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A month came and went without any trouble from the summer nymphs. Caycee and Bernard spent as much time together as they could to make up for the time they had spent being childish and afraid to show their feelings. Caycee also spent time with Jack when Bernard was busy. He was teaching her some tricks that she could do to fend off the summer nymphs when they finally came for her, but even her determination couldn't keep away the feeling of dread that over took the group of people who knew about Caycee's curse.

Yet, there wasn't much more anyone can do. Christmas was getting closer, and the elves couldn't afford to fall behind now. The first few months of preparations for the next Christmas were some of the most important- they set the pace for the rest of the year. It would be extremely difficult to catch up if even just one elf fell behind.

"Caycee, breathe and concentrate." Jack eyed her with the hard eyes of a teacher, "You have some control over the snow and ice around you. You are winter."

"Yes, but fire melts ice." Her eyes narrowed as she struggled to freeze Judy in ice. It would only be for a second, but Caycee had to promise Judy a lot of favors before she had agreed.

"But water puts out the flames."

"And then the heat turns water into steam!" She threw her hands up into the air with a disgruntled sigh, "There is no way I can do this! I'm not as strong as you, and there is no way that I'll be as strong as any summer nymphs, especially Brett."

Judy tilted her head, "What does Jack's twin brother has to do with anything? I thought he had been banished."

Caycee stared at her in shock, "What?"

"Yeah! He's confined to some island near the equator. I think it's part of the Bermuda Triangle."

"What was that about being Jack's brother?"

Judy turned to Jack, "You didn't tell her? Why didn't you tell her?"

He shook his head, "I did tell her! It was part of the story I told her when I told her about Aurora. It's not my fault that she didn't pay close enough attention to it."

"Okay, so maybe you did tell me, but how is your twin a summer nymph?" Caycee raised an eyebrow, "That doesn't make any sense."

"When twin nymphs are born, they're always opposite seasons. Spring and fall, summer and winter. It's just something that has always been. Usually the first born is stronger and is the warmer season. That's why it took such a long time for Brett and me to finish fighting. It took a lot to hold him off, and I had been training and getting stronger every day. As you should be doing. Now, freeze Judy before I make you do some kind of punishment."

"You wouldn't know how to discipline me even if you tried." She stuck her tongue out at him, but turned to face Judy anyway, "Judy, I'm so sorry."

The elf shrugged, "Just remember you promised to help me later. You won't be able to get out of it!"

She took a deep breath and, feeling foolish, wiggled her fingers at Judy. Ice slowly started to envelop the elf's legs, but stopped at her waist. Caycee concentrated harder, but the ice refused to move. Her eyes flashed white in anger, and suddenly Judy as well as the few elves walking around them was encased in ice. Blinking in surprise, she quickly let go of whatever magic she was using, "Sorry!"

Jack looked at her in shock, "How on earth did you do that? Not only did you completely destroy my shield, but you spread the ice to cover a five to ten foot radius. Not even I could do that at your level."

Judy was shivering, "Her eyes turned white, Jack. Did you not notice? That was really creepy and scary all at once. I don't think she's at the level you think she is."

"Perhaps not… But what level is she at? I didn't realize that she had progressed so quickly… Have my eyes ever changed?"

"Not that I've noticed."

Caycee waved her arms, "Hello? What's going on? What do you mean my eyes changed colors? I don't think that would be possible."

Jack ignored her, "Judy, get Bernard and have her try to freeze live flames. Use the fireplaces if you must. I am going to go have a talk with Mother about what this could mean. Let Bernard know what's going on as well. We may have been wrong about Caycee's chances of survival."

"Will someone tell me what's going on?" She yelled in frustration.

"We will once we know." Judy took her hand, "Come on, let's go get Bernard. Everything will work out, I promise."

"Are my eyes at least the right color again?"

"Yes." Judy rolled her eyes and led her away.