The Caycee Clause


All of her life Caycee Claus absolutely loved Christmas. Of course, with Santa Claus, a. k. a Scott Calvin, for a father, she didn't really have much of a choice, but she did actually love every aspect of the holiday season. The elves were her best friends, yet one was closer to her than all of the rest.

Bernard had been there for the girl all of her twenty years of life. He was the one she had went to when Mick from electric dumped her for Karen in wrapping because Caycee too tall. He had been there when she had woken up screaming every night for a month when she was seven. He had told Curtis not to tell her about Jack Frost's rule of the North Pole, but no, he had to tell her a bed time story.

He remembered the first time she had woken up in a terrified rampage. She had dived into his bed at three in the morning, burying her head into his chest and crying, "I don't want to sing cheesy show tunes! He's making me tap dance, Benny! I don't want to tap dance!" Bernard had pummeled Curtis the next day.

Now that Caycee was twenty, the head elf was starting to see her as a little sister and more of the beautiful and charming woman she was. It scared the tinsel out of him. Caycee was Santa's only daughter and Scott was a very protective father. So, he watched her date elf after elf in silence, refusing to give any hints that he was jealous and head over heels for her.

At the same time, Caycee was furious. She flaunted her elves and pretended to be heartbroken to try to get some kind of reaction from Bernard. She wanted him to stand under the mistletoe with her. She wanted him to scare away the new generation of party elves that followed her around like love sick puppies. She wanted him to love her like she loved him. Yet, she knew it was just a hopeless cause and an amazing dream.