We weaved in and out of the traffic on our way to the airport, and as per usual, there was road rage.

She drove the little Mazda in front of a terminal check-in. When we got out, he sneaked a few bills to a valet.

"I just checked my phone, the next flight is in two hours, but they might delay it since the weather." Alice was still scrolling through her phone as she said that.

We stepped up to the check in, "IDs?"

"We didn't buy our tickets ahead of time, could you do this for us?" Alice asked the woman who, as I could tell, was in a trance that was making her eyes glass over.

The compromise worked, her hands were flying across the keyboard typing our information in.

"Bags?" I slid my bag onto the pedestal "Only one?" Alice's eyes got darker, telling the clerk to not ask questions.

Getting through the security was a breeze with only one bag.

The both of us were pacing. The giant screens said that our flight wasn't for another half hour and Alice couldn't change that.

"You look tired," Alice mused

"I am. I couldn't sleep, I was too eager."

"I bet you weren't expecting this."

"Anything is possible, I suppose. I don't think I can doubt that anymore. That's the one thing that is impossible."

"Hm, let's fix that."

"The possibility?"

She smirked, "No, your drowsiness. Let's get you some coffee." My spirits lifted.

She led me to the nearby Starbucks where I ordered and extra-bold tall black coffee. "Are you worried? About what might happen?"

Alice thought about that, "I don't think you should be too worried about it." she reassured me

"But are you?"

"That's hard to say. I have no one protecting me." There wasn't a response to that. If I said I would, that would be a lie. I didn't know how to keep her safe. "But I can handle myself," she said after the pause

"Can you?"

"That's another question I don't know about. I could, but I'd end up killing myself in the process, or be killed."

I tried to imagined how long it took me to find Edward and his family, and loosing them completely would be unbearable. "I understand,"

"Good, I need you to."

"In case anything happens." It wasn't a question

"In case anything happens." she agreed

She cell vibrated, "Hello? Okay, I'll see you there. Alright, bye." She shut her phone.

"Who was that?"

"Rosalie apologizing again." she looked at the phone's front screen, "We're leaving now."

I was all jittery for the take-off, the reason was because I was afraid of the future. The darkness ahead, just a few hours away.

I held her hand throughout the flight, her hand wasn't bothered when I squeezed. The attendant noticed how rigid I was, "Would you like a cola? Or a pillow?"

I gave her the best smile I could muster, "Cola, please." The brown fizzy drink poured into the cup. As soon as I got it, I chugged it down.

"Are you okay?" The attendant asked

"Just nervous." No doubt that she would keep an eye on me.

As she walked away, the lights dimmed and the screen on the back of the seat I was sitting behind lit up. I felt my eyes adjust to the change when Everybody Loves Raymond turned on.

It turns out, everybody does not love Raymond. "Ugh," I groaned. I didn't need more agony in my life.

"You don't like this show?" I nodded at Alice's question, "Me neither."