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FFVII : Advent Aftermath
By murder kaori

~A sequel to FFVII: Advent Children

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Chapter II

Golden rays of sunlight shone through the open curtains of Tifa's bedroom, motivating her to hum as she folded Marlene and Denzel's laundry. Her fingers moved diligently across cotton shirts, socks and dresses. She was so caught up in what she was doing that she didn't even notice a certain young ninja's slender body slip into the room. "Morning, Tif!" Tifa smiled a chipper smile and turned to face Yuffie. "Good morning." she said, "Sleep well?"

"Well enough." Yuffie shrugged, plopping down on the queen sized bed.

The two girls continued their conversation while finishing folding the clothes. Eventually, when everything was pressed into neat little squares, Yuffie offered to take them to the kids' room. "You do everything around here." she said, grabbing up the braided basket of whites from Tifa "Cook and clean. You're not a housewife, you know. Which reminds me!" Yuffie shot Tifa one of her signature smirks. "Reno stopped by yesterday when you and Spiky were out. He was asking about you…" she singsonged. Tifa just giggled.

"Why are you trying to set me up with a Turk?" she flicked her hair over her shoulder. Yuffie giggled as well. "Oh please, Tif. Try and tell me Reno's not hot."

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud 'bang.' They looked at eachother, perplexed. Then a familiar raspy, slightly accented voice yelled, "That was my damned breakfast!"

Tifa's red eyes caught Yuffie's onyx ones. They both spoke at once. "Cid."


Denzel winced slightly, watching Cid glare at the broken plate and breakfast on the floor. It wasn't his fault; he didn't mean to knock it over. He was just feeling a little drowsy from staying up so late the previous night that he knocked Cid's food all over the hardwood floor. "S-sorry…" the young boy muttered. Cid sighed and banged his fist on the table, causing his untouched black coffee to jump around in the ceramic mug. "Well now your gonna have to cook the damn food all over again, aren't you? You better hope your mommy's awake. Maybe she'll do it," he snorted. "I sure ain't."

"What the hell, Cid?" The older man looked up and noticed Tifa, in a very fitted tank and a pair of mesh shorts, walking down the steps with Yuffie at her heels.

"Uhhh…" he stuttered.

"Denzel," Tifa frowned, her eyes darted from Denzel to Cid and to the food on the floor. "Cid wasn't threatening you, was he?" she shot Cid a death glare, sending him straight out of the kitchen. The young boy bent down to clean up the mess, but Tifa held up a dainty hand to stop him. "I'll get it, sweetie."


After about a half-hour, Tifa and Yuffie had successfully cleaned up the mess, inflicted pain on Cid, and comforted Denzel, all without making much of a scene. Tifa turned to the eighteen-year old and tilted her head, her black locks falling around that pretty face of hers. "Hey, Yuffie?"

Yuffie looked at the older girl. "Hmm?"

"Why are you being so helpful?" Tifa asked. "Usually you'd be spending time with Vincent."

An extremely visible blush crept up the ninja's neck, and threatened to cover up her whole face. She coughed distractingly. "Umm…well…" but their conversation was cut short by the sound of very familiar boots clanking down the steps.

Cloud stole a glance at Yuffie and Tifa. He was the only one fully dressed; everyone else was still in their pajamas. It was, after all, only a little after noon.

"Hey, Spiky!"

The blonde sent Yuffie a small grunt as he made his way towards the refrigerator. "There's nothing in there." Tifa interjected, noticing that Cloud was about to open the fridge, only to find it pretty much barren. "I was just about to make something." Cloud said nothing, just sighed and began to walk back up the stairs. Tifa panicked. "Cloud wait…"

Yuffie took that as a sign to leave, so she walked through the swinging door and into the living room, out of earshot. Meanwhile, Cloud stood still on the third stair, his mako eyes fixated on his childhood friend. He took this time to actually take in her beauty. He stared into her wine-colored eyes. They were watering. Why were they watering?

"Do you have a problem with my cooking?" she asked.

Cloud looked at his black boots and sighed. After a long pause he spoke again. "No its just…" he was hesitating. "You do way too much work around here. I wanted to spare you."

Almost instantly Tifa smiled at him. "Cloud, you don't have to do that. I do this because I want to do it, alright?" But Cloud knew better, she was tired. He could see it in her eyes. H really did feel sorry for her. To some extent, she may enjoy it, but on other terms, she does it because no one else will. "How about…" he started, then quickly recoiled. His strong hand was gripping the banister now, and Tifa noticed that his face looked almost scared. So she decided to give him a little push. "How about what, Cloud?"

Cloud's normally beautiful pale skin darkened to a slight red. Tifa had to stifle a giggle. Was that embarrassment she detected?

She repeated her previous words. "How about…what?"

"N-never mind." the ex-SOLDIER was flushing all over. His eyes darted from his boots to her about a good five times. Tifa sighed as she began to inch towards him. Did she scare him? If so, she didn't do it on purpose. Oh, If only he know how cute he looked right now.


"I wanted to know if…maybe…you'd like to…you know…" Cloud stammered, "Go out for breakfast, together I mean…"

His childhood friend broke into the giggle she was seemingly battling to hold back. "Of course!" she clapped her hands together in obvious delight. "I'd love to!"

Behind the swinging door, Yuffie smirked. Finally, she thought to herself. Tifa and Spiky were finally making some progress together. About time.

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Note: Eh, yes. It was short. I know. Chapter three should be longer. .