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This is mostly told in 3rd person limited, following Alena. Those familiar with my stories will already know that that means this story is lighter and funnier than most of the romance I have written (or at least tried to).

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Once again, in the busy square in front of the Hoenn League's main headquarters, many aspiring master trainers had gathered in order to hone their skills. Some of them were planning on challenging the Elite Four soon; most of them were simply there for a quick fight against a worthy opponent. After all, once a trainer reached a certain skill level, there were only some many people in the world that were still willing to fight them.

Two notable figures stood out in the crowd today. The first stood at the very center of the square, a huge grin playing across his face as opponents from all over the globe lined up to battle him. His hair was a bright orange, while his eyes were a more muted sort of amber. His uncontrollably spiky hair was covered with a tight-fighting, navy blue cap in an attempt to tame it. It wasn't working very well. His bulky blue jacket, deep violet undershirt, and dark jeans served to make him look somewhat mysterious – not to mention intimidating. His hair flared out like a miniature fire around his neck.

His name was Tyler Burn, a trainer from the faraway Sinnoh region. At the age of sixteen, he had beaten the Champion of the Sinnoh region, earning himself the title of master trainer – or at least, Great level. The ranks of trainers were widely regarded as being in a roughly uniform pattern – rookie, ordinary trainer, Gym Leader, Elite Four, Great trainer, Hyper trainer, Master trainer. At each level, a commemorative badge would be given to the trainer, to be displayed as a sign of power. Unfortunately, it also served to drive away most challengers after a certain point, as one trainer had found out.

At the outskirts of the square, watching the flame-headed Tyler with mild interest, another trainer yawned sleepily. Her back was propped up against the bark of a nearby tree, and her hair hung down her back in dark brown waves. She wore a simple kind of tracksuit – lavender, as usual – which served to make her slim, lean figure even more noticeable. Her hair was held in place by an indigo headband, which clashed with the rust-colored frames of the glasses currently perched on her nose. Her name? Alena. Her full name was Alena Celestia, but call her that to her face and you'd quickly find out just why nobody else ever did.

As Tyler sent out his prized Pokémon – an enormous Tyranitar – Alena quickly discovered why the boy was held in such high esteem. In places where the Rock-type would normally be green, it was a dusky brown, and the diamond-shaped spot on its belly was a royal purple. "Shiny Pokémon," Alena muttered under her breath. "Haven't so much as seen one of these in real life before. And on top of that…"

"How's it looking?" a small, squeaky voice asked from her side. Alena glanced down just long enough to catch a glimpse of her Pikachu, Electrinz, before shifting her attention right back to the crowded square.

"He's going to battle someone soon. They're clearing room for him, see? But the problem is, I can't make out the challenger. Maybe no one wants to battle him. That would be a disappointment. I want to see this Tyranitar in action." As she spoke, Alena tapped the top of her rust-framed glasses, hitting miniscule buttons with the ease of someone who had obviously done this before.

"That good, huh?"

Alena grinned. "This thing is pure gold. The Scanner says that its IVs are good, and it seems to be EV trained as well…"

"Um, English please?"

"Its stats are off the charts. It's been specially trained to be a complete wrecking ball." Alena looked down at her petite partner, grinning from ear to ear.

"You aren't seriously thinking about battling that thing, are you?!" Electrinz exclaimed. "It would make putty out of me, and even Twig would have difficulty against something that dangerous!" The mouse wore a look of horror on his furry face.

"Oh no. If I was going to battle that thing at all, it would be with one of the new recruits," Alena said, fingering two Net Balls around her waist. "They're the only ones that would stand a chance against something like this. But I don't particularly want to battle this one – I'm planning on waiting until it's weakened enough to the point where he'll use something else. I've heard his Houndoom uses a style remarkably similar to our own, and I'd love to see for myself. Actually," Alena began, standing up straight and pulling off her glasses, "I think I might just ask him." With that said, the girl opened up her backpack, dropped in the Scanner glasses, pulled out a normal pair of blue-framed ones, and set off for the center of the square, Electrinz hurling worried comments at her left and right. "Relax," she told him calmly. "He's only Great Rank – we've already got Hyper, don't we?"

Electrinz didn't look so sure as his trainer darted off towards the fiery-headed teen at the center of the square.