Um, hello *waves* Iam Scap and this is my first HP slash fic. Well actually Crystal Star Guardian wrote this first chapter of `Protecting the innocent` and Iam just posting it, the next chapter will be done by me, 'K?

Warnings: Slash, Draco/Harry. Which Harry is in love with Draco and Draco is in love with Harry. Get it? Got it? Good. Oh, not much slash in this chapter or the next but we will be adding some soon.

Disclaimer: I don't own HP and nether does Crystal. If we did own it do ya think we would be writing fanfics?

Chapter 1 -

Sirius wiped the sweat from his forehead, smiling as he saw his eight year old godson playing in the yard. That boy was so full of energy, it was amazing.

"He's just like his father," Sirius thought, with a pang of sadness.

It was true, the boy was a spitting image of his father, James. Well except for his eyes, the deep emeralds were definitely mirrors of Lily's own eyes. Unfortunately, the boy had no real memories of his parents. They had died when he was only one year old.

After watching the child for another minute, Sirius went back to work chopping wood. He was the village woodcutter after all, and there was plenty to do if he planned on making his quota by nightfall.


"Yes?" Sirius once more stopped his work to give the boy his full attention. Harry's emerald eyes were locked on him, pieces of his unruly raven hair hanging unnoticed in them.

"Um... I..."

"What is it, Harry? Whatever it is you can tell me."

The boy kicked the dirt with his shoe, "um.. I forgot to tell you that Remus wanted to know when you were coming today. To help him, remember?"

"Oh, geez! I forgot!" Sirius added a curse to that, then muttered an apology when Harry burst into giggles. "Harry, I need to hurry to Remus'. It'll only take a moment. Do you want to come, or stay here?"

"I'll stay," Harry said with a grin. He wasn't afraid to be alone.

Sirius didn't look to sure, but he *was* in a hurry. And he'd only be a moment, as he said. "Well, okay. But *stay here*, won't you? Don't go skipping off while I'm away."

"I won't."

After Sirius left, Harry went back to playing, determined to keep his promise. And he did quite good too, enjoying the patches of sunshine as he raced around the yard amidst the sound of his own laughter.

That was, until he saw something in the forest near by. Harry wasn't sure what it was that he had seen, exactly. But whatever it was, it was gone in a flash. Being naturally curious, and not to mention forgetful of his promise, the boy wasted no time in going into the forest to catch a glimpse of whatever it was he had seen.

"Maybe it was a unicorn!" he thought, excitedly. Harry had always wanted to see a real unicorn, ever since Sirius told him about them. The creatures were known to be so very beautiful, and if you saw one it was said that you'd have a prosperous life.

As Harry went further into the forest, he didn't care to remember how many twists and turns he'd taken. Harry also didn't seem to notice that it was getting dark; thick, black storm clouds gathering over-head and blocking out the golden sun.

Before he knew it, he was very lost and very scared.