Title: Secrets and Lies

Author: S.N. Brown

Pairing: Mark/Lexie

Disclaimer: Do I look like I'm GA's creator? No. I am simply borrowing characters and plan to return them when I'm done.

Summary: It was then that he accepted three facts: first, that Lexie Grey wasn't all that meets the eyes. Second, that she had gone through something that had given her a kid. Third: he didn't care. He wanted her-kid and all-more than he was willing to admit. AU.

Author's Notes: Here's my angst-filled epilogue. Oh, yay. Just a little glimpse into Mark and Lexie's life dealing with an angst ridden, teenaged Camden. Please review; they take the cake for me.

Epilogue: End

She could hear their yelling from the doorway as she tried to hurry Allie and Cay into the home. She was tired of their bickering, tired of their fighting, and their words made her heart slowly crack.

"You can't tell me what to do!" Cam yelled, and Lexie could hear something slam.

"I'm tired of your mouth, Camden! I'm your father-"

"Sorry, Mark, you aren't my real dad. Try again," Cam snapped out, and Lexie stopped, looking into the kitchen. Her husband and her unruly sixteen-year-old stopped their fight, both looking at her. "You both lied to me, so I don't feel a need to listen to either of you now." She followed his back as he stomped out the back door, calling for Helo-the lab obediently following his master-before slamming the door.

"Allie, Cay, go upstairs. Go play with Jackson."

The two girls hurried upstairs and Lexie made her way to the kitchen. "What happened this time."

"I was in the middle of a surgery when I got a call that I needed to pick up my son from school because he nearly got in a fight with one of his teachers! They're suspending him for a week! I don't know what in the hell is going on with him, but Lexie, this is-I'm sending him to military school!" Mark's voice was raised, heated, but there was no heart behind the threat, and she watched as his eyes followed Cam outside, and she knew he was wondering what he did to make his son-stepson-hate him so.

"He doesn't mean it, Mark," she whispered, touching his arm, but he pulled away. "Do you want me to talk to him?"

"One visit from that good-for-nothing father of his, and I'm out the door. I don't even matter-after ten years of loving him, of being his father, I mean nothing!"


"You know what, I've got three beautiful kids upstairs-if he doesn't want me, then I don't have to be anything for him."

"Mark, you know he doesn't mean it."

"And you know I don't mean it. But he-I guess I'm just not worth it."

"You are," Lexie assured her husband, kissing him. "I don't know what's going on with him, but he'll realize one day how much he's hurt you, and he'll apologize."

"I love you," Mark murmured. "And I love him."

"I know. And he does, too. Now, I'm going to go get the girls changed, make sure Jackson is fine, and then I'll cook. Is that okay with you?"

"Yeah." His voice still didn't have heart, and Lexie knew it wouldn't until he and Cam made up. "I love you."

He watched her go before looking out back again. Cam had retreated to gazebo by the lake, and Mark could see him petting Helo, staring at the water. He could see the teen's breath in the December air, and he mentally yelled at the kid for going outside in just his sweats and a long-sleeve t-shirt. As angry as he was with Cam, the sight of his child shivering in the cold made that anger seep away. He grabbed the jacket thrown haphazardly over a dark green book bag and headed outside.

Helo turned to look at him, and Mark pet him affectionately as he whined. "If you're going to be childish, at least be smart about it," he said, holding out the jacket. Cam ignored him first but slowly reached for his jacket. "What did I do, Cam? Why am I suddenly the bad guy?"

"He said you two kept him away from him. Why would you do that? I could like both of you-"

"Why would you believe him?"

"Because I've never seen him!" Cam snapped. "Never, not once, until he found me at school. There's no other explanation."

"Unless it's because he's hasn't wanted to be seen." Mark sat beside his son. "Your mother was sixteen when she got pregnant with you. He suggested she terminate the birth, but she wouldn't. He didn't want to see you-he's never asked once in the ten years that I've been married to your mother. He was some drunk until his mother ran into your Grandma and she told him all about the doctor your mom became. He's after money, not any sort of relationship. I would never keep you from a relationship with your real father.

"But, I just want you to know that I feelings too. I am your father-I'm the one who's taken care of you for ten years, the one who's been to all your football and soccer games, the one that's made sure you were happy and healthy. I was the one who took you to the hospital when you sliced your hand open. I was the one who sat with your mother for your awards. I'm going to be the one who helps you pick out college and gets to be there for your kids-he's not going to want to. So next time you start thinking that I'm not your father-you think about that, okay? Dinner will be ready soon. Oh, you're grounded for the next four weeks. I'm taking the keys to your car. There will be no anything but and home and volunteering at the hospital. Woah, look there-I'm also the one doing the parenting."

Three in the morning, there was a soft tapping on Mark's shoulder, and he nearly jumped as he woke up, eyes widening at Cam. "Can we talk?"

Their son hadn't come in that night; Lexie figured he was pouting and let stay out.

Glancing at his wife, Mark slipped out of the bed, grabbing his t-shirt as he left the room. "This better be good, Camden, considering it's three in the morning and I have to be on shift at seven."

"I'm sorry," Cam whispered, not looking at his father. "He called again, and he asked me for money. I'm sorry."

"Oh, Cam-" Mark murmured, watching the tears slide down his teenager's face. The boy finally looked up at him. "Sssh, buddy, it's okay." He wrapped his son in a hug, feel the gut-wrenching sobs. "Cam-"

"I was so awful to you and Mom and….God, I was so awful. And the reason I was awful-he doesn't even want me! He doesn't even care!"

Mark nodded slightly, keeping a tight hold. "But I do, buddy. That's all that matters," he whispered, rubbing soothing circles on the kid's back. "I want you and I care."

"I was-"

"I don't care how you were; you just get back to being our Cam and everything's going to be okay. It'll all be forgiven."

"I'm sorry-"

"I know, son. But it's okay, ssssh, the man's not worth your tears or your time. You are better than him, this family is better than him, so calm down, stop crying bud. I'm here."

"You shouldn't be. I'd understand if you weren't. I was-"

"You were being a sixteen year old hellion, I won't hold it against you, I promise."

There was a laugh and it made Mark's heart soar. He could feel the sobs stopping and he pulled away, watching as the boy hurriedly wiped at his face to get rid of the tears. "So you came to this grand revelation at three in the morning?"

"Well, yeah, considering he just called me ten minutes ago."

"I forgot to confiscate that cell phone of yours' earlier today." Another laugh. "Where's Helo?"

"In my room."

"You okay now?"

"I still feel like an idiot," Cam murmured. "And I'm still sorry, Dad."

Mark smiled, shaking his head. "It happens sometimes. C'mon, let's get you to bed."

"I'm not six anymore, I don't need you to tuck me in and read me a book."

Mark watched his son walk down the hall, disappearing into his room, and he went back to his room, kissing Lexie's shoulder as he climbed back into bed. "Everything okay?" he heard her whisper, and he nodded against her back, wrapping his arms around her.

"Everything's good."

It was three a.m. and he only had three hours before he had to get up, but it was okay; his son was back, his wife was in his arms, and that was all that mattered.