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This chapter is merely the prologue. Chapters will be much longer.


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Bella Swan's Point of View

I did not like the dark.

I feared it like nothing else before. Its mystery, its silence, its secrets which are shrouded in its depth, it frightened me. It was unknowing, surprising and shady. There was never any happiness in the dark, only danger, fear and terrible loneliness. No-one could find you in the dark and you did not know what lurked in it.

It all stemmed back to when I was 6 years old and I fell down the stairs and broke my leg. It would have only taken a few seconds to put the light on, but I decided I wouldn't so as not to disturb anyone and continued walking to my parent's room anyway. Too bad I couldn't see my discarded rollerblades at the top of the stairs.

3 stitches and a cast is what I got. I couldn't complain though… I got 3 weeks off school!

But ever since then I haven't been able to trust the darkness. It wasn't the friend that I once held in high regard. It was dangerous and untrustworthy.

I did not like it and I never would.

I shivered a little as the cold wind passed by me in the darkness filled town that was Forks as I made my way back home from University that night. It was 10pm and since my old Chevy truck decided that it annoyingly did not want to start that morning, I had to make my way to my class on foot that day. This I did not mind, because I enjoyed the fresh air, I enjoyed the birds chirping high above in the trees, I enjoyed the greenery of the forests that surrounded the small town. For once, the sun had been high in the sky of Forks and it was a surprisingly warm day. So my trip to class this morning had been an overall pleasant journey.

It was the journey home that I was not anticipating.

As it usually had a habit of doing, the weather turned on me at noon and rain clouds filled the sky throughout the duration of the day. The rain thankfully had passed by, leaving only a sheet of water on the floor as evidence of its prior existence, but the clouds remained, blocking the sun and allowing the darkness of night an even darker cover.

I had stayed behind after class and had gone to the library in order to finish my English assignment. The library had offered me a welcome silence and I was easily able to get on with my work in peace.

I would have done this work at home, only my not-so-smart father decided he wanted to attempt the internet for the first time last week and had ended up crashing my computer, filling it to the brim with viruses. Since it was still getting repaired, my only other option was to work at University, getting everything I could done until the librarian ushered me out at closing time.

So that left me where I was now, making the long trip home with my large bag full of books, trekking my way along in the lonely darkness.

I would have asked my father, Charlie for a lift home, but it was Friday night and so he had been called into the station to do an extra shift. Charlie had been stressed out lately anyway and I wasn't too sure why. He would be up till the early hours of the morning making phone calls and sitting night after night with papers and a calculator in front of him. He wasn't getting much in the way of sleep either. I was concerned that we were having money troubles, but my dad usually kept to himself, so I just let him get on with it and not bombard him with needless questions. I was beyond worried about his distant attitude and seeming problems, but I kept this to myself, only helping when help was needed.

Instead I just left him to go to work. He hated working on Friday nights, getting to meet and greet the youth of Forks in all their drunken state.

How cool am I? Working in the library whilst everybody else is living it up!

But that's the way I had always been. Shy and quiet and usually hidden away amongst the crowds of people, practically non-existent. I was 19 years old and had never had a boyfriend. I'd only ever had one date which ended abruptly when they guy hacked up on my shoes. It was safe to say the night ended up finishing early with the two of us parting ways. I had a few good friends, like my friend Angela, but I just preferred to stay in with a good book, especially the classics.

It really shows how cool I am when I'd rather be spending my time with Elizabeth Bennett or Jane Eyre instead of partying till god knows what time!

I let out a sigh, realizing that my thoughts were getting depressing. I zipped my coat up and wrapped my arms around my body in an attempt to shield myself from the harsh cold and continued to walk into the night.

The walk home would not take long, probably 20 minutes or so and the roads seemed pretty clear due to the lateness of the day. Most people were either already out, or tucked up in their nice warm houses, so I found that I had the streets to myself. The quiet was quite nice, but the loneliness wasn't.

Yet it was the darkness that made me nervous the most. The complete, unknown, mysterious darkness... where anything could strike. Sure, the street lights lit the main streets but the side roads were shady and silent… and sinister. I hoisted my bag further up my shoulder as I quickened my pace. I wanted to get home and get some food. I wanted to be warm by the fire and I wanted to snuggle up in front of the TV. I did not want to be here alone… not in the darkness.

I hate my truck right now.

Every little sound made me jump. A car horn beeping in the distance, a cat running through fallen leaves, the whistle of the cold night wind. I was being stupid and paranoid, I knew I was. I took deep breathes and quickened my pace just that little bit more as I rushed home.

My fear allowed crazy stories and crazy images to enter my head, trying to scare me when there was nothing to be scared of. I had heard the stories of the beasts, the creatures who walk in the night, preying on the innocent and weak, thirsting for their blood. I wasn't stupid, I'd seen the news, I knew of their existence, an existence which had only recently just been realized and made public, and I knew what they could do to me. Stories of them circulated everywhere, putting the fear of God into everyone… I shook my head, I needed to stop being so pessimistic.

Nothing is going to get you. No men, no vampires, nothing!

It was crazy really. I could walk this route without any fear if it was the middle of the day. That wouldn't bother me at all. It was just the darkness that was putting me off, the darkness that I hated so much… all alone.

But as I all too soon found out, I wasn't alone.

I continued walking until suddenly I could see a silhouette of a person standing under a lamppost, leaning on it, staying perfectly still. The figure was tall, so I guessed that the person was male. He seemed… shady, almost like he shouldn't be there. But I had no other route home, I had to pass him regardless of what I thought of his character. I just kept my breathing steady, kept myself to myself, and continued to walk towards him.

He didn't seem to be doing anything, he was just… standing there. The closer I got to him, the more of him I could make out. He was indeed male, just as I had thought and he was very tall indeed, probably over 6 feet. When I was meters away, I noticed his hair or more specifically the unusual color of it. I had never seen bronze hair on a person, it was sort of beautiful really and very pretty to look at. His head was looking down at the floor, so I did not see anything of his face. I picked my stride up a little as I walked past him.

"Isabella Swan?" he said when I was standing directly in front of him. The voice was made of pure velvet and was very gentle to the ear.

I stopped walking and froze, suddenly swallowing in fear.

"Excuse me?" I asked timidly as I turned my head to look at the man. He lifted his head to look at me and I saw he was wearing sunglasses.

Why is he wearing sunglasses so late at night?

"You are Isabella Swan, yes?" he said to me calmly.

"How… how did you know that?" I asked, a shiver of fear running up my spine. Who was this guy and how did he know me?

He looked at me more closely it seemed then and I could see his eyebrows furrow over the rim of his sunglasses and he tilted his head a little, almost as if he were confused about something. I should be the one confused here, not him. I considered running away. He was an odd stranger who seemed to know me which could only mean one thing - danger. But that idea quickly went out of my head. I was as clumsy as they came and would no doubt trip over after taking only 3 steps. Plus this guy seemed fit, he'd probably catch up with me in a matter of seconds. I did not know what to do, I was frozen to the spot.

"You're blank," he said and those two words confused me even more than the fact that he knew my name. I was blank? What did that mean?

"I'm what?" I asked but I had no time to hear his reply as I was suddenly grabbed from behind. I had no time to scream because as soon as I was grabbed, my mouth was covered with something, a cloth of some sort. I began to panic as I tried to wriggle free of the person's arms, but they were far too strong for me. It was definitely another man.

A second man came into my view. He had curly blond hair and he seemed deep in conversation with the bronze haired man. That meant there were three men, three strong men and one weak girl. I had no chance.

The cloth was damp and my struggle did not last long as in a matter of seconds I began to feel woozy and tired. I had no idea what was on the cloth but it was having some sort of effect on me and my attempts of freedom slowed down and weakened considerably. I tried to fight off the sleepy feeling that was taking over me, but it was to no avail. I began to feel my eyelids drooping in sleep.

"Chloroform, Jacob? Seriously?" one of them said with a tone of annoyance.

"I can't read her. She's totally blank," another one said. I knew this to be the voice of the bronze haired man.

But I did not have time to analyze their answers because the apparent chloroform on the cloth had taken full affect and slowly but surely, I slipped out of consciousness, leaving myself unprotected, vulnerable and extremely susceptible in the presence of those three strange men.

I did not like the dark…