A/N: Most of this isn't mine.

Okay, this IS a sis story. If you don't like it, don't read it. This starts out when the series starts out, kinda, but it might not follow the series exactly, so bare with me. The demon still went after Sammy, but, of course, it was later. The demon only went after Sammy and had nothing to do with Dean or their sister. Any questions, please ask, I will answer.

Chapter One

"Get up, Rissy! Time to go." Dean yelled as he slammed his hand onto the bed.

I groaned and turned over to push my face into a pillow.

"Go to hell." I said into the pillow, but Dean heard me.

"That is no way to speak to your big brother." He growled as he pulled the covers off of me. "Get your ass up."

I rolled onto my back and sighed as I looked at the cracked ceiling of the motel. I'm seventeen years old, and I've spent most of my life living in motels and killing Supernatural beings with my dad and brother. Talk about dysfunctional family.

"Clarissa Allison Winchester, get out of that bed!" Dean yelled as he grabbed me from the bed and stood me up.

I swayed for a minute then grabbed a pillow and started beating him with it. He yelped and tried to run for the door but I tripped him and continued to wail on him. He grabbed my wrists and rolled me off of him.

"C'mon sis. We gotta go get Sammy." He said as we both got up.

"We're getting Sammy from Stanford?" I asked, confused. "Just cause dad's gone doesn't mean we have to interrupt Sammy's life."

Dean glared at me as he said, "We're not "interrupting" his life."

I rolled my eyes and grabbed clean clothes. Dean never was one for telling the truth. I went into the motel bathroom and changed into shorts and a tank top. If we were going to California, I was going to look good. When I walked out of the bathroom, Dean stopped and looked at me.

"Nuh-uh. Go change." He demanded.

I rolled my eyes again and started packing my bag. "Dean, I'm seventeen years old. I can dress myself."

"You are not wearing that. Every guy is going to be looking at you!" He exclaimed.

"So a guy can't look at me, but you can screw every female in the country?" I scoffed.

"Yes." He declared as he walked out of the room with the last bag.

I slipped on my flip flops, grabbed my bag and left the room. I tossed my bag into the trunk, slammed it shut, and climbed into the passenger seat. Dean started the car and pulled out onto the highway. Colorado was only a few states away from California, so we would be at Sammy's in a few days. Dean turned the music up pretty loud and I watched the scenery. I loved Dean, but he was a walking contradiction. He was mad at Sammy for leaving, but now he wanted to go get him. He screws every girl he can, but a guy can't even look at me. He worries about me when I don't talk for an hour, but he won't speak for days sometimes. Occasionally, he really makes me want to leave. I wonder what it'd be like to be a normal teenager. I'd go to college like Sammy. I was smart enough; I'd graduated at sixteen so that I could go on the road more. I loved hunting, but it was hard sometimes. My beliefs were split. One part Sammy, one part Dean.

"You okay, Ris?" Dean's question shook me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah. Fine." I replied, looking over at him.

He gave me a skeptic look then turned back to the road and blasted the radio. We rode for a long time before my eyes started to droop. I'd been exceptionally tired lately, and it was starting to bother me. My eyes shot open as I remembered what I'd done wrong. I hadn't taken my Carbamazepine in three days. Dean was going to kill me.

Calm down Clarissa. You're going to work yourself into a seizure. I thought as I tried to calm myself down. But the more I tried to calm myself down, all I could think about was how angry Dean had been the last time I hadn't taken my medicine and had a seizure. My breathing became labored and my eyesight went fuzzy.

"Rissy? Clarissa?!" I heard Dean yell faintly, but then that's all.

Dean looked over at Clarissa as she started to shake. He recognized the symptoms as a seizure.

"Shit!" He yelled as it got worse.

He pulled over into a convenient store parking lot and ran over to her side of the car. Dean pulled her out and laid her down on the ground. The strange scene caught other people's attention and they gathered around them.

"Oh my, what's wrong?" One lady exclaimed.

"Can we help?" A man asked.

"Yeah, you can. Shut the fuck up and hand me that jacket in the back of the car!" Dean growled at him.

The man looked taken aback for a minute, and then got the jacket out of the Impala. Dean wadded the jacket up and tried to keep it under Clarissa's head as much as possible. She stopped moving about two minutes after the jacket was placed under her head. Dean grabbed her pill bottle and some water from the car then sat down beside her as she came to.

My eyes opened slowly and I looked around. I was lying on the ground in front of a gas station. Dean was sitting beside me with my medicine.

"I did it again didn't I?" I groaned as I sat up slowly.

"Here." He said shortly as he handed me the water and medicine.

He stood up and shook the dirt off of himself. I sighed, took the pills, then stood up slowly. Dean pulled the Impala around to the gas pump and started to put gas in the car. He handed me a twenty.

"Go get some drinks and snacks. We won't be stopping for a while." He said, but he never looked at me.

I nodded, took the money and went into the store. I grabbed a few bottles of Gatorade, some chips, and a few bags of gummy worms. I went up to the counter, paid for the food and climbed back into the Impala. Dean started the car, pulled back out onto the highway and turned up the music. When I looked over at him, his jaw was clenched, his knuckles were white from gripping the wheel so tight, and his eyes were permanently glued to the road. I pushed back the tears, pulled my feet under me and curled into a small ball in my seat.

I woke up when I felt myself being lifted. My eyes opened slowly to see Dean carrying me. I looked around and realized that we had stopped for the night at a cruddy hotel. Dean unlocked the door and laid me down on one of the beds in the room, then turned around and left. He came back a few minutes later with our bags, locked the door behind him, and then disappeared into the bathroom with his bag. I stood up slowly and stretched. Digging through my bag for pajamas, I found a bag of gummy worms and tore into them. I was starving. I changed into sweatpants and one of Sammy's old hoodies, then curled up on the bed with the remote and my bag of gummy worms. The Last of the Mohicans, my favorite movie, was on and I stayed on that channel until Dean came out.

"What do you wanna watch?" I asked him as he set his bag on a chair.

He shrugged and sat down on his bed, never looking at me once.

"C'mon Dean, you can't stay mad at me." I told him, looking over at him pitifully.

"Go to sleep Clarissa. If we're lucky, we'll make it Sammy's late tomorrow night." Dean said in a monotone.

This time I couldn't stop the tears. They streamed down my face as I turned off the TV and the light, and lay down in the bed. The thought of having Sammy back was the only thing that let me fall asleep.