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Chapter 1

Summer Day's

Peach's Castle, Grand Ballroom

A somber melody drifted though the midsummer air, a beautiful piano ballad that graced the golden white hallways of the castle and the workers within, giving all who heard its tune the brief sense of peace that they always longed for, locked within its lush tone and deep harmony and yet it sparked the bittersweet memories of days long gone by

The pianist behind the melody, a young woman dressed in an elegant pink dress, played it with a refined grace of lucid experience, her long blonde hair swayed and shined with her movements as her elegant passion burned with the influence of the song, the bittersweet memories and emotions poured with every stroke, her own pearl blue eyes betrayed her own sense of relief as she let her passion wander free, blissfully unaware she was being watched

From the doorway another young woman watched, her own brunette brown hair draping over her crystal blue eyes and her own simple golden orange dress flowed from her relaxed stance, she stood there watching, waiting and letting her own memories wander free, relishing the bittersweet moments and waiting until her friend was finished

When finally the last note had been played, the young pianist just sat lost in thought, lost in her own memories... until her friend broke the silence

"That always was your favorite Dire Dire Docks, Peach" The brunette sighed flicking her deep burnt orange hair over her shoulders

Peach turned and smiled, she got up and ran over to her best friend giving her an overdue hug

"So you did miss me" The brunette smiled accepting the hug, her solid expression giving way to a smile

"Daisy you've been gone a month now how can I not miss you" Peach broke away and looked at her friend, staring into her sapphire blue eyes "how was your trip by the way"

"Ugh Minister Ivanna wouldn't leave me alone, I don't know why she bothers she runs most of the Sarasaland anyways" Daisy spat "anyways any idea where Mario is, he promised me a tennis match"

"He's probably upstairs sleeping again you know him"

"I'll bet, what about Luigi, where is he anyways?"

"He went out again, he said he'll be back later" Peach smiled and nudged her "come on let's get something to drink, this is hardly the place to talk anyways"

"Alright" Daisy replied following Peach out the door

Toad Town, Dojo

A young man stood opposite an aging toad master, he wore simple navy blue overalls and a deep blue green shirt all of this accompanied by a green hat, a green hat with a signature L on it, his face was determined but his eyes betrayed an element of fear and insecurity

He was Mario's eternal understudy and younger brother, Luigi

"Prepare yourself my friend" The Master sighed, his aging eyes lighting up "and remember what I thought you"

Luigi took an honorable bow and replied "I'm ready, HAVE AT YOU"

Luigi charged at The Master, bringing the back of his hand toward the elderly toad's face, when the old man stopped it with his own arm

The Master then brought his fist into Luigi's face, throwing the green plumber backwards a few feet

Luigi recovered and brought his leg into a wide arc determined to flatten the ancient toad, the master matched his move and blocked the kick, Luigi span back and threw 3 more punches all of them blocked by the wily old man. The fight continued with Luigi and the Master trading blows and blocking each other accordingly

Until Luigi finally frustrated, snapped his fingers calling a thunder clap then pure lightning to his hands, he was prepared to finally end the drawn out duel, The Master merely smiled

Luigi weaved his arm back as if to throw a pitch, and in one motion hurled a lightning bolt at The Master

With a stroke of his hand the master deflected the bolt and followed up by bringing his knee up into Luigi's gut, knocking the green plumber on his back

"Don't be careless, my friend" The Master stated in his own sage like way as he hovered over the fallen plumber

"Who said I was" Luigi grinned throwing a kick and forcing The Master backwards, then leaping to his feet and ready to bring his leg down hard onto the recovering Master, the master blocked with both his hands but struggled to hold back the attack, he threw off the attack then put his hand up in a surrender

"Enough, that is enough" He coughed, dusting his maroon robe then he smiled "quick and unexpected, you have been paying attention"

Luigi bowed

"Care for a drink my friend, you've earned it" The Master offered as he walked to his tea table and pour two glasses

"Only a small one please, Daisy's going to have me bolting down Wakka juice when she arrives" Luigi accepted taking the glass and finishing it in the same moment

"You're lucky to have such a spirited friend, Luigi" The Master smiled in his own old sage way "and I think she's lucky to have you too"

"You really think so?" Luigi blushed setting his empty glass down

"I think I do, but that is enough for today your friends are waiting" he replied

"Thank you Master, I'll return soon" Luigi bowed taking his leave

"I look forward to it, goodbye my friend" he called

Peach's Castle, Throne Room

"Come on Peach, you know you want to" Daisy teased as she held up a bottle of Wakka Juice

"I don't know Daisy, I think we should wait for the others" Peach replied sitting down on the steps of her throne

"Aw come on, I have no idea when Mario's going to wake up and Luigi's still out" she sighed "just one round, Peach come on"

Peach looked up at her and was met by Daisy's disarming puppy dog stare accompanied by her irritable gunmetal blue eyes "Alright, alright one round" Peach smiled as she shook her head

"Wait hold that thought" Daisy whispered as she listened to the sound of the outer doors of the room open and the sound whistling drifted into the room

"Daisy, what is it"

"Shhh…" she replied slipping behind one of the rooms support columns


The throne room's inner door swung open and a familiar green plumber strolled into the room

"Hey Peach" Luigi waved as he moved closer to the staring princess, unaware that someone was slowly creeping up behind him "uh… why are you looking at me like that?"

"No reason…" Peach slipped watching Daisy sneak within inches of the plumber, slowly preparing to…

"What? Is something behind me bec… AAAAHHHHHHHHHH" Luigi screamed as he found himself landing nose first into the carpet, Daisy squarely on top of him

…Tackle the poor sod

"HEY WEEGEE!" Daisy shouted holding the him down

"Ow… Daisy! When you get back" Luigi asked his shock giving way to confusion and relief

"Awhile ago, did you miss me" she replied getting off of him and helping him to his feet

"You have no idea…" he muttered as his cheeks flushed

"Come on, me and Peach are going for a full round wanna join?"

"When you're here, why not" he answered taking the bottle of juice from her

A few bottles later

"I WIN!" Daisy shouted slamming her bottle down with a satisfying thud, shuddering the makeshift table that they sat at, Luigi and Peach set their glasses down both defeated

"I'm done, ughh" Luigi sighed looking at Daisy then Peach "Peach, you alright?"

She simply groaned in response, knocking over a few bottles in the process

"Yeah your fine… you hear something?" Luigi asked taking note of distant thump

"I heard something" Daisy replied standing up "that sounded like… a cannon going off"

"You think we should check…" Luigi started but would probably never finish

Moments later the throne room exploded

And so it begins

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