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Here's a missing conversation between Ron and Hermione in the Room of Requirement in the 7th book, during the fire.

They were trapped, the fire reaching out to lick them with their scorching tongues. He held her in his arms, trying to protect her from the flame and smoke that was slowly killing them. This is it, they thought… we're going to die here.

"Ron," he heard her voice over the roar of the flames; she sounded weak, "Ron, in case we don't make it, I want you to know…" But her cut her off,

"We are going to make it, Hermione, Harry's figuring something out, we're gonna get out, we're gonna grow old together, buy a home, have a family and we'll live happily ever after like in those muggle books," Ron's tears cooled the burning on his face; they weren't going to live to see the sun. He would never see his family's faces again; he would not lift the veil off of Hermione's face or kiss her under the mistletoe.

"Ron, I've always loved you," Hermione called to him, he felt her in his arms, but she sounded so far away; they were running out of time. "I didn't want to ruin our friendship, and I was stupid for not telling you before." She was shaking: sobbing. The pain was unbearable, but where his body touched hers, Ron felt no pain, and for a minute he wondered if she felt the same thing. Ron encased Hermione closer to his body, trying to erase the pain from her eyes. The fire was closing in, Ron was light headed; they had seconds left.

"Hermione, I lov…" a broomstick clattered at his feet.

"Get out of here!" Harry's voice boomed over the flames. Ron grabbed the broomstick and Hermione's waist and kicked off, hovering over the flames, but the smoke made it hard to see.

"HOLD ON!" He yelled to Hermione, her arms constricted around his torso, and they made blind turns, crashing into shelves, knocking everything over. We're going to make it, we're going to make it he thought, speeding around. We're going to… the door appeared in front of him and they crashed through it. The broom crashed into the floor, leaving them breathing hard, gasping at the fresh Oxygen (A/N: haha… O2… sorry, I just took a Chem test). He stood up, and held out his hand to help her up. He took it and hugged him. They pulled away, "I told you so," he said. Hermione laughed and kissed him passionately,

"Can't wait for my happily ever after."

Yeah, so that was short. A little thing I came up with randomly. Next to come, a max ride fic bout love, hurt, betrayal and life as we know it. Keep reading! Live long and prosper.