I didn't know him

Daphne knows that she has no right to feel like this.

But she also knows that when she saw him there on the ground, dead in Harry's arms, a little bit of her heart fell away from her forever.

He spoke to her once. Once in four years. She tripped over on the way back from Herbology. He was heading out to the Quidditch pitch with the Hufflepuff team, and he stopped to ask if she was okay and to help her pick up her books. He was that sort of boy. He was kind.

She doubted that he even remembered her existence, but still she dreamed impossible dreams.

She knew they were impossible. Even if the incredible happened, and he noticed her – properly noticed her – nothing could come of it. He might be a Pureblood, but he was also a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff and Slytherin? Never in a million years.

And now he is dead, and that fact scarcely makes her dreams more impossible, but the world is a darker place now that Cedric Diggory is not in it.

She is crying as she leaves the Great Hall after the end of term feast, and she has the misfortune to reach the door at the same time as Cho Chang – Cedric's unofficial mourner-in-chief – and her entourage. Daphne meanly suspects they are rather enjoying the glory of being the friends of the girlfriend of the Boy Who Died.

They look at her in disgust.

"What are you crying for?" the tallest, prettiest (apart from Cho herself of course) and loudest asks. "It's not as if you even knew Cedric."

She cannot deny it. She shakes her head and scrubs at her eyes. "No. I didn't know him."