opening her eyes only to see him bent over as he rummaged through the kitchen. 'When did he get such a toned butt?' She caught herself wondering. Beast Boy's fanged smile appeared before her, as he held a variety of pots and pans he needed for making his breakfast.

"Yeah, Rae?" He asked her as he placed all his equipment into the right place. Rae. She only allowed him to call her that (well, everyone except Cyborg, but he used it in more of a big brother-little sister sense). At first she had hated her nickname, but now it had grown on her. Raven had once asked why he insisted with it, and he had said that it made them closer as friends. She wanted to tell him how she wanted to be more than just close friends. Instead she just went with it, "Thanks for the tea. It was very nice of you to think of me."

Raven did something he hadn't expected, especially this early in the day. She smiled, one of her rare happy ones. Beast Boy couldn't help but widen his grin at the sight of it. He never saw it often, but when he did it set his heart a flutter. They had known each other for 5-no 6 years. And ever since the Titans trip to Japan months ago the two of them had come to like one another more. Raven's mysteriousness happened to be one of those things he would never mention that he liked. The other was her hypnotic violet eyes- he could stare into them for hours, maybe days, on end. It also told him something was wrong. Was she alright?

"Sure, Rae, no problem. You want anything else?" He asked as he turned around to open the cabinet over the stove. He grabbed the soy pancake mix in seconds, closing the cabinet. When he stepped to turn around, he stopped in his tracks. Raven had appeared in front of him without so much as a sound. The sudden close proximity to her caused him to notice two things: 1) he must have grown taller over night and 2) she smelled absolutely wonderful. The scent of jasmine incents and old parchments mixed with a hint of lavender body wash overcame his senses. He was about to ask what she was doing, when she pressed two fingers against his lips.

"I think I'd like to try a taste of you." She said, leaning up against him. Beast Boy suddenly blushed and felt very heated as she pressed her body against his. She was so soft…. He had two choices here- either to get away or just embrace it. He closed his eyes and began to stroke his fingers through her shoulder-length hair. As quickly as it started, they released. Beast Boy looked down into Raven's jade purple eyes. The young sorceress then asked him, "Are you okay, Beast Boy?"

At the calling of his name, Beast Boy blinked. He moved his hand back from retrieving the soy pancake mix. Raven repeated herself, "Are you okay, Beast Boy?" Beast Boy nodded, slowly. It was weird- he had just spaced out into this amazing daydream, and yet it had felt so real. "Yea, I'm fine. Just dazed a bit…What did you say?" He watched her roll her eyes, which caused him to sigh. 'She's probably thinking how I'm such an idiot.' He thought glumly, his ears falling back to show his sudden sadness. He didn't do this on purpose; it was just force of habit from when he turned into a dog.

What Raven said next caused his ears to perk, "I was wondering if you could show me how to make your pancakes? You know, since you made tea for me…" Her voice was still deadpan as she had started to trail off, probably because the look on his face. He was smiling so hard that his face made a U shape. Despite his ecstatic attitude as Raven walked around the corner to get the rest of the ingredients, Beast Boy couldn't help shake the feeling that something was wrong. The last time she had made breakfast, the world had Ended.

"And you move it back and forth, the constant motion allowing it not to burn." He instructed minutes later after they had finished making the batter. His hand lay atop of Raven's as she moved the frying pan back and fro. He blushed slightly at the touch-he had never felt Raven's hands.

Through his gloves he felt her skin was, while very pale, as soft as silk. He had also been right about his growth spurt as he had to slightly shrink himself down to make sure his hand wouldn't slip. "Okay, now we're going to flip it to the other side. You ready?" Without waiting for a response, Beast Boy took intuitive and threw up her hand.

The half made pancake flipped three times into the air, Beast Boy shifting his and Raven's hand with his animalistic reflexes. It landed perfectly upside down into the pan. Looking down at Raven, he caught her full smile flashing at her small accomplishment.

The changeling thought he had seen a hint of bright pink twinkle in her eyes, if only for a moment. Before he could comment on this tiny detail, he could hear faint, almost nonexistent footsteps approaching the common room.

He attempted to warn Raven about whoever was arriving, but was distracted by her praise, "It wasn't that hard to make at all! Plus with your demonstration, I know how to do a flip. Thanks for teaching me." At this Raven turned away from the finished pancake and uncharacteristically threw her arms around his neck for a hug. Beast Boy blushed so hard that his face turned an odd color of brown. Since it was almost impossible to get out of this situation, he couldn't help but chuckle. "Morning, Robin, sleep well last night?" He said as casually as possibly.

Raven slightly pushed off of him, her cheeks suddenly going rosy, simultaneously spinning on her heel. "This-this isn't what it looks like!" She cried defensively to the Boy Wonder who was leaning on the counter, "He made me tea when I didn't ask him to, so to pay him back I offered to make him his stupid pancakes! So then he taught me how, and did this flip thing, and then I hugged him and-and-" Beast Boy couldn't help but smile. It was so unlike Raven to become so flustered over such a little action…then again he had only gotten hugs from her when no one was around.

Robin cocked an eyebrow, smiling, "So are you going to finish making breakfast for us or are we gonna have to starve?" Beast Boy was quick to laugh as she blushed and walked around the counter, passing Robin to leave the common room. As she stomped off into the hallway, the two heard Raven meet Starfire: "Good morning, Friend Raven! Are you ready to break the quick ones?"

At this Raven gave an annoyed cry, as they heard her stomp away. Starfire, confused, floated into the room. She kissed Robin on the cheek before asking, "What is wrong with our friend Raven?" Starfire's comment caused Robin to chuckle at what had just happened, but Beast Boy was thinking the same thing.

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