Disclaimer: I don't own The Host or anything in this fan fiction that may sound familiar to something you've once read/heard/seen

What if when Melanie threatened to leave she really did and (unlike the book) Wanda didn't try to get her back. She decides not to tell anyone – but will Jared find out the truth eventually?

I promise to start this story within the week. The idea just came to me and I have some awesome ideas of where to take it, it's just that I am away from home at the moment so I don't have my book and I want to get it exactly right.

Anyway, I just wanted to post this preview so if you're interested in it, you could review or add (or both!)

"Morning Mel." Wanda greeted as she woke up.

Shockingly, there was no response and all Wanda could hear in her head was a dull silence.

"Morning Mel." Wanda tried again, thinking the woman was just still upset about their argument last night.

Again, all Wanda received back was silence. She couldn't immediately feel a presence there inside her head, but she figured Mel must have just pushed herself into the furthest corner so Wanda went searching.

Wanda moved through the space in her mind trying to find Mel but was coming up empty.

Slightly panicking now, Wanda stretched herself even further, checking every corner, nook and cranny but defeatingly had to admit to herself that Mel was no longer there.

But where did she go? She couldn't have been serious last night about removing herself, could she?

Oh God, what was Wanda going to do now? How could she admit to Jamie that she lost Mel. Worse. How was she going to explain it to Jared.

No, No. She couldn't, she decided. It would bring too much heartbreak to them both, and who knows, maybe Jared would see this as the ultimate betrayal and everything would go back to the way it was when she had first come to the caves. He would finally give Kyle the go ahead to kill her.

No. In order to save herself, and to save her humans from more disappointment, she had to keep up the façade that Mel was still right here. Wanda just hoped that she had spent enough time here in the caves with her humans to be able to pull this off.