No answer.


My eyes didn't really focus on what they were looking at till James threw what felt at the time like a wad of wet paper at my forehead, I frowned slightly at the impact and sound of squelching before wiping the wet residue with the back of my hand . Only after I made sure all the evidence of the offending object had gone did I give my messy haired best friend who was sat up at the front what Remus affectionately called 'the stare of doom'

Goodness that guy had a good throwing arm, granted I was sat on the second to last row of seats next to the last person I'd least like to share oxygen with than sit next to, Severus Snape. Hazel eyes met my blue-grey ones before he nudged his head toward the stern-manly looking defence against the dark arts professor who I always failed to recall her name, not that I cared she always found an excuse to give me a failing grade on assignments.

"Ah Mr. Black, back from your trip with the fairies, do you have your essay on common poisons and antidotes?"

Without looking at her I ducked my head under my side of the desk to rummage in my school bag till | found the thick roll of 4 sheets of parchment , thanking Remus and Lily silently for helping me finish the work last night.

I was just straightening myself up in my seat when I met the looming gaze of said professor with her beefy hand, easily twice the size both of mine outstretched for my 6 hours worth of work , it would have taken half the time if I hadn't sat in the library for 2 hours complaining of why she sets such hard work for us, I thought she was going to grade right in front of the class and embarrass me stating I'd failed yet again and never pass the NEWT examination. I tried not the stare at the blatantly obvious dark facial hair as she scanned her eyes over my face before snatching the leaves of parchment from my outstretched hand.

I was grateful when the bell rang a few minutes signalling the beginning of lunch break, on queue my stomach gave a loud growl as I stood up and stretched my stiff limbs, gathered my belongings and made like a rocket for the door .

A laugh followed me "what's the rush?" asked Remus

"I'm hungry" I answered innocently

"More like he wants to see that Ravenclaw girl he saw last week" remarked James ruffling his already unruly hair

I frowned slightly and tilted my head "haven't you got a lunch date with Lily" I started making my way up the stairs from the dungeons, not caring that I had slowed my pace and was currently getting irritated stares from students as they pushed past me "besides she's with that Thorne guy"

James grinned before answering "she says she has to pick up some stuff from the common room, she'll meet me later and your dream girl doesn't go out with him, they're just friends"

"Um guys, can we get a move on?" asked Peter timidly, I'd almost forgotten he was there, completely ignoring Peter's question I asked James "how do you know this?"

James did a weird eyebrow dance before answering "I have my ways"

"In other words he had Lily bring it up in casual conversation with her" whispered Remus in my ear while taking a seat next to me at the Gryffindor table, I raised my eyebrow at the comment I had just heard before reaching out for a turkey leg.

Halfway through the feast Lily sauntered down the isle to take a seat next to James in the great hall before talking her seat she gave James a soft kiss on his cheek, he smiled at the loving gesture from his dream woman before turning his face to give her a small kiss on her lips

I interrupted the sickening lovers reunion with a loud clearing of my throat "what class do we have n-" my eyes fell on the girl I'd wanted so badly since seeing her, she was laughing along with her friend, the one I'd dated last year, what's-her-face at something, her deep brown eyes glimmered with tears of laughter, her dark mahogany, soft hair was tied loosely to the back of her head with stray hairs playing around her heart shaped face "-ext?".

Lily chuckled at my gaping expression before waving her hand in front of my face and speaking to me once she had my attention "talk to her"

"I can't" I answered

Lily frowned slightly "why?"

"I just" I heaved a heavy sigh "can't"

She snorted back a laugh "has hell frozen over? The infamous lady charmer can't speak to a girl?"

I sighed and went back to my half eaten chicken leg.